Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will no longer be working royals

Queen Elizabeth issued a personal statement saying she supports the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wish for a “more independent life.”




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40 thoughts on “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will no longer be working royals

  1. This is an open letter to Prince William, as a sibling who has loved their sibling uncondensed unconditionally I understand how you feel and I know their hurtful things that has been said about your brother and I know how you feel the attacked is not on you William the attack is on Harry I understand your heartbreak and I understand your anger over this but Harry brought this on to himself and you should not carry that burden I am so sorry that the media is so hard on him but the truth is he brought this on himself by choosing a mate that is not worthy of the position that she helped and she abused I hope one day that you and Harry will be able to be close and that she will be gone and that you can run the kingdom and a good way and not a bad way I am what I also want to thank you for the wonderful way that you held yourself and your last trip to Ireland you did a magnificent job you have a wonderful wife and run that would stand beside you regardless of what I hope your endeavors in the future will go smoothly without all this heartbreak that you must be suffering and my prayers are with you William for you and your wife and your children and hopefully your grandmother will see the light and your father it is hard to let a family member go but at times you have to for your own sake and for the sake of the British taxpayers and their hearts are with you make no mistake about that as I am speaking from America our hearts are with you also good luck William and anything and everything you do your friend from across the ocean Carole

  2. Prince Harry turning up at a racetrack in the UK how gallon of him g does he still have his head stuck in the sand doesn't he realize how serious this is and of course Megan will be Meghan Harry when are you going to grow up and cut your ties with Britain once and for all and keep quick coming back for it only to upset the British people the British people are sick and tired of both of your names we want to be done with you and Megan you left stay gone don't expect British or Canada or even for that matter United States to pay for your security you blew it now learn to live with it if not well that's on you now isn't it it shouldn't be on the British public the Canadians or the Americans grow up go to Africa and hopefully they're your restrictions will not be as limited and the reporters in the median media will not be so app to follow you there as what you don't understand as you scowl at the media what do you want them to to do report only the good but you fail to see there is no good

  3. Meghan and harry are ridiculous and hypocrites! It's really funny how they say the want and are going to be independent. LOL!!!!! THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ITS LIKE TO WORK. Plus, he will always have things handed to him. He needs a Phsyc eval and so does Meghan. Its really hilarious that he cant see that meghan is taking him for a ride and planned this all along. Also, it's funny how they pay for private jets, luxurious items, vacations and etc but they dont want to pay for thier security. Thier priorities are screw up! Thier the ones that want thier fancy lifestyle then they can pay for it. Neither of them are willing to give up luxury to fund themselves, but they expect tax payers to fund them. Hell most tax payers cannot afford a vacation, a house, a vacation and etc. To hell with them ..they expect everyone to give up money to them and to do without so they can live good! They are so freaking selfish!

  4. These is made up crap the queen says Magan is part of the royal family the queen and the royal family dislike megan Markle as do a majority of the british ..She is nothing but trouble and caused no end of trouble for the queen one royal aide reported after one row with the queen she kicked one of the corgis and Canada are welcome to these to let them pay 6 million pound a year for them .After they have had these 2 for a while they will dislike them to when they find out what the gold digger nasty Markle's really like wait till she shows her true colours horrid women glad she is going not fit to be part of the royal family ..Megan Markle is out for herself it's all a out her me me me me me that's her motto …

  5. What a bitch. If she still wanted to live that Hollywood lifestyle then she should have married a rich mogul in Hollywood. Meghan you should have stayed your ass in
    Hollywood because now you just made most Americans look bad.

  6. Um hum, }:-/ keepin' up all that jazz with the old lady. We see she wasn't havin' it outta that girl being indifferent n petty n shit! Every time you look up, Harry & that damned girl. I knew something wasn't right wit dem. THEY JIVE!

  7. Those adults who live their lives in thrall to the manipulations and deceits of religious cults are pitiable if they don't understand the process of their own abasement, but contemptible if they do have that insight yet choose to remain involved, thereby helping to keep others ensnared and to recruit new victims, especially among the young. However in the case of the anachronistic secular cult of royalty (these days a rarefied form of "celebrity") the position is more clear-cut: there can never be any excuse for the fawning self-degradation that much of the population wallows in. In the interests of their own integrity Harry Windsor and Meghan Markle will sooner rather than later have to follow the logic of their decision to distance themselves from the royal scam to its proper conclusion and break with the monarchy completely. And the whole society ought to do no less.

  8. For every baby Kate have it pushes his chances back to get the crown anyway. So he’s like why the heck should I continue dealing with being a public figure and instead he wants to live his best life with his beautiful wife… Good, leave them alone!

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