Opioid trial reaches settlement l ABC News

Four out of the five companies involved in the federal opioid trial in Ohio have reached a $260 million settlement. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/32Md0OM



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35 thoughts on “Opioid trial reaches settlement l ABC News

  1. Make them pay for the production of Narcan- free to everyone- including via pharmacies. They fueled the addiction crisis. Make them at the very least pay for a lifesaving method of averting an od.

  2. Ridiculous! I call all these overdoes thinning of the herd. If you can't control what you put in your body than you reap what you sow! I

  3. There are millions and millions of patients being given opioids by their doctors for years, even decades and then with no notice stopped being given their medications leaving honest hard working members of our communities and families helpless with many turning to heroine or suicide for relief.

  4. With that much profit dont think political groups hospitals take the cash while you die. How about doctors and politicians have NOTHING to control each other. Maybe we can help people without a price tag.

  5. To everyone who calls us survivors junkies by choice…..let me give you two weeks worth of an OXYCONTIN 80 mg perscription and we will all sit back and watch the choices you make. I pray you or your loved ones NEVER have to go through opioid addiction.

  6. To see the amount of people BITCHING that they cant get any cheap oxis for their prescription now makes me sick…. you ADDICTS. 10 plus years on this shit and you cant figure out why nothing else works for your pain???? ADDICTS

  7. The major figures involved in this epidemic have blood on their hands and souls. Sadly no one is held criminally accountable. And considering the number of lives lost and destroyed, the settlement amount is pittance and a travesty of justice.

  8. It never occurred of these companies that they're producing enough of these drugs for every man woman and child in the United States that have a prescription? (Not a fact, but you know what I mean)

  9. So drop Suboxone prices for people who don't have insurance. So they can atleast live & not relapse or be scared too. The Government doesn't need to be a drug dealer, like make it affordable for people. Less junkies, & less deaths. 💯

  10. Why haven't they banned opioids? They kill waaaaay more than guns and we all know how awful guns are! They fall under hammers as well as hand and feet! But fuck those things!

  11. Want some statistics EVER SINCE the GOVERNMENT started taking PAINKILLERS off the streets & cut people off there scripts starting back in 2016
    90% of those people & others who did pills & got cut off had too or turned too OTHER STREET NARCOTICS… MOSTLY HEROIN & 99.99999% of herion is cut with fentanyl or carfentanil which has led to MORE OVERDOSES then any prescription & medication since… SOOOO WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK & it's TOO EASY to obviously blame the pharmaceutical companies & hold them reliable when in ALL reality it's OUR FUCKING Government's fault… I'm not saying anything else but look at the facts there WASN'T ANYWHERE CLOSE to the amount of overdoses before 2016 to where it's come to now….. CASE CLOSED… and come at me all the fuck you want I've buried more fucking friends today then I have no because of this epidemic & NOT ONE OF THEM overdosed on Pain Pill medications…. HEROIN IS THE GODDAMN PROBLEM….

  12. You would never "sue McDonald's because they made you fat"…

    Soooo, why does everyone want to sue the drug companies for everyone else choosing to overuse and abuse them in a way that's not intended for them to be used???

  13. What are they gonna do about the synthetic bull shit they give pain patients who actually need this crap to get through the day? Shit doesn't work and has sinister side effects. Done with it but too poor snd disabled to do shit about it.

    Can't believe that they sold out with a settlement. They coulda done so much good by making them fix their shit.

    I for one am pissed that they gave in. Money is no object to them and the blood and suffering still flows.

  14. I'm not getting any of that money even though I was personally affected as a chronic pain patient…. so I don't care. Way too light of a settlement considering the suffering and damage they caused. The government is no hero here unless some of that money can go directly to those affected

  15. Benzodiazepines continue to destroy the lives of countless people. A decade-long modern global holocaust. The tide is turning but not without mass suffering.

  16. as a chronic pain patients, I get treated like a criminal just refilling my meds. the problems are not from prescription medications but illegal drug usage. if the government keeps taking away patients medication. then they find relief elsewhere.

  17. Good maybe now we can get out original oxycontin back. Not the gel coats either. Crisis would have been less damaging had they not banned those years back

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