Biden Delivers Emotional Speech In Delaware Ahead Of Inauguration | NBC Nightly News

Ahead of his inauguration, President-elect Biden bid farewell to Delaware and remembered his late son Beau Biden.
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Biden Delivers Emotional Speech In Delaware Ahead Of Inauguration | NBC Nightly News


Author: phillyfinestnews


37 thoughts on “Biden Delivers Emotional Speech In Delaware Ahead Of Inauguration | NBC Nightly News

  1. Just to be clear. It's over, the transition is complete. The codes, country and powers of the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Congress are back in the hands of a sane man. God Bless America. Full Stop.

  2. When someone, who wasn’t in charge or had any power to act on the policies to fight the virus, has the decency, empathy and humanity to call for a minute of silence for all those people who died due to the cruel pandemic, makes one think that the president (president of so many “Christians”) who lived and saw the pain of the American people would also call for a minute of silence, a prayer and extend his condolences to those who lose someone…

  3. 47 years of nothing the Communist choice for president he will use the Constitution as toilet paper and your freedoms will be flushed down in the Cesspool of government back to the swamp hooray for your side

  4. Jimmy kimmel said it best last night the End of a Error = 6 years ago Trump was just a old reality tv star who pretended to be a Billionaire in New York now the country despises him most of the world hates him we found out he pays no taxes he has no money he's facing criminal charges in nyc nobody will do business with him can't host a golf tournament can't operate a carousel in his hometown anymore his wife hates him his kids are screwed and he botched the pandemic and failed to protect America and it's People in the last year with 400,000 Americans Dead and a country infected and it's way of life changed forever and now add Bribery to a georgia official and inciting a insurrection the first ever attack on are Country from are own people right before inauguration day all due to Trump's incompetentency and lack of respect for America and it's way of life he will be thought of as the worst president in the history of the United States of America

  5. Like Steve Schmidt says and countless others like Bob Woodward and Robert Reich he's the worst president to ever step foot on Earth who caused the worst Health Economic Housing Homeless and World Crisis in Modern History and Wrecked are Country from the inside out and got the whole USA banned from the entire world and caused a new Modern Day Genocide in America with 400,000 dead and 24 million Infected around the country and now are medical care and resources pushed to the breaking point because of Mr Trumpademics Failure to protect America and it's People and now ad bribery to georgia official to over throw the election and then ad causing another dark day in history with this cowardly attack on are Country and Democracy from his sick Covid infected Trumpademic Terrorist Riot traitors of our country now

  6. Mr Trumpademic = Health Crisis with 400,000 Dead and 25 Million infected around the country and the new deadly strain killing americans at a staggering 30 people an hour now and no end in sight and are medical care and resources pushed to the breaking point and way of life forever changed. Economic Crisis = Are Country pushed back to Great Depression Levels haven't seen in 120 years with 27 Million Unemployed and 9 Trillion in debt and rising at the worst rate ever seen in us history with the most worst job loss in presidental history at a staggering 15 Million jobs lost in only 5 months like Obama said in florida in October speech Housing Crisis = The highest eviction rate ever seen in are Lifetimes at a astonishing 45 Million Evicted and Homeless for the holidays and sick with Covid dieing on the streets and no where to go or hide in the darkest winter in Modern History like Fauci said it was going to be only much worse because of new deadly strain and spreading faster than last time and much more stronger and agressive after mutation. World Crisis = 2,094,234 Million Dead and 90 Million infected around the Globe 🌎 and Mankind's way of life on the pushed back to Great Depression Levels and are planet turned into a mass grave yard as bodies keep piling up at 1 Million Dead every 3 months another million of the human race wiped off the map and more Deadlier and stronger mutations keep forming because of his pathetic failures as the worst president to ever step foot on Earth and to America and the World as a whole unfortunately in this sad day in age we live in nowadays

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