Majority Leader McConnell is ‘the new master of the Senate’: Christie | ABC News

The Powerhouse Roundtable debates the politics of impeachment, the Iran conflict and the 2020 election.

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47 thoughts on “Majority Leader McConnell is ‘the new master of the Senate’: Christie | ABC News

  1. Powerhouse Roundtable? Please, a bunch of Left wing paid pawns, lackeys of the Left is more like it? When did we start caring about what a journalist thought? Was it when the analytical thinking was taken out of the schools and the tyranny of political correctness came in?
    And by the way, why would they claim Roundtable? Isn't that a bunch of white privileged medieval knights?

  2. McConnell is not master of the senate. What a retarded thing for ABC to say. LMAO. LBJ could actually negotiation with the other side and influence others… McConnell just stonewalls and acts like a creepy. He's the most disliked politician in the country…

    Master of the Senate my ass… way to try to tarnish such a title.

  3. ABC, really, Mr. Chris Christie, President Trump’s pal, who is cut from similar cloth,? The public may need more time to forget the scandal known as Bridgegate, the 2013 plot to shut down lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge to make life miserable for the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee and his constituents.

  4. Everybody should c how corrupt theses guys r go watch the beginning of the X22 Report.
    Punk boy stephenopolis trying to cut off the people in the back interviewing Trump's lawery. Trying cut the audio and the littlebitch got caught

  5. The first think we may see is after the DNC present their Impeachment to the Senate the Presidents Lawyers should propose a Motion for Dismissal to the Chef Justice. Calling the articles of Impeachment do not meet the Constitutional Standards. There was no Bribery no Treason no High Crime and No Misdemeanor Crime charged.

  6. I feel that McConnells 180 in fair hearing ideals. Is due to him hiding something. He knows that when Trump is removed he cant break the law, like he has been doing for the past 3 yrs. Also he and his wife are involved in international corrupt dealings, and should be investigated even further.

  7. There was an attack "in Iran making troops less safe not more safe"… really? When was there an attack in Iran? If you guys don't have basic facts, maybe you should be spending your weekends in the library instead.

  8. "… which seemed to be designed not to take out American casualties." Are you that freaking stupid? Missiles land in the middle of a military base, you can see the photos, and you don't think they were meant to kill? Good God George, show some intelligence.

  9. It makes my skin crawl hearing someone talk Trump up as if he's of admirable quality. How can anyone manage to swallow their integrity to talk about him like that?? Surely no one buys that political sweet talk!

  10. Moscow Mitch is disastrous for this country. Single handily preventing this country from making any progress forward. Probably because he’s still sour about being discharged from the military for SODOMY back in 1967

  11. It’s 9/8/2001 and instead of Bush being president it’s Donald John Trump. He makes a decision to take out Osama and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Thus stopping the 9/11 WTC disaster. The Democrats would be screaming, there was no credible threat that Osama and Khalid were an eminent threat. Silly Democrats ✝️❤️🇺🇸 Trump 2020

  12. Ah,, ABC News.
    The Same People who Brought us Jussie Smollett, bought and paid for by Kamala Harris and Obama's Corrupt Staff.
    Also the same ones who admittedly protected an international pedophile ring. because there were too many top Democrat Law Makers involved in International Child Sex Trafficing and it might be embarrassing for their party.
    And the Same ABC News, whose "IMPARTIAL" lead anchor is literally Clinton's campaign manager.
    And the Same ABC News who brought us the Fake Russian Collusion Hoax.
    And the Same ABC Who Promoted Crooked Cops and their books (Comey, Page, Strzok, Brennan, Clapper, Hayden, Sally Yates, Susan Rice, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr. ) who were again literally rigging the 2016 Presidential election. (And ABC was working overtime to help them).


  13. The new master. …lol go to sleep learn how to wake up in your sleep enter the dreamscape and SEE what crawls up the ass of mitch and others in your government it's a lot more creepy than your little movies …but your FBI is waiting to not have a fucked up presidency the special forces are waiting too ….ready to jump out of a plane but not to enter the metaphysical reality ….it's ok ….i am here …evil attacked me so i had to wake up fast and weapons ready … are all still sleeping …..i need to teach you Dreaming art chuck casteneda didn't know shit …nor did the hoes that fucked him and wild bill ….shouldn't you FBI from LOS ANGELES be looking for tge cult women …they killed lots of people they didn't do seminars ……they have been killing Chris kyles …possessing people that are "off" …it's why i did ..HEY RED FLAG FUCKERS ….all those years ago. …..i marked them with tracer rounds ..figured real military should know what the fuck a tracer round is ….tracking …figured you know what that is too …way unconventional weapons ….think you can comprehend that word combo …way unconventional weapons ….also tgese hoes are not your little government shit of the CIA…they are older than your institutions and technically your constitution … is called the nine gates to tge kingdom of shadows …far older than CIA and drugs being pushed down throats and prostitutes to fuck people up … 100% remote kills fuck remote views ….and tge women fed you men pussy unlimited to keep you in the dark …..oh yeah i am here as all American. Immortal enlightenment faced off against all tgese cult turds ….you at the FBI need to expand your vernacular past cyber jargon..

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