New year’s apology from Pope Francis l ABC News

The Pope was seen slapping the hand of a pilgrim who pulled him off-balance on New Year’s Eve.

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49 thoughts on “New year’s apology from Pope Francis l ABC News

  1. Please know that if you are Catholic that you do not have to go to a priest to be forgiven, go straight to Jesus and ask for forgiveness. The Bible says to call no man Father but your Father in Heaven, this does not mean your biological Dad…the pope is not an infallible person,, the Bible says ALL HAVE SINNED AND FALLEN SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD. There is none righteous, no not one. He who says he has no sin, the truth is not in him. An infallible person would not sin, there is only one that was able to do that and His name is Jesus Christ. It is appointed for a man, once to die then the judgment, so NO purgatory….No second chances. Mary the mother of the humanity part of Jesus was and is an amazing person, who was used by God in a beautiful and very special way, however she can do nothing for you and would be devastated if she new people prayed to her and thought she could do anything to save them. What did she say to the servants about the wine, " Do what He tells you" There is so much more, and you can not do good enough to get to Heaven so repent of your sins and trust ALONE in Jesus. God bless you, I was once fooled by that cult as well and I want others to know the truth and be saved. Please read your Bible yourselves without the books that the Catholic Church added as their doctrine and ask God with a humble heart to open your eyes.

  2. I watched all of Pope Francis's apologies. But didnt hear Him apologize for the horrendous inquisition done by the Portugese in Goa, India, at the command of the then Pope. Or are Popes colour conscious? Or are Indians just fodder for the Christian conversion machine?

  3. Hindi naman kasalanan si pope francis yung babae kasi wala siyang respeto bakit si pope francis humingi ng sorry muntik na siya nabali ng kamay niya o nahuhulog siya syempre matanda na siya HOW DARE SHE!!!! 😡😡😡😡👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  4. I don't understand Catholicism. You, who are living sexual, hetrosexual married lives, and bringing up children, who do you seek advice from to live your sexual, hetrosexual married lives, and bring up your children well? You seek advice from a collective of celibate, single, childless nuns, monks, priests and popes. How does that make any sense?

  5. Everyone here saying the woman is wrong is pathetic. He is the POPE. If he can't handle such a simple situation he has no place being the top representative of the catholic church. He should resign over this. It shows his true personality.

  6. Amazing to see the simple Christian religion made into Catholicism, when it was originally called The Way. You follow The Way or you don't. Catholicism is some other way, and this goof summarizes it best.


    John 14:6
    [6]Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.

  8. The Pope position was created by satan. For that is the Leader position of The Church of Babylon. Vatican = Church of Babylon. That is the position that the False Prophet will hold that satan gives power to and that Pope (False Prophet) will say it is from God when he knows it is from satan. He and the leader(The Beast of Revelations) of the soon coming Army of Europe(Beast Power) will enact what is written in the bible.
    They will enforce satans counterfeit Sabbath (Sunday) upon the world. Gods small flock will uphold the True Sabbath of Friday sunset until Saturday sunset and will be put to death.
    Most of the world will not know The False Prophet and The Beast speak Dragon when enforcing Sunday upon the world for satan has most of the Earth obeying Sunday already.

  9. I’m sure Pope Francis had a busy schedule that day. It’s the end of the day and I’m sure he was tired. He is only human and sometimes when people had long busy days, OOOOPS! Someone does something they shouldn’t and he became inpatient with this person and he did what he did. Let’s put it this way. How often have you seen Pope Francis hurt someone or treated someone wrongly?😏 We should stay focus on all the good what people do. Yes, he needs to set the example but he is only human too. To me Pope Francis is still an excellent leader and a future saint in the making. Thank you Pope Francis for everything you do for us. I pray that God will continue to bless you and your ministry and protect you. God Bless You I LOVE POPE FRANCIS 😘💞✝️ you are my kind a Pope next to Saint Pope John Paul

  10. I think he is a fake…all that fake smile handshaking and godly love….
    Then when God tested his true heart….
    And this needy woman grabbed him…yes she was wrong to grab him….but fair enough he could have been startled but still shown her a little compassion and blessing afterwards…
    Instead he hits her angrily and works off
    He basically hit a woman…not on for a man in his position…
    I think he failed Gods test ….sorry
    Human or not….a man in that position should know how to handle this situation better…
    At least he apologised….but I think it was just for publicity purposes etc…not really to that woman
    If she had slapped him back she would be in jail…..lucky for her she showed restraint and understanding and didn't slap

  11. Sometimes we don’t remember the pain and suffering others go through in ones life
    We don’t pay attention to others
    We don’t know the pain
    It’s clear that this women is suffering
    And frantically looking for help
    The masses of people want to believe in something
    So we choose what we have available
    Not what is the right answer but the best we can find out of the bad
    Just like government we know that no one is good but we choose the best of the bad
    This is an opportunity for people to see
    The truth
    You either take it
    Or slip it under the carpet
    To me it’s an act of god
    Showing you all the hypocrisy of man
    One day he slaps a women’s hand the next day he leads a force
    To end violence against women
    We all know now he’s not a master of that

  12. She hold his hand because he was leaving and she was hungry and thirsty for the word of God.But instead of comforting her he slapped her
    And the world say that the Pope is the man of God a leader of church but he not a Christian.christians are those people who are born again with the baptism of Holy Spirit and live the life that Christ lived and represent Christ in themselves.Many people came to Jesus but he never slapped them. pope is spiritually blinding people and leading them to hell he is not Christian but he is Anti Christ. Allowing people to do that thing which God hates and call sin. Bible says that outwardly they are coated like sheeps but from inside they are ravening wolf.
    Be not be misleaded Bible says whoever speaks out of the Bible is a Anti Christ. pope is not the man of God. pope is the man of satan
    pope is not my authority. Jesus is my authority

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