Man who posed as Uber driver arrested for sexual assault | ABC News

There are renewed concerns over ride-share safety after a woman was allegedly sexually assaulted by a fake Uber driver.

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50 thoughts on “Man who posed as Uber driver arrested for sexual assault | ABC News

  1. Just curious of how he knew her name. If you drive for uber/lyft, it will show passengers name. So I'm wondering did he know her. Still sad regardless.
    Yes, the passenger should be cautious and check to make sure the right driver. Just like the driver should do the same. When i drove, i had ppl who would just hop in my car. Not even checking the car or driver. Smh
    But i would look at them and be like umm who are you?? I would ask them there name and look at picture. ( which sometimes it wouldn't have one).
    Which brings me to my next topic. For caution, i feel that these companies should make it mandatory that passengers have to post a real picture. And NOT a dog as YOUR picture!!! Also, if your paying for someone else, that person's name should be given. Ijs
    Drivers lives matter also.

  2. This is bad. The only other thing I see that women could do to be safe, is to choose other Women UBER Drivers, whenever there's a option. That's just precautionary. Also a woman should question the driver about the destination first before she gets in the vehicle, since only the real UBER driver would know that. Be careful ladies. Especially women out there who like to party, get drunk, and then call a UBER.

  3. In 2018 there were 3000 reported sexual assaults perpetrated in Ubers. That's just what was reported! Considering sexual assault is the LEAST reported crime, the number of assaults is probably much higher. When is the last time you heard a story about an assault in a taxi? Rarely does that happen. Wake up people!

  4. How did he know her name though? I usually just looked at the car model, color and never checked the plate number but usually I looked at the face of the driver… some times its rushed and I did that after getting in the car. Yes ppl should be more careful from now on. But what if an uber driver is a bad guy?

  5. I don't think he yelled out her name. How would he have known it?  I guess she threw that part in to cover that she was too intoxicated to have been able to use good sense to check that it was indeed her driver.

  6. I'm still trying to figure out how the Uber ride was canceled and somebody else knew where this girl exact place was and pulls up and calls her name…how the next driver know she was there….or by coincidence….thats weird

  7. No! Uber needs to step it up with the app and create some kind of scanner where the Uber driver is forced to scan the persons phone that way you make sure you have the right person. Because let’s be honest no one‘s going to be looking at the license plate or the car model to make sure they have the right car people are so stupid and caught up in their own life and stuff , that’s at the moment that they’re not going to take the second to look up the license plate.

  8. 90%of uber customers are so cheap. ..fuck I don't like even to pick them ….because most of them.they are problem maker..taking advantage on driver..they come with smile and then they rate 1 star and complain to uber fuck that time take ask uber Co to come and give u ride or let then take ride on that start that they gave to to driver. Some of them they don't even how to get inside the car.

  9. I'm soooo glad she's o.k.
    I don't drive so i take uber all the time, I watch the car on the app as it's coming to get me, then i verify the drivers name and they respond with my name.
    I'm do confused by these stories because i can't figure out how they are getting into the wrong vehicles.
    We have a license plate # and can see where they are on the GPS.

  10. I've driven Uber 4 years now with over 10,700 trips.
    It's amazing how many riders walk up to my vehicle and are just ready to hop in without verifying 'anything.'
    The safety protocol is simple enough…..
    1. Driver should ask rider's name, never state it first.
    2. Rider needs to state their name or, the account holders name who ordered the trip for them.
    3.It is the rider's responsibility to confirm that the license plate number on the vehicle matches # in the rider app.
    If the plate # doesn't match…Don't get into that vehicle, no excuses.
    There are 'imposter' drivers out there who will say they are driving their spouse's or relative's or a friend's vehicle because their's is in the shop, among other excuses.
    If the plate # number doesn't match then that vehicle is NOT approved to be used on the Uber platform and, there is NO insurance coverage or any other kind of liability by Uber in the event of an accident, or worse.

    Those drivers are operating illegally.

    4. Driver must confirm the destination in the driver app with the rider.
    If the destination is incorrect, the 'rider' must update/change on their end in the rider app., the driver should never change the destination on their end or accept manual directions.
    5. Drivers should NEVER ask for cash or otherwise run a trip outside of the app.
    It is flat-out illegal in all markets and a major red flag to get out of that vehicle immediately.
    Cash trips are not approved by Uber.
    Those trips are not covered by Uber's insurance, or the driver's personal insurance.
    There is also no-one tracking and documenting that trip.
    Lastly, the rider also has a clear photo of their driver and the vehicle along with make and model.

    There is basically no excuse for a rider to enter a wrong vehicle other than their own negligance.
    Uber is rolling out a new pin code system which is an excellent added layer of security but, it shouldn't even be necessary.
    Ride-share, be it uber or Lyft is one of the safest transportation services ever offered,
    Some riders need to take a little responsibility and use some common sense.

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