Volunteers stepping up to save Australia’s wildlife amid fires | ABC News

An ecological emergency is unfolding as more than 1 billion animals have now been killed. READ MORE: https://gma.abc/37PmoU3

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36 thoughts on “Volunteers stepping up to save Australia’s wildlife amid fires | ABC News

  1. God! Dear Mercyful One! Forgive us people for not obeying Your Holy Word, for not being good stewards of the planet earth. Because of our wicked carelessness we see this tragedy. And how more are yet to come if we do no repent and turn to You wholeheartedly. Only You can heal this land. Please, provide food for the survivors. Don't let animals to starve. Dear Lord Jesus, You are our Only Hope!

  2. 1 billion is really a big number of lose. What the peoples and the government before do when the fire started to increased?? Seriously government is tge main responsibel for this 😡😢😭😭 so sad for the Animals. Such a innocent baby they was but now they are burnt for human fault 😭😭😭

  3. I believe after this ends. They might breed some animals. Due to low population of types. Also, new trees will be planted. Poor babies. Rest in peace all the souls and hearts of animals that died. 🙁

  4. I feel so sorry for things happens way beyond any imagination. My business partner and I have a great fire-fighting technology we created that has been used by Japanese government to protect their nuclear power plants against earthquake fire. with this technology, our fire engine can turn 1,000 gallons of water it carries into 1.5 million gallons of fire extinguishing material that don't damage structures, not harmful to environment, not destroy the soil nutrients, and not harmful to human beings. Our fire engine can cover the fire with the diameter of 30 feet, and shoot 3 time farther than the traditional fire engines built in the world. We are willing to work with any individual, government agencies… to mass produce these fire engines and other products that never seen in the world, like portable vest, portable tanks…that can turn each firefighter into a mobile fire engine with these vests. The portable tanks can be mounted on the trucks that can climb mountain, on airplanes and cargo drones to shoot MIILLIONS MILIIONS of gallons of fire extinguishing material on to giant fire. Boeing 747 can carry only 19,600 gallons of retardant, and need an airport around, and takes 2 hours to prepare for the drop. It is expensive but can not compare with the damage of the wildfire. Helicopter drops only around 275 gallons of water per bucket.

    It is not time for just praying. If you believe in God, He gave us an amazing brain, 200,000 computer right there ,but being used very little. Man does not think. keep asking question, and thinking , your subconscious mind will give us the answers at the most unexpected time. If the government can protect you, be proactive and find way to protect ourselves and our loved ones. I live in southern California, and here will be the reality. There will be more intense, and extreme wildfire because of many reason, and here are things we see " waiting for evacuation''s order, power will be cut off, and leave your houses for fire consuming. 2.5 inches firehose of calfire can not beat the giant fire. their firehose can shoot 100 feet, and the fire engine carries max to 1,500 gallons of water, when the fire engines go to the remote areas, there are no hydrants. what will they do. It is ridiculous that our men on the ground have nothing to fight the fire, still using old-aged tools, shovel, rake, pulaski, chainsaw…to cut the fire. Let me give each of them a portable vest that with just 2 gallons of water on the back and a small gas tank in front, this vest can create 3,000 gallons of fire extinguishing material. OUR TECHNOLOGY is designed to solve 2 major problems : saving water, imagine there are around 70,000 wildfires in US , how much water will we use to fight these fires ? And water destroy all soil nutrient.
    – fighting giant fire.One fire engine can cover the area of 1,500 m2 or 1798 square yard without moving around. Just sit at one spot and shoot its gun. IT IS THE TIME TO REPLACE ALL THE FIRE TRUCKS THAT ARE BUILT TO SHOOT WATER. Not effective , and damage environment.

    here the youtube video about what i write here. youtube video " THUC NGHIEM PHONG CHAY CHUA CHAY AN SINH XANH " . You will see the fire engine at the end of the video. Our company is in Viet Nam. If you know the contact information, have connection with Australia, US government officers that relate to the fire department, or environmental department…political individuals or any entrepreneurs, billionaires..(.these people have money and engineers to make our technology even better to serve the world ) that want to solve the wildfire problems, please help me to approach them. We will work together to mass produce this kind of fire engines and many other equipment. You will be reward handsomely. YOU WILL BE FINANCIALLY SET FOR LIFE. The size of our paycheck equals to the size of the problem we solve. the damage of wildfire in US in 2018 is $ 91 billion , not including invisible, long-term damage. Many fire fighters will suffer from these fires, and many children will suffer because their dads have cancer…spend sometime google about wildfire and you will know what i write here. check out this organization CTIF. the International association of fire and rescure service. I recommend everyone read their research, article to see how serious the wildfire it is. Thanks for your time and consideration. We are on a big mission my friends. We will do our best to save lives, houses, animals, and keep our environment clean for ourselves and many generation to come. It is no longer the duty of the government of any country, but each one of us must have our contribution to this, and it all starts with you and me and remember " there is no such thing is impossible. There is always solution for every problem. learn how to use our subconscious mind to find solution."

    Here is my email " mathew7066@yahoo.com

  5. This fire 🔥 fighter are all heros . All fire fighter must Have a Gold 🏆🥇
    And we must all give 💰💵 to help . I feel so sad 😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭for all animals 🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🦘🦘🦘🦘 I 🙏🙏🙏 🔥stop fast .👍

  6. Poor animals , damm it Australia government I already gave them a solution for fires in woods before 2 years , but they did not respond , look now what happened?

    I didn't ask anything back for my idea , but I guess there arrogance cost them this fire

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