The people ‘deserve to have a full, fair and complete trial’: Sen. Doug Jones | ABC News

Following the House impeachment of President Donald Trump, Sen. Doug Jones, D-Ala., is interviewed on “This Week.”

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46 thoughts on “The people ‘deserve to have a full, fair and complete trial’: Sen. Doug Jones | ABC News

  1. Doug Jones is ALABAMA STRONG. He got a BACKBONE. No Trump issued knee pads (like some others). He got integrity and is fair, and impartial. Doug Jones got impeccable judgement and a compassion for basic humanity for every Alabamian. We NEED more REAL Senators like this man. DON’T listen to the NOISE. Doug Jones help keeps ALABAMA and America STRONG. Our Democracy is currently under attack. It is for REAL. Don’t listen to the MOB. Let stay on the RIGHT side of the road ALABAMA. That’s how we have become one of the BEST states in the USA. Remember, DOUG JONES is ALABAMA STRONG!

  2. Dumass only wanted one term I guess…He is outta there..Alabama voted 68 percent for trump in 2016,,bye Doug. Good riddance

  3. Doug Jones you do not represent the people of Alabama . He knows he has no chance in keeping his job in November . Jones shows himself to be as corrupt as the rest of the Democrats .

  4. Doug Jones you will pay for your impeachment vote. You will lose your seat for being a political hack and voting to overturn the will of the American people. Chuck has your balls in his hands. Stand up for the constitution and be a man

  5. Doug Jones you are a liberal socialist Democrat, blaming our President for doing everything rotten dirty the Democrats did during the so called joke impeachment debacle, when Pelosi has even yet to deliver the paperwork necaessary to proceed w/ the trial. I hope Mr McConnell Does not give the Demcrats what they're demanding. You can rest assured the Republicans will conduct themselves in a responsible, respectful honest manner, completely unlike how the Democrats acted. It's time the Republicans show some muscle & stand up for their rights & respect from the do nothing crooked swamp Democrats.

  6. Sen Jones is only looking for winning in his deep red state. He is trying to please the republicans vs looking at facts.

  7. Yes Doug Jones the voters in Alabama are researching the way you voted, especially since you are filling a republican seat. You will be replaced in November 2020.

  8. Why do Dems need witnesses in the senate? The articles of impeachment were drawn from the evidence provided by witnesses and have now been voted on after the house had their full house investigation? They voted to impeach and now the Senate decides if Trump is or is not guilty of that impeachment. surly you cant add anything new to an impeachment that's been declared and voted on? If the full evidence was not there at the House investigation then they should not have voted to impeach until they had enough evidence. Help me understand please (Australia)

  9. You know the House Democrats shouldn't have impeached Trump without bipartisan support. You know 3 Democrats even voted no – along with every person in the GOP.
    It's never been done before. Why? Because it's wrong obviously, and you know it.
    The Senate requires 2/3 to pass impeachment & removal. You know that would take bipartisan support. You know that never would've happened. So, whatever attempts you make to justify the wrong actions so far – is futile – to be ashamed of – to be ignored – and done.

  10. As an Alabama native, Doug Jones 🌠 A man can not stop to worry about death, Martha. Respect, Doug Jones, keep on pushing🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠💯💯💯

  11. The congress did not come up with anything except a bipartisan vote on TRump and the democrats in the senate and house think they are still in control of what should happen according the their values and objectives. They are all in lockstep with each other and lying for each other, nothing more than their political motives for a advantage in 2020. And ABC acts like they are just reporting the news, they are colluding with the democrats.

  12. It will not be a legitimate trial without witnesses and evidence. Republicans refusal to allow witnesses and evidence is what's known as a COVER-UP.

  13. While Mitch McConnell and the president might not want to have Trump's top aides who are familiar with the facts of the case testify in the Senate trial, that is not true of the American people. 70% of Americans polled on this matter want those aides to testify and that includes a majority of Democrats, Republicans(64%) and Independents.

  14. Pelosi is the real quid pro quo. The house has no control over the senate. She refuses to send the articles after the entire house voted, so she thinks she is more important than every other house member and now thinks she has say over our senators. It's time to impeach Pelosi for quid pro quo.

  15. There's been absolutely 0 fairness throughout this entire impeachment process from both sides and it's been corrupted by politics. It's not about policy or what trump has done it's about politics and his party.

  16. As an independent for 40 yrs.. I'm done with the all white GOP alternative cult. Vote Blue GOP alternative reality needs reality check in 20.

  17. Where has this Senayor been ??? That he doesnt see all the stuff that trump has done . at this pount with trump he better think about the future of this Country . abd the consecuences of let trump do wereaver he wants just because the party . if the senator bote fir trump to stay I dont think its going to look any good in his records for the future . hes going to be catalog as the senator that protect a lair and encarcered childre !!#

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