US service members injured in Iran bombing l ABC News

U.S. officials confirmed some troops were injured in Iran’s attack on U.S. troops in Iraq despite prior claims that no one was hurt.

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47 thoughts on “US service members injured in Iran bombing l ABC News

  1. Americans must realize that the Iranian/Persian system informed them 3 hours prior to the attack that they will be attacked in order for them to take refuge into shelters, this attack serves only as a serious warning,, u could all see the damage caused to the base, it's literally rubble,, the American system doesn't care for those young Americans they just fill them with ideas and false information that they could win every war just to send them to the front line and get them killed, causing nothing but pain to their families

  2. 300 millions American people are responsible for any military operation that the US Government conducts in the World.
    It will haunt them forever. Remember that.
    I'm an Indian and I 'm tired of watching our PM Modi kissing the US President's shoes every time he meets him.

  3. Iranian attacks that make the American army must enter the rat hole to avoid the terrible death, as explained by the Danish army, many American soldiers were killed

  4. It was a concerted misinformation by trump, white house and the pentagon by denying casualties or injuries after the bases missile attack by Iran.
    Bone spur in chief has chicken out to retaliate and got frantic to open up a back channel and asked his bff Putin to rein in Iran because he stuffed up biggie! Trump’s America cannot fight Iran by itself because the military and trade allies that he keeps on insulting might have declined to go in and gave him the finger to clean up the shitstorm he started and created. He can have it all as claimed by his filthy mouth and the lies he kept spewing.

  5. Does anybody wanna talk about how Yes our leaders are wicked and so are every other countries leaders are Wicked they all are puppets and fakes.. But still those teorrist mother fuckers have killed or injured over 300,000 people. And more that could be counted for since 2012.

  6. I just saw the latest speech from the Iranian holy leader. he said that the people who died on the airplane were " Martyrs "
    what the hell is wrong with him? is he on crack or was he a crack baby or did he breathe in second hand crack cuz that's some crazy stuff Bros, crazy stuff…

  7. So much fake news you don't know what to believe…

    Could it be like a car accident… people as if your all right and you say yes…. but day to week later you feel sick or hurt????

    But no let the fake news whip something up … she chatting this up like they die. Tone it down missy …

    God I hate the news today …

  8. Troops were injured… so lets play a clip of the President saying no Americans were hurt cause we have to make it seem like he made a mistake.
    Honestly get better tactics. Or here's an idea stop with your idiotic propaganda. You really only have brainwashed ants following your biased information anyways. Goodluck on losing the next election 😀

  9. It sounds comparable to whiplash after a collision ( though not in severity).
    Sometimes there are no symptoms until a few days later. Then you can't move because the pain is so severe- especially to turn your neck or pick something up.
    And for those who are commenting about the colonel's expression .
    I've watched him in other announcement videos and he shows the same expression. I wouldn't read to much into it- they used to call it wearing a poker face…so that no one can read your reactions.
    So no deaths and because it takes a few days to discover injuries , some folks are saying Trump lied. He is getting the information to the public as soon as he is able. He may need to change statements at a later time.
    It's called updating the information as it's received.

  10. America do something to stop Iran already, Iran is so jealous that you have so many things.. Iran just needs to be stopped.
    Nostradamus predicted that the 3rd antichrist will be killed and WW3 will start, just because of that.
    He meant that the 3rd antichrist is. Qassem Suleimani..

  11. How many of you went to school – not many – it is called counter terrorism – not to insight the enemy by showing you had casualties that will fuel aggression. It cause more loss of life – a big cheeksy smile on the faces of those that will kill your incompetence, idiots!

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