Diplomat says investigations tied to Ukraine aid

William Taylor testified about a link between President Trump and a campaign to pressure Ukraine to dig up dirt on the president’s political opponents.


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  1. George is a lap dog for the Clinton's this Fake news asshole of ABC is the suck ass for Bill Clinton sick people supporting the rape of Children with j. Epstein's Island and New York Mansion. a lot of people are going to be indicted on this shit big money can't buy your asses now they are comming for you.

  2. Ukraine was, up until Zelensky's recent successful anti-corruption campaign, utterly corrupt. Trump should be checking that the corruption has been removed before throwing any more US money at Ukraine. The previous Ukraine administration is also behind the "salacious and unverified" Steele dossier and attempts to meddle with the 2016 election. As President, Trump is duty-bound to investigate any corruption between high-level US and foreign officials.

  3. Nothing explosive in Taylor's testimony. Fake news, left wing ABC is lying again to its low IQ, uneducated, gullible, subscribers.

    Taylor testified that Trump withheld money from Ukraine to entice Ukraine to investigate corruption, and Ukraine interference in U.S. elections. That is perfectly legal and Trump was correct to do so.

    Taylor DID NOT testify that the funds were withheld to investigate the Bidens, nor did he confirm a Biden investigation was required for Ukraine to receive U.S. aid. Liberals are so stupid, and gullible.

  4. William Taylor thank you for your patriotism and service. Given the usual Trumpian gambit to besmirch the reputation of anyone threatening Trump with facts please prepare yourself for their deplorable onslaught upon your integrity. The Trump base will blindly believe those attacks on your integrity. Most Americans will know better and appreciate your loyalty to The Constitution of the U.S.A. Thank you Sir.

  5. Nothing old yellow belly does surprises me. He doesn't understand the Obama isn't president. He thinks Obama having a book deal and Netflix deal after he left the white House is the same as him and his bed bug inn deal. He doesn't understand that he can't fire elected officials. He thought he could fire Nancy Pelosi. He said she was no longer speaker of the house. He knows nothing of how our government works.

  6. The whistle blower is Kristeen ballsy ford…  She already knows the script.
    Was blowing the whistle from the wrong end and can't understand why the whistle fills with shittt

    Second WB is Julie sweatnic… Picked up the whistle from ballsy ford but didn't like the taste… The whistle was in a red plastic solo cup next to the punchbowl where kavanaugh was seen standing next to by someone who might have seen him.  Ava-naughty must have gotten outta jail…  Somehow this seems familiar like been there done that

    Ava-naughty then tried to blow Adam schitt's flute or whistle but as is his way…  He failed

  7. Congress should arrest those Republicans whom barged the investigation,Arrest Arrest Arrest those Violators to the Rule of Law n Respect the Constitution.Those Cowards are running out of ways to try n Keep the truth to be found.Shame.

  8. Before you smear William Taylor as a radical leftist traitor out to destroy America, consider this: William "Bill" Taylor is a Vietnam Vet (1969-1975) who served with the 82nd and 101st Airborne and was awarded the Bronze Star (valor).

  9. I think trump and people tend to forget what the term "Quid Pro Quo" actually means. According to Cornell Law School, Quid Pro Quo is Latin for "something for something." Or as
    "An exchange of acts or things of approximately equal value."
    In terms of this case: Trump wants Ukraine to investigate the Bidens to benefit his political campaign in 2020. Ukraine needs the military and foreign aid against Russia. That's service for a service , or something for something in return.
    Now, Quid Pro Quo isnt something that's an equal transaction is something to keep in mind.
    Overall, this investigation is about whether this exchange is constitutional and worthy of impeachment.

  10. The Democrats know the only possible way they can win the election against Trump is if they don’t have to face Trump, so they’re doing everything within their power to try and remove him by any and every way possible. ( Russia Russia Russia, or Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine) before the election. Cowards! They can’t win an election fairly they always have to try and cheat. The people want trump just look at these rallies you’re destined to lose. For the good of the nation vote TRUMP 2020!!!

  11. Oh yeah we believe you ABC. You could say what ever you want the fact to you reported a fake video of Syria the other week and it ended being from a Oklahoma gun range. And now you expect to believe what you say. Yeah miss me with this bs please

  12. What makes this guy's testimony any more credible? This is all assumptions and hearsay, nothing concrete. If there's so much evidence and if the POTUS is so corrupt how come nothing that sticks comes out?

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