Pressure mounts for Prince Andrew after accuser speaks out l ABC News

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, claimed she was directed to have sex with Prince Andrew several times, including while underage, according to court documents.

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43 thoughts on “Pressure mounts for Prince Andrew after accuser speaks out l ABC News

  1. These girls (women) say they were raped and abused, but they kept going back repeatedly for years, they 'recruited' other girls / women (one said she recruited 50 to 70 others), they got paid thousands $, they traveled round the world staying in mansions, but now years later they want to get famous, sell their stories, crying on TV and saying how traumatized they are??!!! And some people are stupid enough to believe this?! I’ve worked with girls who have really been raped and trafficked, they are truly traumatized, it’s sickening. But, Virginia Roberts Diuffre and her friends are an insult to those girls who have really been rape victims. They are clever women who have a one-time chance at fame and money, and are milking it as much as they can. I feel sorry for Prince Andrew with these women coming after him and the media encouraging it, for their own profit! Yes, he gave a terrible interview from being naive but he's not a bad person. These women are wicked! They were gold-digger prostitutes and they still are.

  2. What’s wrong with the Staat wtf normally this people must be in the jail and don’t have this komfort i mean this girls go to the police between 2000-06 f*cking 20 years or more the justice did nothing it makes me crazy 😡😡😡 sorry for my english i am from Germany 🇩🇪

  3. PAINFULLLLL INTERVIEW!!! HE IS DISGUSTING!!! You know the part that kills me MOST is watching the early coverage of these victims where reporters called them UNDERAGE PROSTITUTES INSTEAD OF SEX TRAFFICKED CHILDREN! That was DISGUSTING to hear them try to openly tear at these child victims when they were victimized sex trafficked children. Underage prostitutes?! BURN IN HELL TO ANYONE WHO HAD THE AUDACITY TO REPORT THESE STORIES LIKE THAT! SHAME ON YOU BEYOND WORDS! 😠😤😡


  4. Top Social Stratum's are becoming more evident lately. Royal and Political. How they are protected and avenged also. Rape, Murder, Pedophilia, and Cannibalism. The lower Stratum's seem to be pawns for their every desire. "His Royal Duties". What a joke.

  5. Why is only Andrew targetted? What about the other men involved? What about Maxwell? Very weird, one would swear Andrew was the sex trafficker, not Maxwell, the way this is portrayed in media. Or are they trying to detract from Maxwell? The fool probably thought she was into him, as I bet she didnt tell him no and pstein and maxwell is forcing her. Rather go for maxwell and then expose all the pigs who decided not to eat at home.

  6. Why is there no case opened against Maxwell? Can any citizen not open one knowing shes been trafficking underaged girls? What is wrong with America is more like it. Something fishy here about Maxwell coming off scot free.

  7. Yes, we should all read a little history, and we'd all see just what kind of families our Royal family really were and still are.
    Scandals have been swept under the royal rugs for hundreds of years, and today is no exception.
    We only need look back to the sudden deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. What are the chances of that being an accident, pretty much none, that's the view of most people, yet look how that's now forgotten about, no one was ever arrested for that, and probably never will be. But is sure worked out convenient for one family.
    Prince Andrew has lead a privileged life, and has taken advantage of everything it ever had to offer him, and I'm sure he did much the same whilst he was a guest at Epstein's many houses. Only high up members in Epstein's sordid world were invited to his private Island, Andrew had been there on several occasions.

    Andrew claims he has never met his accuser, nor to have danced with her in "Tramps" night club, or to have had sex with her on three occasions, yet, there he is, smiling from ear to ear, in a picture of him with the very girl he claims never to have met. His arm draped around her lower waist, and yet still, he claims never to have met her. Does he really expect his inability to remember that picture being taken, to be some kind of defence? Or should we simply believe him because he is so "Honorable".

    There is a video of him half hiding behind the front door of one of Epstein's houses, where Epstein had just that moment walked out the same door with a very young looking girl, and Andrew is smiling and looking very happy, while waving off yet another young girl, who is leaving the house. He even looks around to see if anyone might be watching him. Why would he be looking so concerned about anybody seeing him, unless he was not somewhere he knew he should not have been.

    He comes across, in his revealing interview, exactly how one would expect a liar to come across, and its plain to see he is trying to distance himself from and cover up a great deal more than he wishes to talk about. As long as everyone's mind is concerned with what Epstein had done, Andrew is hoping that it will take the spotlight off of him and what he has done, and that Epstein's sudden demise, will satisfy the people, and that somehow all this will go away, or be swept under yet another Royal rug.

    If this were anyone else who had been implicated to such detail, in such a sordid affair, with eye witnesses accounts and photographic evidence they would without doubt be giving that interview from a prison cell, not a palace

    As for standing back from his royal duties, that's almost laughable. He does nothing, now he can sneak away and do even less.
    What he should be doing is standing up and stepping forward, to answer questions from the FBI along with the lawyers for the accusers.
    He should be questioned and interrogated in the same manner and fashion that anyone else would be subject to these kinds of offences against children. It begins to stink of Jimmy Seville, and all his high society friends, again including royalty.

