60 Days In: Narcoland – Inmate Who Steals Cop Car Shares Her Story (Season 1) | A&E

Inmate Sara has been granted an early release and shares her story of how she was arrested when she stole a police car in this clip from Season 1, Episode 6 “Dangerous Liaisons”. #60DaysIn #60DaysInNarcoLand
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Premiering Tuesday, July 30 at 10P, 60 Days In: Narcoland follows six participants as they go undercover in crucial areas along I-65 – one of the biggest drug trafficking corridors in the country, encompassing six counties in Kentucky and Indiana – for a first-hand look into how drug cartels have infiltrated America’s Heartland. The undercover participants have come from a variety of backgrounds to tackle the drug crisis from multiple angles. Viewers follow participants on the streets and in jail, and will also ride along with local law enforcement within the Narcotics Unit in an attempt to gain a 360-degree view of the epidemic.

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28 thoughts on “60 Days In: Narcoland – Inmate Who Steals Cop Car Shares Her Story (Season 1) | A&E

  1. Some of the participants go in to the program believing one thing about convicts, criminals, they say they think jail is too easy, and they don't think people deserve the quality of treatment they get in America's jail and prison system.

    And every single one of them comes out the other side with the OPPOSITE view lol they're completely on the inmate's sides, against the guards and jail administration people, and have a whole new unique perspective on the situation lol it's probably the best part about this show.

    People born into privilege can't see clearly what it even looks like when someone else wasn't.

    They've never experienced hardship, poverty, oppression, discrimination or abuse themselves and so finding empathy isn't so easy for them.

    Until they actually come face-to-face with those kinds of people, and spend a little time with them. Especially in such a one-on-one context.

    More people in this Country, and around the World, really, need to experience a little bit of exposure to what some people live with every day, even if it's a brief encounter looking in from the outside with no danger to themselves whatsoever.

    It should be "required learning" for our children to see what the effects of bullying, and poverty, and adversity can be, and how much of the population of THEIR OWN communities are going through it every day.

    More people are only one or two steps away, at any given time, to losing EVERYTHING than they realize.

    So many people feel so safe and secure, when in all reality they're a lay-off or a job loss, an unforseen medical expense, or foreclosure away from being dropped DRASTICALLY into a lower economic bracket, it's terrifying.

    Particularly here, in America, supposedly the, "richest Nation on Earth."

    When, in all actuality, 90% of America's wealth is divided amongst 10% of the population, at MOST. While absolutely EVERYONE else shares the scraps, works the hardest, and pays the most in taxes.

    The DOW Jones industrial average is shown in the bottom right hand corner of almost EVERY Cable News channel in the United States, while it's only a fraction of a percent of the people who even HAVE any Wall Street or Stock investments to begin with.

    The, "American Dream," in 2020 is being able to afford every expense you have below the insurance on your vehicles.

    If you're financially stable enough to afford to insure all of the vehicles you drive regularly, everything higher on your priority list is covered, typically.

    And, that's what being, "financially secure," is, at that level.

    Anything below that and you're susceptible to bankruptcy if you or someone in your immediate family is either suddenly sick or injured, or you lose your employment for any amount of time.

    Everybody living above that level is seemingly living in an entire other World. Blinded almost entirely to the plight of the millions of people who aren't so fortunate.

    People who weren't born into wealth and privilege, and especially if they're part of a minority group, usually stuck in poverty by a system that rewards privilege for privilege sake.

    Because that privilege is secured by the sweat and hard work of the less fortunate in the first place.

    Just think about it, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and the Billionaire class doesn't become or remain wealthy without the money generated by the consumers they serve.

    For every Jeff Bezos there's a billion others willing to pay to use his product.

    If everyone was as wealthy as him, a hundred dollar bill wouldn't even be worth a penny. So, the Capitalist system requires a certain degree of inequity. Just to keep the dollar valuable.

    If wages were actually tied to inflation, and people were no longer allowed to buy politicians, the middle class would grow almost immediately. And people like Jeff Bezos could make even more money.

    America's production would begin to advance right along with it's wealth again, like it used to before Citizens United was ruled Law by the Supreme Court, and the percentage of the population experiencing poverty in this Country would decrease virtually overnight.

    But, the problem is, the people who make such decisions are PAID to keep things the way they are by those with the most money, and they're the one's who don't even know what poverty looks like from their lofty perch.

    They believe the jails are too easy, and that those without opportunities available to them or their families don't deserve to have any help at all.

    The blinders somehow MUST be removed from their eyes, or nothing is likely to change.

    Full stop.

  2. this story doesnt even explain how she stole the cop car.
    she has this major wound and were to believe she actually had the strength to clip her cuffs and remembers nothing else but she remembers she stole the cop car and took them on a 4 hour chase. GTFOH wacko

  3. She has a terminally ill 6-year old child and she's out running the streets, stealing cars and doing drugs? That poor child. S/he he should be made comfortable for the last moments of their life, but instead is probably worrying about the whereabouts and well-being of his/her mother. Of course, it could all be a lie, as addicts tend to do, but if she isn't lying, it's really messed up on her part…

  4. I surrendered they sic the dog on me. Cut off at that point. Lmao. Of course we will not.allow you to talk about abuse from the police. If the cop had never stopped them over DRUGS we all know it none of this would have happened. They run because you get 5 to 10 years for getting high. What crime is that?????

  5. Making friends with people and gaining thier trust with the intention of snitching on them for your own personal and financial gain is morally reprehensible. I understand why it's done, but when your gut tells you something is wrong, that's bc it is.

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