Truth & Lies: Jeffrey Epstein l PART 4


A woman called police after her stepdaughter admitted to accepting money from Epstein. Police investigated and uncovered how Epstein used teens he abused help him find new victims.

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43 thoughts on “Truth & Lies: Jeffrey Epstein l PART 4

  1. How many others were involved, I mean the filthy paedophilia bastards cause there is so many more people walking free as though they did nothing wrong. Rich protecting the rich, power house filth. If any of these were my daughters, there's no money on earth that could protect or hide them. Ex recce, I will search and destroy.

  2. In that house sitting around busting 🥜 all day. Disgusting! He was so gross! He looked gross and probably smelled gross. He's just nasty! I'm not sad he's dead! I think his staff should be charged too! They knew those were children. And they never filed a police report. All of these elites out here who engaged too and will never be prosecuted.

  3. Using a term like "grooming" for teenage girls piss poor decisions is like blaming God or the devil for Influencing someone's actions. No one controls anybody with an atari joystick people act like grooming is just that.

  4. Courtney Wilder didn't even have parents to pay the bills. So I'm not surprised.All the teens were warned about the rich people killing girls at parties so they knew these people were a bunch of crazies. She was desperate

  5. There are many girls these media monsters are not showing who thought they were going to learn massage in training and instead were raped. Men these are not normal men they are monsters. Stop talking about a war against men who is fighting here but these weirdos who hurt children and turn children against each other so they can eat and pay rent.

  6. It’s sad, the girl that brought those girls to him should be charged as well, if anything she was right under maxwell but she WAS IN THE FEILD BRINGING THESE GIRLS and now she is just sitting there as if she is the victim she needs to get charged to

  7. Such sick people around. It's hard to believe how long he got away with behaving in this depraved manner. The people who worked for him were enablers. You could be forgiven for making a mistake but to deliberately enmesh these young girls into this horrifying, way of life is despicable. A mother.

  8. Regardless of how much parental guidance or money you have or don't have growing up, you have to know that "massaging" an old man for "$200" is a sketchy situation. It's sad how many girls will do ANYTHING for money and fame.

  9. Honestly, I felt sorry for the victims. However, after learning a bit more I don't! These girls were warned that they might need to take their shirts off, massage old rich man, get paid 300$ per 20 min… I mean I'm pretty sure they knew it was fishy but still settled for money.

  10. anyone else thinking Trump has involvement or participate in his world, I'd put money on it he knew everything, but he was friends or stood to loose money & risk his reputation if he did, it's easier for Trump to say,I didn't know him lol

  11. That stepmom was not having it with the extra cash on hand. I bet she thought her stepdaughter was pawning her jewelry. “911 yes my stepdaughter just flashed a wad of cash at me and said you’re not my real mom and you never will be”.

  12. The younger the better?? What like toddler age like 2 or 3 years old? Seven or eight? This man is sick and anybody that does this is sick. What’s wrong with people sex really all that important really?

  13. She is lying of he had sex with them. This is bullshit. Yeah right he just like to touch them. Come on..he raped them all of them where sexually abused and raped. This is no harrasment it's rape. Fuckin rape. Stop lying about this and try to be PC about it call it for what it is. Nothing to hide.

  14. Seriously this man must have had hundreds of people working for him in his houses and apartments around the world? Have any of them been interviewed or questioned? It's impossible for them not to know what was going on on and more importantly who the 'famous' clients where. It's bullshit – plain and simple. The cops know, the government knows. We will never know.

  15. I did t expect to hear all this.. These Girls were not so young, but very well aware what they were doing for $300 or whatever the money. The video talks much more about the society than one sick man

  16. Kinda strange how some of the girls were callin him back just goes to show u no matter what the situation is a girl will seize the money opportunities if it requires sex there allways Down still very fucked up on Jeff’s part and not saying he’s right he’s a sick man

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