Psychic Kids: Teen Predicts Deaths in Dreams (Season 1 Flashback) | A&E

16-year-old Veronica has visions in her dreams in which she sees people’s deaths before they happen. Her mother shares the story of the time she followed a little girl to a creek who turned out to be a ghost in this clip from Season 1, Episode 5, “Angels and Demon”. #PsychicKids
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Ten years ago, “”Psychic Kids”” chronicled the journeys of children who were learning to control their extraordinary abilities – and it changed their lives. In eight all-new episodes, those original kids, who are now successful young adults, will work to empower a new generation of young psychics alongside trained licensed therapists. They will spend time with the children and their families to assist them in not only taking control of their paranormal abilities, but also showing them the remarkable power of their immense gifts.

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22 thoughts on “Psychic Kids: Teen Predicts Deaths in Dreams (Season 1 Flashback) | A&E

  1. There are dark forces that manipulate psychics
    They pretend to help
    Mean while they have another plane to make their host suffer
    There are dark forces on the earth
    That manipulate people
    And pretend to to be good
    Psychic people attach to this energy
    Without knowing exactly what it really
    They are master manipulators
    Manipulating their host the human
    And humans are the victims
    And allow this energy because
    The energy manipulated them
    Making them think they have powers
    When really it is these dark angels
    That have the power
    But they make you feel like it’s you and your higher self
    All lies

    So they believe that they are helping
    When really they are sinking their claws 🦞 into this person
    And brainwashing them
    To believe that they are doing good
    And then the energy tries to keep there host to themselves
    They don’t want them to have others around them
    They want you to be separated from society
    It gives them power
    And if you try to walk away
    They won’t let you easily walk

  2. I have sall and had dreams that have came true in 4th grade I had a dream of this girl with braided hair and it was died Rainbrow and I went to 5th and she was there she bullied me hit me and told me not to tell my mom I never told anyone but I still she her face in my dreams I sometimes feel her hit me during the night I fell of my bed and woke up and I had bruise and my legs and my back

  3. I predict deaths in my dreams. My parents wrote a will that if they die, we would get their house. But we moved into a rental when we moved states. So when I told my parents that they could die and our grandma is an alcoholic, they are changing their will to have our aunt as the new guardian for us. I keep telling my parents "you both will die on a high way" and explain how in gruesome detail. I developed insomnia thanks to these dreams and I'm scared!

  4. My best friend has witnessed my dreams coming true so many times she says I can’t say it out loud anymore just in case 😂 the last one was in November of 2019 and I have an extremely vivid dream of a sickness going around the whole world like a zombie apocalypse and I joked with her about it afterwards and then March of 2020 happened and she reminded me of it

  5. Ever since I was little, I’ve been able to lucid dream, and sometimes dream the future/events similar to what will happen in the future. I don’t control this, though. Sometimes the dreams are horrible nightmares, and other times they’re less frightening. There was one time when I was awake and saw something when I closed my eyes. It happened a minute later. Please don’t read on unless you’re at least twelve.

    It started when I was maybe four or five. I would have this dream. I was in a car, and I was gonna fall down a slope/cliff in it (I don’t completely remember. I think it was a slope the first time and a cliff the other- or vice versa). I had the dream once, and I would get those bumpy feelings in my stomach when I fell. I didn’t feel pain though. I had the dream/a similar dream again, and again. By the third time, I was about to fall and though, ‘it’s ok, let it happen. It’s just a dream.’

    I wasn’t event six when that happened. I somehow knew that I was dreaming.

    Another instance was in the fourth grade, I think. I had been taking horse riding classes with my best friend. One night, I had a dream in which I was at at school. I was riding a white horse. I fell off of it and it’s head legitimately fell off. The next day at horse riding class, I fell off of my horse. However, we weren’t galloping like in the dream, and it’s head obviously didn’t fall off.

    There was one time when I wanted to be able to lucid dream properly, so I looked it up. That night, or maybe it was a few night later, I remembered it my dream that I had to lucid dream. I couldn’t do it for a very long time, as this was my first time doing it on command. All I did was ask my friend if she was going to turn up at school the next day. She said yea, and she did turn up the next day. I’m actually not sure if I was lucid dreaming- cause I might’ve just dreamt based on the idea of lucid dreaming.

