Senators Sworn In For Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial | NBC Nightly News

All 100 senators signed an oath ahead of the impeachment trial for former President Trump. A group of 45 Republicans voted for a measure declaring that the impeachment trial of a former president is unconstitutional, signaling Democrats might not have the votes for a conviction.
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Senators Sworn In For Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial | NBC Nightly News


Author: phillyfinestnews


40 thoughts on “Senators Sworn In For Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial | NBC Nightly News

  1. Hi, Dear Friends
    Yes, D. Trump and his son and all of their supporters who violate the House of Parliament are all criminals.
    They must be condemned and pay for this serious incrimination.
    Detroned, completely finished or zeros, They only become presumed prisoners with multiple trials to come. Farewell now.
    Let’s turn the page, respectful of the Constitution and Democracy, hoping that they will never come back to obscure our lives.
    Take care of yourself and your family.
    * If by chance, you want to know better about writer of these lines, to spend a little moment of reading and reflection by wanting to seek a BETTER WORLD and to avoid the possible national bankruptcy, just read this Ebook :
    "Let's fight for a Better World " in several languages
    (NOËL TUY In KDP Amazon Editions or free on request)
    Best regards.

  2. Only in America will you see a party (democrats). Waste time man money trying an ex-president where the outcome of the process is to remove a president from office. Just in case you are not paying attention, Trump is no longer in office. I thought Biden and the Democrats were going to “unite” the country. This is the most political decisive thing that they could do. SMH… hypocrites

  3. Reasons for a Continuance

    Lawyers typically seek continuances because they want more time to prepare for trial. Common reasons for continuances include the following.
    Insufficient Time to Prepare in General

    Both the prosecution and the defense are entitled to a reasonable time to prepare for trial. Exactly what constitutes a reasonable time is open to interpretation, and depends on the circumstances and complexity of a particular case. In general, each side must be given sufficient time to:
    review the evidence
    investigate the facts
    consult with witnesses
    negotiate a plea agreement (if one is possible), and,
    in the case of the defense, hold lawyer-client meetings.
    Neither side may excessively delay the trial for its own advantage, especially the prosecution: An unreasonable delay can violate the defendant’s Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial.
    Attorneys often request continuances because their work on other cases has prevented them from devoting the necessary time to the case at hand. Courts usually allow some leeway in these situations, especially for court-appointed defense attorneys.
    Time for the defense. While both the prosecution and the defense are entitled to reasonable time to prepare, time shortages most often affect the latter. A lack of adequate time that renders an attorney ineffective in representing the client violates the Sixth Amendment right to counsel. On the other hand, if defense counsel has had ample time to prepare and no surprising event justifies a grant of additional time, a judge won’t hesitate to deny a continuance request. Courts will also deny continuance requests if the defendant or defense attorney caused the need for more time through negligence or delay (also known as “laches”).
    Changes to the Indictment or Information and so On..
    Trump never does anything with out a reason..

    o lawyers in Place no Hearing . PERIOD.

  4. These Republican senators that are against the 2nd impeachment are sending a message to the American people. They are letting everyone know that they want to allow this wannabe dictator to get away with it! They should be representing the people, protecting the constitution and American democracy. They should hold Trump accountable!!

  5. The article of impeachment includes civil officers. All senators still in office and can be impeached (without argument) for their actions
    that incited the riot. The President is not in this alone in this issue.

  6. Drop the impeachment and bring criminal charges.
    If there is ample evidence for the FBI to charge insurrectionists, there is enough to charge the mastermind. Eliminate the Republican partisanship and take him to court!

  7. just take care covid 19 . wear mask, clean hands . their is not good for gathering people.people can do their essential work but they can't gathering becouse gathering of people creating huge cheotick situation so government should ban on any type of gathering
    . Who is responsible for 2.2 million in world and don't know how many will loss their live comming days. give attention on covid first .. others are trival. but every media and government is neglecting covid by it seems will pay huge live losses if won't give attention and don't take covid seriously. it is very dangaurous.. every government is totally fail to break corona chain. every lockdown is unsuccessful. and people are still playing with their lives. it's very dangaurous.

  8. It is not a trial, it is a popularity vote i.e. Republican Senators wanting to be popular with insurrectionist Trump supporters. The 'high crimes and misdemeanors were committed during his term therefore he should be answerable for these crimes or you are giving the Office of President, Sovereign immunity which is a breach of the American Constitution. The President is not immune from criminal charges stemming from his official or unofficial acts while he is in office.

  9. Just to be clear. Currently, there are not enough Senators to impeach. However, now is the time for backroom deals to influence the votes. After all, this is what politicians do. Full Stop.

  10. Lets pray this is truth and it happened soon, This is the main reason why those evil communist Democrat want to impeach President Trump.

    💥💥Military Code 11.3 (1st Marker) declares that the military is required under law to remove a government official or officials if they have proof that they didn't win the election legitimately. Trump was smart enough to use the military to monitor the elections in real-time using a SCIF from the Eisenhower building.

    They have the evidence, they have the proof that Joe Biden isn't the legitimate President. When Joe Biden put his hand on the bible he completed the treason.
    Since the military knew that he stole the election, they alerted the government of his actions, which means EVERYONE in Congress and the Senate have SEEN the evidence. The military is required under law to show them the evidence. So they know.
    This is why the government didn't send Joe Biden a plane…this is why they didn't assign him secret service details and he had to hire his own security team. The government does not legally recognize Biden as the true President and they're waiting on the military to make their moves.
    Since the government swore him in and counting his votes, the military under the SAME Military Code 11.3 to REMOVE all the illegitimate government officials. They are also required to replace the illegitimate President with a civilian. Who do you think they will pick?

    Then the military is required by law to hold a NEW election with full military observations and counting the seats of government vacated by the removed corrupt government officials in Congress and Senate. At that point, they will all have military tribunals where judgment will be delivered BY the military Judges.
    This is why Don Jr is seen on camera celebrating, dancing, and singing "the best is yet to come." They all know that their father is about to be RIGHT back in Washington VERY soon….and legally. Joe Biden is 100% aware of this, that's why he's talking about disbanding the Army. He wants to remove them before they act on their powers.
    Trump is in full control here. The deep state knows it's gonna be over for them soon, that's why the inauguration seemed more like a funeral than it did a celebration. These people are toast and when those raids come with the arrests, Trump will be back where he belongs.

    Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Tommy Tuberville, Roger Marshall, John Kennedy, Cindy Hyde-Smith, Rick Scott, Cynthia Lummis. All should be RECUSED from the Senate Trial Vote to IMPEACH. They shouldn't be allowed to VOTE AT ALL!  They should ALL excuse themselves from the Senate Impeachment TRIAL because of a conflict of interest and lack of impartiality.

  12. Do the GOP senators imply that all charges against rioters are dropped as the president is now a private citizen? if not why he should be exempt from responsibility while other private citizens are still held responsible for their actions.t?
    there is nothing inlaw, or logic that allows for a special privileged private citizen, exempt of responsibility?

  13. in the most amazing display of cowardes, the republican party seems to heading down the road of failure to America. At one time the party of law and principle it is now made up of twisted minds bent on self-immolation. this is a collection of educated people who speak out lies and deceit as if this is all they eat, they have come to be the most week minded collection of politicians ever elected they are so weak they are embarrassing to call representatives of America I once held these people in high esteem now I am embarrassed to have ever been a member of this party

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