President Trump signals separation from Rudy Giuliani l ABC News

ABC News’ Mary Bruce reports on the latest at the White House with Trump and his personal lawyer as the New York Times reports he knew of whistle-blower complaint.

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25 thoughts on “President Trump signals separation from Rudy Giuliani l ABC News

  1. I don't believe this stuff. I don't think DJT is distancing himself from RG. Misinformation may be necessary.
    Do not believe everything you see/hear. The kool-aid flows out of the Alphabet lame stream media…

  2. The world outside Italy and America feels like its been had. It’s like giving punishment before realizing that is natural for people to be that way. When they see who’s next in line to be conquered, problems begin and social war brakes out. All because rich pupils had to come out with a new religion that pleased them has naturally we underlined and witnessed. What now? Cold War with whom. They would make the poor in to a slave of underpaid work and free prostitution for riches and the unworthy safe and rich and laid. Only solution? Drop atomic to where it started just as hello. You wanna bet? Sending over pupils is only going to finish off the resistance. Remember how natural is and how natural will be to make them treasurers. China wants to know that ?

  3. ABC covers up for pedophiles, just like they did in 2016. Everyone’s talking about it since Project Veritas caught Amy Robach on a hot mic admitting it all. Got some explaining to do, ABC

  4. Yet every single day, I see elites like pundits and professors and just average people asking the same old question. "How is all this happening?! My God! What even is this?!” They ask it over and over and over again, about a thousand different flavors of American dystopia, like all the mind-bogglingly horrific headlines we see now. The question…like it’s groundhog day…remains the same: "My God! How is all this happening!!” It’s not a rhetorical question. I think we Americans are genuinely confused and baffled by what’s happening to our society. Hence, this moment has a certain attitude: one of a kind of desperate bewilderment."How is this happening!!”, asked over and over and over again about a million different things, as if the answers are beyond us. But for the rest of the world, from Europe to Africa to Asia, knows all too well why America’s imploding. It wonders why America doesn’t. It wonders why we Americans don’t really even know that…Americans are asking the same question, over and over again, in a thousand different ways. But it’s just one question. And it has one answer, too. One simple and straightforward answer. his is what capitalism is. This is what a capitalist society is. All of it. All the weird, gruesome, bizarre headlines that you read every day, day after day. All. Of. It. This is what our capitalist society is. Our dystopia. The rich become super-rich, then ultra-rich, the super ultra mega-rich. Meanwhile, whatever middle class there was implodes, because their poverty is how the rich become super ultra mega-rich, by underpaying them as "employees”, and then overcharging them as "consumers.” How hard is that to understand? This is what a capitalist society is. It’s a place where exploitation is the only force that operates at a socioeconomic level anymore. Our American society isn’t really society in the sense of a place where people respect one another, are bonded with one another, see themselves as part of a joint endeavor. It isn’t a society even in a formal sense: Our legal system literally has no working conception of the common good, only power, Our economic system has no functioning notion of the common wealth, only profit, and our social norms and mores literally don’t value equality in any genuine sense whatsoever ( which is why, for example, black people are poorer today than at the dawn of civil rights, what the hell?). America isn’t a society at all, people aren’t together for any larger reason or higher purpose. We're only here to survive. And the only real way to survive left is to prey on someone weaker and even less fortunate than you. We Americans are going to struggle with that, all of it, because in our heads, even if we don’t know it, unconsciously, we’re still fighting a Cold War against “communism.” We can’t help it. It’s been drilled into us over and over again every day from the moment we were born. Capitalism good, communism bad! But the world isn’t so simple. And that war is over. Guess who won? Nobody did. The communists lost, sure. But so did the capitalists. American collapse mirrors and perhaps even exceeds by now, Soviet collapse. The communists failed. But so did the capitalists. But it’s up to us Americans to try to learn these lessons, finally, or keep on asking that same old question, all the way down into this abyss. “My God!! What happened to us?!!” ~T.Bone

  5. What Trump is saying is that an unpaid attorney holding no government job or foreign policy experience took control of American policy in a crucial region to the extent that diplomats in two countries spent months attempting to placate him — and did this all on his own.

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