Schumer Gives First Speech As Senate Majority Leader: ‘I Am Full Of Hope’ | NBC News

Newly-minted Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer addresses the Senate for the first time since the inauguration of Vice President Kamala Harris and the swearing-in of Democratic Senators Alex Padilla, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.
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Schumer Gives First Speech As Senate Majority Leader: ‘I Am Full Of Hope’ | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


48 thoughts on “Schumer Gives First Speech As Senate Majority Leader: ‘I Am Full Of Hope’ | NBC News

  1. this guy…couldn't give meaningful directions to the men's room….oh he knows full well where it is….people like me just don't deserve to go where he might go from time to time…..and now he's made a political ad that tries to explain how republicans want to take the vote away from black folks….what's so great is the fact he knows that's not the case and he is neck deep in a fantastic lie…..he knows, right now, that the vote was full of odd events….that would make any honest person wonder what the heck is going on… his mind he knows……if the election was so honest and without fault….doesn't it make sense that the majority leader would ask….no….demand investigation on the highest level be done……we have never had rules that you vote anytime you want…it leads to questions and wonder about how honest the election has been…..with the possible hack of computers that help in the counting of votes …… hey chuck isn't keeping a close eye on votes just the very smart thing to do….what exactly are you so afraid of chuck… comes across like you are trying to cover your rear…..are you trying to cover your rear chuck? come on buddy lets try being honest…..

  2. Just venting that biden said he would forgive studen loan debt pre election and today he said no. So here is what i have to say:
    You effing POS BIDEN for not canceling student loan debt when you use our effing money to save for free all effing illegals and daca. Its not about elite schools pos! And said you would you lying pos filthy politician. Then give the usa back its debt you and obama caused and pay it back out of your assets and your paycheck. You effing pos disgusting lying hipocrite entitled creepy racist thief pos BIDEN!

  3. Recall and impeach Schumer for coup, insurrection, and incitement.

    Kick all the traitor RION senators out of Republican Party to unify and rebuild the Republican Party.

    Biden's incitement of insurrection treason of the millions South American Illegal Immigrants to attack the south border of the USA should go to jail. No judge and impeach a US citizen, is unconstitutional to impeach Trump for the fake and false accruement from the dem Democrats

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  6. Truth justice the American way with free speech for everyone is coming back whether they like it or not very bad day for censorship as it should be great job Donald J Trump and all Americans🙂🇺🇸🇺🇸🤗🇺🇸🙂🇺🇸🇺🇸🤗

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  8. Mr Schumer let talk truth is it fair to say the Joe Biden the is grounds to be inpechement what was his son doing ear force 2 and why did Joe go abroad was was it business O vice president thing what ever it was. Ether his son had no business Beeing on the flight

  9. Solzhenitsyn explains it best. "You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the "Russian Revolution." It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators."

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