    Again in the sixth grade, I had a really creepy nightmare. I was trapped in this really tiny hotel sorta place. It looked more like a little shop though. I was there with this girl in my class. It’s kinda weird since I don’t know her that well. There were two guys and a random lady there as well. I think the guys trapped us there? When we finally got a chance to escape, I was telling my friend to quickly run. But she stayed. She just said, “I am (insert name here). I was confused and said, “yeah, I know that-“
    Then the random lady took a remote and switched on a television. There was this creepy music and a black background, with my friend’s face on it and two other faces behind/next to her’s. I think they were her siblings. The screen faded and it showed her with lip piercings for some reason. Two of them, towards the middle of her mouth. Then it faded and showed four. They were spreading. Then it faded and showed six. I was getting really petrified, and I knew that something horrifying would pop up on the screen any second of I didn’t wake up. I started trying to wake up- and I finally did. That was sorta a lucid dream. The odd thing is that the next day at school, I remembered that the friend had gotten a haircut.
    The day after that it became shorter
    And the next day it was even shorter.
    It was like what happened in the dream, but instead of piercings and her turning into something horrible, it was a haircut.

    I had the most recent dream was the night before last night. I had a really horrible nightmare. And it kept becoming worse. I’ll fast forward to the part which was important. There was this lady. For some weird reason, some of her hair had to be chopped off. That was done- but with AXES- Or at least something similar to axes. I was standing there watching, hoping that her neck/shoulders wouldn’t get cut. Suddenly, like ten axes started chopping at her and hitting her. She was screaming. I think she had done something wrong to deserve the treatment or something. This was being done by people. I’m not sure who. Nurses? Dementors? I don’t remember. I went out of the room, as I certainly didn’t want to see a lady getting killed by axes swing at her bare back. However I was still able to see the scene, even when I exited the room.
    Anyway, the next day (yesterday), I was like laying one of the games in the Uncharted series, Uncharted: Lost Legacy. My character had to do this puzzle sorta thing. She had to jump on the correct pillars at the right times, so make sure that she was not WALLOPED BY THE AXES BEING HELD BY GIANT STATUES. I had played the game before, but I didn’t completely remember that part. Thankfully it didn’t show anything gruesome, but I did get walloped multiple times.

    A few months ago, I closed my eyes really right. Sometimes I see weird designs when I do this. That’s normal, though. But this time, I saw lime green lipstick on someone. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea. But like two minutes later, I was on YouTube’s and an ad popped up. I saw lime green lipstick on someone’s lips in the ad. That could be been a coincidence but I’m not sure.

    Those were some of the instances throughout my life in which I’ve either had a lucid dream, or dreamt something similar to the future. I have learnt that when I’m having a nightmare, I can sometimes begin to try and wake up, or tell myself that it’s okay, and it’s just a dream- making these lucid.

  6. One time I had sleep paralysis and I saw a pale girl in the corner with dark hair and I got scratches all over my back arms, and hands and I couldn't move for about 2 minutes and now I'm getting real teary eyed about it its scary.

  7. If your dead relatives are still communicating with you when they’ve already crossed over, it’s not your relatives. Many psychics get fooled by this. I was fooled by this. People don’t need help crossing over . Demons need you to communicate with them so they can eventually use you as a vessel. They’ll use your own insecurities and gifts against you. Please be careful. These demons are not to be messed with

  8. I hope what I write here will be of use to someone who is struggling with the "GIFT". I'm an African and this kind of phenomena is quite normal in our society, we call it a CALLING and people who have it are are trained to be traditional healers called SANGOMAS, some people are gifted in seeing the past, some the future…and so on. It can be both a blessing and a curse as the people who have it struggle with understanding what's happening, especially when they are younger. SANGOMAS are actually well respected within the community, and are consulted as councelors. One interesting thing I've noticed is that the GIFT often runs in families, my mother channeled hers to pursue a career in the medical field as a doctor instead of being a SANGOMA because she's from a Christian family. Whenever she walked into a pediatric ward she could physically pick up the symptoms of the infants in there.

  9. I can predict what happens in the future…when I dream something happens and then it doesn’t happen until a couple days weeks or even months but eventually it happens it doesn’t scare me it’s kinda cool but to see it actually happen is crazy

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