Pelosi calls for vote on war powers resolution l ABC News

The speaker of the House said they must limit the president’s military actions as “America and the world cannot afford war.” READ MORE:

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37 thoughts on “Pelosi calls for vote on war powers resolution l ABC News

  1. Knowing Pelosi's motivation against OUR President, Donald J. TRUMP, I would not take under consideration, or act on anything that female EVER suggested I do! If MY trusted staff came up with that, I might act on it, but Pelosi. NEVER!!!!!!

    Anything, and Everything that woman has pushed for in the past, has failed to be anything good for America. This is, most likely, as compared to her past ideas, more than likely is only a Political Stunt. She will do anything to hurt America, and America's leadership. I said LEADERSHIP, which is our fabulous President, Donald J. TRUMP! God Bless Him, and his Administration. in retrospect, I will also say, God protect us from the evil that breathes the same clean air as our beloved President. "Four More Years" Go TRUMP, GO!

  2. Pelosi wasn't talking about war powers when her hero Obama was sanctioning thousands of drone strikes all over the middle east. I mean, I don't mind all those radical Taliban warlord going down using the fire power of a drone instead of risking the lives of our fighting men and women. But Pelosi never said anything, not a PEEP, about the hundreds of innocent people that died in those drone strikes during the Obama administration. In fact, democrats like Hillary praised the administration's secret drone program and never a word to notify congress. Remember how Hellary celebrated after the drone strike on Qadafi?? And the phony hypocrite media celebrated the Qadafi assassination right along with her. (Remember: :"We came, we saw, he's dead!"). Yeah that was real funny. Democrats administration using drones to take out world leaders and not notifying congress. Now however, Trump uses 1 drone strike to take out the most notorious, blood-thirsty terrorist leader alive today with the blood of over 600 Americans on his hands, who killed Americans stationed throughout the middle east with impunity. And yet, hypocrite Pelosi criticizes Trump for doing only once what Obama did hundreds of times, even killing innocent muslim citizens in the process. Did you ever hear Pelosi complain about Obama's drone kills? The congress or senate??, The media?? Late nite propagandists, like Colbert?? NADA! These people are all lying hypocrites.

  3. Nancy you Democrat Socialist were too busy with impeachment to be bothered with dead Americans and an embassy under attack. I am surprised you are taking time out of your busy impeachment schedule to mourn a dead terrorist. Are you going to the funeral? I wouldn't fly.

  4. Does it need senate to vote on this now? Can trump veto this! The law states trump can do what he did. It's not war it's protecting USA ASSETS. Trump can send the military in without congress. He can send in contractors using letters of Marque. Trump can strike enemy assets if the USA is threatened or attacked abroad without congress. He can tell congress about it but congress cannot stop it. Congress can sue Trump. Congress declares War in order to fund it not wage it. Only the president can wage war. Else change the constitutional laws, not a resolution.

  5. Pelosi delusional about Trump, Trump not declares war, Pelosi slurred speech on Trump limit, Pelosi place in congress press release Trump was right not trust Pelosi , keeping he mouth shut to enemy’s of America

  6. Protector of terrorist did you ever hear what he said during they killed kadafi of libya hillary clinton is laughing and said finaly we got him. Stupid they killed saddam hussen because they allied themselves into iran your democrats america is trully evil. Sending tax payer money to terrorist then used it to kill all of u what a stupid mind set dont vote for ur democrats u are being milk by evil politician who only cares for themselves

  7. The 2001 or 2002 Authorizations for the Use of Military Force (AUMFs): Is authorize against those "responsible for the attacks on September 11, 2001."

    Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against Terrorists

    In July 2019, the State Department acknowledged that the administration had not interpreted the 2001 or 2002 Authorizations for the Use of Military Force (AUMFs) to authorize military action against Iran,

    In July 2019, Cmdr. Rebecca Rebarich, a Pentagon spokeswoman, said the department "does not believe the 2001 AUMF can be used against Iran." That position has been affirmed by the Pentagon's top lawyer, Paul Ney Jr. While Pentagon officials do not deny that al-Qaeda has had ties to Tehran, those links are generally seen as limited and nonoperational. Mick Mulroy, the Pentagon's top policy official for the Middle East, said in a statement that neither he nor Katie Wheelbarger, another senior Pentagon policy official, raised al-Qaeda's links to Iran—or the AUMF—during a classified Congressional briefing on Iran. "The historical and ongoing ties between Iran and the Taliban, not al-Qaeda, were raised at the briefing," Mulroy said.


  8. How do you consult congress on military action when their are know moles in their midst? Has Nancy never watched an action flick? The moles tell the Iranians and the terrorist leader would have escaped.

  9. This is nothing more then another SCAM feel good VOTE for the Socialist base. It has no Legal power is is not Law and it can not do one thing to prevent President Trump from Protecting America and killing Terrorists. The DNC Just ran head long rush into the Face of a Cliff. I would also watch the Senate next week I feel there will be a Senate Dismissal of the DNC vote on impeachment in the works

  10. Despite the fact that Obama's war in Libya wasn't in response to any attack or threat, Obama actually argued the War Powers Act didn't apply because “U.S. operations do not involve sustained fighting or active exchanges of fire with hostile forces, nor do they involve U.S. ground troops.”

  11. May 2019 – Iran attacks oil tankers in the Gulf.

    June 2019 – Iran shoots down US drone.

    July 2019 – Iran seizes British oil tanker.

    Sept 2019 – Iran attacks Saudi state run oil co.

    Dec 2019 – Iran attacks US military bases in Iraq.

    Dec 2019 – Iran storms the US Embassy in Baghdad.

    Jan 2020 – US air strikes Baghdad, killing an Iran commander.

    Jan 2020 – clueless Americans apologize to Iran, defend Iranian funded terror, say our president started this war.

  12. These Democrats are horrible. Calling for a non-binding vote to “limit” the president’s power against Iran. Why? To keep obstructing the president, try to discredit him, and aid US enemies, while having some excuse if they keep the president from protecting the US. Dummies.

  13. What a piece of work Pelosi is, she would make a good Iranian spokesperson for the brutal regime. When has she protected American values? She works in every way to circumvent borders and legal immigration now she works for a dead terrorist general that injured and killed a lot of people, some Iranians and some Americans, some in Yemen, some in Israel. Check out her district in California, pretty sad, she is stunningly bad.

  14. Debate after the situation not during or ahead of, the world Senator or Congress person / and the talking heads in the Media, the world is un -American. The peace is often established by deterrence not appeasement : "The Congress, especial Pelosi and the House has: "power without responsibility – the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages."

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