Truth & Lies: Jeffrey Epstein l PART 5


Police and victims say Epstein had them followed. His lawyers attacked his accusers’ credibility. He was later charged with only one count of solicitation of prostitution.

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44 thoughts on “Truth & Lies: Jeffrey Epstein l PART 5

  1. Yeah and apparently he was a registered sex offender already and Andrew was hanging out with him after his conviction for pimping too so no shame even with priors. They know the rates of him re offending and just let him go on? No one cares about womens safety it's scary same thing in Canada.

  2. It's easy to forget that there are still good, honest people working for and at the government trying to do the right things and incorruptible. But the ones doing the shitty things, the corrupt and the evil are their bosses, leaders, mentors, people way up the chain, people who wouldn't think twice about killing them, dishonouring them, fire them, hurt their families and legacies. Until we give those honest people the recognition and power, nothing's going to change and hasn't. Unfortunately.

  3. Where were all the leftist and Hollywood elites speaking out against injustice when this was coming to light? Remember how they trounced Trump even before he was sworn in. There is alway an agenda.

  4. offer you more money for more things? ,most of them where not children , young ladies , most of them have lawyers some book deals , all after his million dollars estate, yes some where minors and he has payed for that with his life ,

  5. Adults with ample resourses failing to seek help for their own boredom mental perversions predatory redundancy.
    Asking a psychologist phd about what sorts of men pursue help for their raping activity thoughts the immediate responce was reluctant court ordered .
    Where are the adults SURROUNDING the whoremongering pervs rapists?
    At least on one occation someone summons police to Jeffery Dahmers rape murder canabalize appartment and in the coriddor outside the apartment a naked bleeding person unable to speak english was not saved either.
    Repeating assaults on targets is rapist redundant thought behavior befor a criminal rico ring of perps voyuers.

  6. I'd take a nice lady out for a date and then she would leave and spend the night with some guy she just met at the place and it did happen more than once let's talk about over 100 times no wonder I'm mentally sick

  7. You want to know what all the women have done to me for there what they want I'd take them out on a nice date and they'd leave with some other guy it happened more than once and that's an understatement

  8. Very happy that he got busted & even got killed for it 👍 this goes to show that other men & women who are soliciting young teenage children should kno by now "you're not going to get away from this crime you have committed"

  9. Dear it's not sex training it's a Mossad ,orgonized opérations to control the leaders over the world in somehow by recording/ filming them to threads them when they says no to their decisions.its all about Israel .and all what going on in court and bla bla bla bla is a drama ,it's a spider group of many people's, organisation,famous companies over the world,it's not only Maxwell or Jeffery,or Monsieur Lou or cinemas producer's Miramax …..
    By the way Jeffery , Miramax Monster owner and all are now with new passport new names in isr running operations as usual from massage centers and Hollywood and ….
    And that is the truth.GOD bless all and save the kids future ,if there is future .
    Good video thx

  10. Took it to the FBI LMAO??? You mean the same guys that were spying on Trump the same guys that were trying to stop the Trump administration from winning the presidency LOL. Guys like Peter strzok and James Comey LMAO??? Yeah okay that's why It got covered up as long as it did huh?? You Fun schmo's!!!

  11. You see there the government covered his ass as long as they could… When they could no longer do it they picked his ass up put him in jail and whacked him so there could be no investigation to expose the higher-ups. That's what happened 100%… I will also be confirming this one with God when I get to heaven.

  12. It’s truly DISGUSTING to see just how far reaching this actually was. 3 girls a day x 365 days is 1095 A YEAR!!! Perfect example that money DOES determine if you’re guilty. Justice is NON EXISTENT! Just a word thrown around so judges, police, attorneys etc can sleep at night.

  13. I am really in a state of shock, a country as rich as america can have this scale of corruption. We make jokes in india about how you cannot get away beating your own kids in america due to the law. And here is a man raping minor girls without consequences….

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