‘Don’t buy that’ this week’s governor’s races are ‘reason for Trump to panic’: Nate Silver

FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver looks at what the outcome of governor’s races in Kentucky, Mississippi and Louisiana could mean for 2020.

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41 thoughts on “‘Don’t buy that’ this week’s governor’s races are ‘reason for Trump to panic’: Nate Silver

  1. Former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley told the Washington Post in an interview: "So it's hard for me to understand impeachment because what everybody's up in arms about is something that didn't happen." Yes it did. The Ukrainians are fighting in mud trenches, eating carrots and onions from wooden crates with little fire power while Russia sends in tanks and anti-aircraft missiles like the one used to shoot down the TWA Boeing 747 killing 283 passengers. Most were citizens of the Netherlands. So Republicans and Democrats in Congress determine that it is in America's best interest to give Ukraine $400,000,000 to stop Russian aggression. Trump withheld the $400,000,000 unless Ukraine agrees to dig up dirt on his opponent, Joe Biden. Trump had his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Attorney General William Barr, pressure Ukraine. The funds were held up for months. U.S. officials in Washington worried about Trump's illegal scheme. William Taylor, the top U.S. official in Ukraine, "told House investigators about a 'nightmare' foreign policy gambit in pursuit of political dirt against Joe Biden that he believed was likely to embolden Russia. He threatened to resign over it." Taylor texted Sondland from Ukraine. “I think it’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign.” After Trump received Congressional complaints, he finally gave Ukraine the money. Trump is guilty of bribery for using money that was not his for any amount of time to get a personal favor, dirt on his opponent, from a foreign government.

    Haley said, "So it's hard for me to understand…" It is clear, "It's hard for Haley to understand" a number of things. Haley says, "Impeachment is like the death penalty." No it's not. " Nothing in that transcript warrants the death penalty for the President." Nobody wants Trump dead. We just want a President that serves the interests of the American people, not his own interests. It does not "Go against the Constitution" to impeach a President or make sure his policies serve the American people. God bless Tillerson and Kelly for looking out for America.

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  3. Ho Ho Ho quid pro quo Don and the giant impeach is the worst potus his administration are so corrupt they all whining and crying so much
    no one is above the law….

  4. MSM will shut down others for being fake news, spreading conspiracies and working for putin but will get away with reporting footage's claiming to be the Turkish/Syrian conflict in Kentucky and protecting the biggest pedofile in america like it was no big deal but will make a 2hr special on Michael Jackson and his Neverland ranch lol

  5. Meanwhile, the Trump crime family has been found guilty and have admitted to stealing money from charity. You or I would be in jail, but Trump and his crime family get to buy their way out of prison with a 2 million dollar settlement. Of course he will probably use tax payer dollars or campaign donations to pay it off.

  6. When it comes time for the open hearings you can forget about ABC fact checking and trying to give their viewers a clear picture of the truth. They are lazy and give equal weight to lies, spin, obfuscation and truth. The help create the muddle, not clear it away.

  7. Why is everyone obsessed with Epstein and the covered ? The man's dead already dead as in gone no more it's a rap get it!! Half you sick bastard wish you were banging the sluts he was banging out.. again he is DEAD!!

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