Sen. Elizabeth Warren touts female political success at Iowa debate l ABC News

The seventh debate of the cycle began with a strong foreign policy focus and showcased a field united on some fronts, but labored over the direction of the party.

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38 thoughts on “Sen. Elizabeth Warren touts female political success at Iowa debate l ABC News

  1. It’s an unseemly and ugly business to pretend to believe anything that Warren says.

    Ahead of this months debate, her camp leaked a story that her friend Bernie Sanders met with her in 2018 to discuss plans for 2020, and that at this meeting, Sanders had said that a woman could not win the presidency.

    Leaking this in the hours before a debate guaranteed that Warren would be asked a question about it by the moderators of the CNN debate. Sanders unequivocally denied saying as much. It has been known that Sanders had in the past encouraged Warren to run for the presidency. But CNN’s moderator treated his denial as a lie, and Warren’s accusation as a fact, and asked Warren how she “felt” hearing such a thing. Warren got the question she wanted, and met it with a well-rehearsed answer about electability. The scene was meant to start a new conversation about supposed sexism among Bernie Sanders’s supporters, and to give Warren an opportunity to tell Biden’s least-committed supporters that she is an electable candidate.

  2. OH, I get it… vote for me because I am a woman! Geez, she's probably one of the most INCOMPETENT of either sex on the stage! Actually, NONE of them hold a candle to Trump! They are ALL socialist elitists!!

  3. MESSAGE FOR ABC: You guys are DISGUSTINGLY STUPID for trying to step in politics and create drama for money in the state that America and our government is in right now. Our government has been broken since Bush announced it, And the level power of the rich and lack of real Democracy has America has resulted to America and EVERYONE IN THIS NATION INCLUDING YOU SHIT SACKS AT ABC is on the verge of death by natural disaster in the next 5 years, And it’s a definite that if we don’t rebuild our political system, Product regulations and methods of living in America in the next 4 years THERES NO SAVING YOU. The fact that NBC is STILL using the corrupt news reporting methods of avoiding actual political points and real news to the people just to CREATE DRAMA that isn’t really there between politicians in this urgent state we are in FOR MONEY. You guys are killing yourselves faster along with the American people trying to fuel the problem of Americans wanting to pay more attention to drama than our broken government at the cost of your lives and the American people. You guys are so stupid for this you should all be attached to the giant stacks of fake drama you’ve created in the past 4 years instead of talking about truth and thrown in the ocean to sink to the bottom. Elizabeth Warren is no better bc she fell for the media’s tactics in our urgent state like a fool! Both sides are guilty.

  4. 0:34 ""…after the debate, when they deliberately did not shake hands" um, no what you meant to say is 1:44 "Warren pulled back from a handshake following the debate". In other words, Bernie extended the handshake – it was his intention to shake her hand. "They deliberately did not shake hands" is a blatant mis-characterization of what happened.

  5. The real thing to remember is that this was to help Biden. Stephen Colbert pretty much promoted him on his show with portraying Sanders and Warren fighting like kids while acting as if Joe Biden is a great uniter. Yet Biden would't even unite black and white children on their way to school.

  6. CNN And ABC are PART OF THE PROBLEM!! This was all staged by CNN AND WARREN!!!! Shame shame on corporate media! This guy talking on video has NO integrity working for a very compromised company posing as an unbiased news agency when it obviously just thinking of profits, not giving two shtts for free press, as they push their own political agenda to protect the company’s personal interests!!! Warren intentionally picked a fight with Bernie on stage she was trying to bait Bernie to say something damaging to her during the hot mic convo! She called him a liar, not the other way around! This politician’s a sociopath lying her way into political success, almost all of the politicians I see growing up is the same exact blueprint as Warren! Sanders is such a blessing to the political stage and a breath of fresh air to crumbling society with it’s broken systems and corrupt establishments. This black woman is part of the problem, she should not have a platform to try to sway people’s minds on national tv…any logical smart person can put two and two together and understand that Warren is a bad politician and that Sanders has a sterling political record and has been advocating for the good of the people for the last 4 frggin decades!! People who don’t understand the passion and the fight of politicians such as AOC, Yang and Bernie are doing are clearly sheeps and compromised. We need to open the conversation to socialism that is for the working class and common people, and not the socialism that supports the rich! Capitalism the way it has been dealt with in the country is a joke, poisoned the minds of people that socialism is bad. Health care is a human right, minimum wage should be fair to the basic needs of a normal household, prisons should not be privatized, the list goes on! #WOMENFORBERNIE #BERNIE2020

  7. Warren lied about her heritage, about how she lost her job, about her kids going to public schools, why on earth would I believe her in this slander. She seems to be a pathological liar. But seriously there is a video of Bernie 30 years ago on Youtube saying he supports a women president, look it up. This is 2016 all over again with the lies on Bernie and we know how it ends. With a Trump Victory.

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