Biden Delivers Remarks Outlining His Racial Equity Agenda | NBC News

Watch as President Biden delivers remarks outlining his administration’s racial equity agenda and signs executive orders at the White House.

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Live: Biden Delivers Remarks Outlining His Racial Equity Agenda | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


43 thoughts on “Biden Delivers Remarks Outlining His Racial Equity Agenda | NBC News

  1. Why does this poser think there is racial inequality?minority people have an advantage over anyone else which is for every 4th person hired 1 has to be a minority whether they can do the job or not putting everyone else's job in jeopardy so ftrk your RACIAL inequality claims!!!

  2. "When the pandemic hit"… The majority of kitchen employees in our local restaurants were unable to file for unemployment because they had worked "under the table". (employment audits are absent in a "sanctuary city"). "For many families restaurants are the gateway to opportunity, the key part of the American story" said Biden, in the city Formally known as "Chocolate City." (Where McDonald's Welcome to Jim Crow and Carpet Bagging of the new Apartheid, yawl! ref: bri tanica "jim crow"

    In the Hospitality industry.(hiring based on "language" preference is not considered discrimination).

  3. You can tell he didn’t Create this speech. His gestures are all off like it’s the first Time he ever saw it and he’s focusing so hard or reading lol. So sad. I give It a year before he has to “Step down” and Harris is president.

  4. who really knows what these executive orders state in their entirety?none of us see them. 33 of these were signed by king biden ON HIS FIRST DAY IN OFFICE. people listen, these are not going through the house for debate and careful consideration, approval or dissapproval; he is signing everything without our ultimate approval. so i guess you all want a dictatorship? because that's what this is!

  5. Im Mexican I know nothing about basketball but want to be an NBA player , I believe lebron James & most people that play on the NBA have privileges, I want more equity on sports & have more shot Mexicans like me playing on the NBA, I think is racist that one race dominates the sport just because they have more skills

  6. So Asian Americans account for the wealthiest and most educated demographic in the US. They are not a victim of system racism. Also, how was George Floyd's death proved to be racist in intent? The entire arrest video shows him refusing to get in a car. The officer who kneeled on his neck didn't say anything racist. He was definitely not trained for that scenario. If Floyd had cooperated this would likely not have happened.

  7. The Biden administration will find itself in the Supreme Court when sued for racial discrimination against whites if they think they can treat Americans unfairly and unequally based on race. Thats against the US constitution You would think a President would know that. Nothing can be based on race in America

  8. Why did the problem go from the cops to all white people…cause the cops treT whites differently.? Why can't u help everyone…instead of just a certain group? Your creati g racism .if you are helping g just one group…. and alienating the others …your promoti g racism . Why is it that all white people are guilty of racism? Why is it all white people are responsible for slavery? Biden said we will help Latino black Asian etc but never said whites were included? You mention every group except white people …isn't that systematic racism starting to take root with tha t thinking ? And why is it ok to shift the blame to anyone but thenselves…. just so the race card can be played …and its ok to do that? And after the last biden did nothing g but use that virus excuse win and then instead of helping the American people…. he does everything but? Climate change isn't going to create any jobs… panels dont need to be maintained. They are put in place and left alone. he stops a pipeline that will deliver oil safely to America until we don't need it . So put it on ships and trucks that will almost certainly have a accident in route?cause climate control seems to be the most important issue instead of giving money to people whos money it is ours anhway… are we not getting?

  9. President Biden: I haven't any doubts that you will be a good and fair President .im noone to tell you anything ,i have lots a respect for any person ,and of course especially to the chief of this Country. I ask you deeply to excuse me for this ( if you truly indeed you will get the support and the appreciate of most of all American people. God Bless You.

  10. Humans have had prejudice since back in the caveman days it was color schmolor , I don't like you cause you live in the valley and we hate the valley, or as kids, we didn't like the kids in the next town or in the next neighborhood. we are flawed folk, But we can learn to accept others only if we try. I have found we are all very alike in many ways, as John Lennon said, " let's give peace a chance"

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