What to expect from Trump’s historic impeachment trial in the Senate l ABC News

Both sides are set to deliver opening arguments after the trial kicked off with a fierce debate over the ground rules.

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40 thoughts on “What to expect from Trump’s historic impeachment trial in the Senate l ABC News

  1. Trump Lawyers have begun — we can see the difference between lies and truth, hack lawyers and real lawyers. The Democratic Representatives (a.k.a. hacks) are lawyers who couldn’t get a real lawyer’s job. Trump lawyers are sharp, focused, telling the truth, and stating the facts (A.k.a. real lawyers). Trust me those slimy politicians will all vote right down party lines.

  2. I'd like to know why corporate media, despite the overwhelming evidence of Trump's guilt (even as the Trump administration and senate Republican majority continue withholding further documentation and witnesses in ordinary discovery) endorse the notion that they "know" the senate will acquit. And then this same corporate media wonders why the American people are "cynical" about our justice system. ABC, are you all such hypocrites you really wonder why?

  3. This is suck a waste of time and fucking money of the tax payers trumps not going anywhere for another 4 years so get use to the dems say trumps so such a terrible person when in fact it's the Democrats that are trying to fuk up the American people like take away our guns and trash the Constitution…..and yall ait back being like hell yea dems do it plz fuck up my life with ur commie beliefs

  4. Wife, son, daughter, grandsons and grandaughters: Granpa did you really know the truth?
    Retired republican senator: No i am also a victim
    Trump: I told you i can do whatever i want! When i say you talk you then talk, when i say you dont talk you dont talk ha ha ha

  5. Amazing when the House was trying to Impeach the President they weren't so anxious to let the President have HIS witnesses and testimony all they were interested in was THEIR witnesses and testimony now that it's in the Senate the Democrats want things to BE FAIR- BULLSHIT aquit president Trump and get back to work running the country like YOUR PAID TO DO

  6. this was rushed through the house because the house dems needed to go fast…. but now they want to try to control what happens in the senate? bring new evidence now? this would not stand in any other courtroom in our country- have any of you been on a jury to know how this system works?

    what we have are life long politicians paid by our taxes, on both sides, who have never worked a real job a day in their lives- this needs to stop. do not vote for any politician that has already served 2 terms! this will stop most of the corruption we are living through now. this is not about trump, it is about pushing a socialist agenda on the united stated of america… never going to happen, not without another civil war.

    stop living by party lines, voting citizens… does not matter what party, it matters who pays the politicians outside of their tax-payer paid salaries. do your own research, both sides.. and you will learn so much more than what is said on all media formats….

  7. They mocked a Senator who fell asleep. My question: How the hell did he even stay awake that long? It’s like “Story Time” in Summer School when you were 5 years old

  8. When Trump started to tell his "alternative Facts" and called the Truth to be "Fake-News", that was the beginning of what took us here in the end. One thing led to another and now we are at the point, that a lot of people are not able to separate the one from the other, in first the Republicans, who work with him. This needs to end!!!! America has been a free land, a democracy . Now it's close to become a dictatorship. And this all, because of the poisoned wishes of one man, who can't get enough of everything. Regardless, what it takes. This is madness!!! We need to make this man go. And cure from his poisoned ideas. America must recover. If we will look at what happened here, some years later, we will not be able to understand, how it ever could come so far. Believe me, please.
    We need to fight against Trump and his loyals at any means. Just to save the country.

  9. When super rich like Trump become President the Corruption never end! 
    All rich in Senat like the Republicans are corrupt! 
    This is why the World would Destroyed by Trump & Co who only become richer and richer and richer and dont care the normal poor People! 
    All who follow Trump & Co who are rat catcher come in the same way ( Trap )
    Shame on you America

  10. We all know what’s going to happen.  Look, Dumpy extorted a foreign leader with military aid – he’s now extorting US senators with reelection.  Arguing over whether evidence is provided is like arguing about “should I have to change the oil in you car before I steel it from you?”

  11. Democrats forget to remember that the president did nothing wrong so the Senate should dismiss this case, and it's funny that the Democrats did not give a fair chance in the house to hear any the people that Republicans wanted to call but it's not okay when it's done the other way around in the Senate, stop whining you Democrats get over yourself oh, go and impeach Shifty shift and Nancy Pelosi they're the ones that really need to be impeached and put in prison, waste of taxpayers money this whole impeachment you can take Nancy Pelosi in the biased media

  12. I 'd like to hear from Bolton or Mulvaney…BUT, I also want to hear from the Bidens, and the whistleblower. The dems don't want the whistleblower testifying, if there IS one, because Adam Schiff would be in a world of schiff…I mean shit…

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