47 thoughts on “Trump unloads on Fox News as impeachment inquiry enters new phase | ABC News

  1. Long live the chosen one and the trump dynasty reign in the 4th reich forever. Yes chosen one we all are anxiously awaiting the merger of our great empires into the United States of Russia. Long live the best russian business men ever McConnell, graham , and the chosen one who got less due process than jesus christ in his cruxifiction.

  2. Bolton is upset because his power has been taken from him. Deep staters always have a chip on their shoulders. The president's power to hire and fire people is his prerogative, and deep staters hate him for it. God bless President Trump.

  3. Would the Presidents advisor Bolton be allowed to disclose any conversations he had with President Trump, while on the Presidents staff ? would'nt it be an unlawful disclosure
    It surely must be against loyalty sworn to the government and The President, to discuss with media and public, The Presidents policies and decisions, and such discussions and decisions do not go outside the Whitehouse, without the Presidents approval. If there is no such laws there should be.

  4. “Unloads”? In what journalism class do they think of these dynamic adjectives to describe unsavory assholes like Trump? YouTube seems geared towards insane racist ten year olds. Why? Because many American adults are only about that smart.😂

  5. What's hilarious is how Joe Biden is still free after confessed a REAL Quid Pro Quo (in favour of is son who received millions from the most corrupt gas company in Ukraine.)

  6. Hello my Christian friends all over the world, trump's impeachment might trigger rapture. Everyone must be at alert and prayerful because president trump is our last president before rapture. God almighty and his agendas must prevail. May our heavenly father have mercy on us amen. Peace everyone

  7. USA get ready for China they are going to destroy your economy while u argue over small stuff they have the technology and the brains and manpower to shut u completely out trump was the only one who took on China

  8. Republicans, the right, FOX friends are all suckers and fuckers. THIS is my America! Defending a liar, a cheater and a thief who stole charity put kids in jail, paid off hookers, cheats at golf, took charity for himself, took 17 million in aid for his un-damged golf course, whose friends are in prison who intimidated witnesses WHILE they were on the stand, who on live TV said "Hey, China, help us in our elections!" who tried to bribe a foreign guy to fuck with our elections. Explain how this guy is a good guy to your own kids, you fuckers. Now get back to church with the rest of your hypocrite friends. People supported Hitler. Beware!

  9. Adolf Shifty Schiff is a Complete lier And a CURRUPTABLES And Dispicable Dems are a Disgrace to America, the President A’s Done Nothing wrong full stop, investigate Biden and Son And Clinton who have Committed what there accusing the President of, Which he has not done

  10. The White House can shut down someone's PERSONAL twitter account? Thought that was an independent company. Hope that's false because that's kinda scary if the government can limit speech in personal or private space.

  11. Looking at history and the end of Julius Caesar. Caesar was not killed by a few stab wounds. Each member of the Senate cut him and the final stroke ended him so none could claim innocents. Not saying or condoning stabbing or violence but as a metaphor, the time and day may arrive when many politicians and businesses who supported Trump will cut their ties and support for Trump in a public way. As if to say they never liked the guy.
    I think it will turn.
    We may hear things such as, " We cut out ties years ago with Trump." Or, "I was part of a convert investigation on the Trump organization , and had decided months ago to cut our ties to him today." It will be interesting to see how this works out.

  12. You can tell hes shiting his pants at his speeches cuz none of what he says is true at all and his bullshit about economy is great this is great nahh its not and the sane smart people know it

  13. Your going down you and your simple minded idiot fans and supporters. They will all be cryin like bitches when you go down why? Cuz they wont ever hear the end of it from the 65 percent of the rest of us who cant stand his ass

  14. That guy actually believes the Trump administration could lock him out of his Twitter account? He's obviously out of touch. The accusation implies that Twitter is actually operated by the government. And if that's true, Im much more interested in learning more about that than why aid to Ukraine was delayed.

  15. With everything going on in the world and central banks etc. etc. etc. We have to read this impeachment garbage day after day after day.GIVE IT A BREAK. There is another world out there, it can't get through the Senate so why bother???


    the "quid pro quo" sondland said he heard was from something Guiliani set up for UKRAINE that if the call happened they could have a white house meeting (ended up meeting in New York on September 25th), THAT is the quid pro quo , Sondland THEN later denied it had NOTHING to do with the withholding of aid along with that the aid was released September 19th and still after several months have passed the Ukrainian government hasn't come back with a public statement that they where investigating the Biden's (which was apart of the alleged quid pro quo) which NEVER happened, even as of November 26th NO ANNOUNCEMENT has been made, if you need proof of ANY of this, just watch the hearings IN THEIR ENTIRETY as someone studying for a minor in political science, this shakes me to my core that the highest office in the land is having it's Impeachment abilities tested on something based strictly on hearsay, presumptions and feelings, I highly dislike trump for his loosey goose style of talking and his free will to say what he wants with no standards, but his policies while not what I liked at first HAVE been working, so all I can say is after this past month and them destroying the only Democrats I liked ( Tulsi and Yang) i'm now not just gonna vote for this guy but support him, the harsh lense he's been put under has no warrant in reality and it seems like a more Boogeyman theory.

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