    Now it seems Buckingham palace prepare all his speeches, in an attempt to stop him talking and digging him self into a deeper hole, and one they might all slide down. Epstein is already dead and I'm sure some government agency has all the evidence, along with a little black book of secrets. With Epstein out of the picture, I'm sure most of that will remain under lock and key someplace, however Andrew himself has a case to answer for, and an accuser to face in a court of law. Why is this not already happening? Why is he still sitting on whatever estate he is hiding out on?

    As for Epstein's other partner in crime, Ghislane Maxwell, let us hope that where ever she is, if she is still alive, that she gives herself up, probably safest for her to do so in view of the world media and in a public place, or she could end up like her boyfriend, either way, its not looking good for her. Who knows what she may have to say, and do they want the world to hear it?

    Most important of all, are the victims in this ordeal. They were the poor girls, now woman, who have suffered at the hands of these predators, and that is exactly what these people are, Predators. No matter who they are, or what rank they hold, such people should be held accountable, and called to answer for their actions.

    Jimmy Saville, he got away with it all his life, he thought he was untouchable, and while he lived he was. People were shocked at first, then all the stories came flooding out. He escaped justice in life, though left his victims with life long scars.
    These people need to be apprehended while alive, and able to answer for their actions.

    Now we have Fergie, the ex wife, the outcast, who is again, almost in reach of the royal family once more, and standing by her man is perhaps the best way back in. It might be through the back door, but she'd be back in the palace, where she has so longed to be.
    This is the woman who was selling her Royal connections for money, claiming that it would, in her own words, and I quote: "Open doors"
    Her standing and solidarity with Andrew, claiming "He's the best man I know", should open up the back door wide enough for her to slip back in again.
    Now…how about this sweating issue? He could sweat okay before he was shot at in a helicopter during the Falklands conflict. Then he was not able to sweat, due to a massive dose of adrenaline. Then the press release plenty of pictures of "Randy Andy" sweating away at a night club, and without a jacket and tie. He tries to look surprised at being referred to as "Randy Andy", and "The party prince", as if its all coming as a shocking revelation to him. He reads the papers the same as everyone else, he saw all those headlines in the papers over the years, and then attempts to act surprised?

    If Andrew had got himself as much as a splinter during the Falklands conflict, it would have been big headline news. He would have been portrayed as a hero, fighting for Queen and country. It would have been a much needed feather in the royal cap. I'm sure there were many men who were shot at during that conflict, yet not one of them has ever reported or suffered such symptoms. Such a condition is extremely rare, and is not brought on by Adrenalin, and those who do suffer the condition, suffer it for life, not just now and then.
    This is another obvious lie. Perhaps his eye sight was also affected that terrible day when he was shot at in a helicopter, and this also causes him to suffer temporary blindness, and this is why he did not see all those under age girls in Epstein's houses?
    He's right there on film, smiling and waving good bye to one of them. Just how much more evidence is required, how many more sworn wittiness statements will it take before justice is carried out?…I can see a book deal in it for Fergie, she always needs the money….ha….ha

    It will be interesting to see just how far this goes.

  8. No way ! I’m not having it ! …..I’m not a Royalist by any means… only have to look at the photo of her an Andrew, she’s smiling she doesn’t look awkward, Epstein’s wife doesn’t look awkward….personally I don’t believe her !! Why wait all these years ?

  9. If Prince Andrew is so gross, why is she complaining her encounter with him didn’t last long enough? You would think she’d be happy it didn’t last very long. This girl is impossible to please. I think she liked it. I think she craves him.

    Maybe if she insults him for long enough he’ll propose marriage.

    Men don’t respond to kindness. It makes them think you’re unworthy of them. Nastiness at the basest level is how to get engaged. She may be on her way back to London.

    He’ll start thinking he has to prove he’s honorable and will die trying. Poor little broken Giuffre, maybe he will rescue her. Fix her sad broken life. Prove he’s not the man she says he is. God forbid!

    It is a sad sick day when a prostitute insists she is the standard the royal family should measure up to. I think she is completely out of her fn mind.

    I’m going to die alone with my cats.

  10. I understand what she went through as a naive teen was devastating but why is this woman only highlighting her sexual encounters with Andrew? She was with Epstein from 16-20 years old and only slept with Andrew 3 times, what about the plethora of all the other men? If I was empowered like her with the media I would be naming off every man who I slept with unwilling. Something is off here.

  11. this is also the story of a woman who’s parading herself as a victim while she herself admitted to recruiting young girls to participate in the same horrific acts she’s accusing these men of committing. Victim? Please.

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