Mick Mulvaney admits quid pro quo with Ukraine

The White House acting chief of staff said President Trump ordered him to withhold military aid in part to pressure Ukraine to investigate Democrats.


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43 thoughts on “Mick Mulvaney admits quid pro quo with Ukraine

  1. “THE LATEDT BOML SHELL”!! OMG!!!! This is what they do…. Quid pro quo is not some crime. It happens ALL THE TIME! Sanctions are “QPQ”! EXTREME CORRUPTION in UKRANE. Mulvaney explained that…. they were investigating Berisma on their own. Just like Trump said there was “talk about some meddling with our Election and also that Ed something about the BIDENS and Buresma! If he wasn’t running for Pres. do they think he shouldn’t know if the man running committed some REAL Illeagsl QPQ for personal reasons? He was acting as the President, not a “Candidate”. And why shouldn’t Congress be Concerned about be Biden after all that’s what they’re trying to Impeach the President on AND remove him from office????

  2. There scared for there all involved even bolton mulvaney not trustworth. there was no pressure how much was mulvaney paid schiff get money from ukraie ukraine burisma holding looking for nancys son massive fraud. Dems made a Mockery out of the constituion..stop this sham and start arresting some of the dems trump2020.

  3. Lindsay Grahm after being told Mulvaney accidentally spilled the beans at a press conference replies with "…I don't know what that means". Of course he doesn't know how anyone working closely with Trump would tell the press the truth. Grahm needs to understand that Mulvaney is new to being dishonest all the time. That's something Grahm and especially Trump do so often that it's second nature to them.

  4. That was not quid pro…! He said they were holding up the money due to an investigation… This was THE US internal and was not communicated to the Ukrainian government as a threat for quid pro quo.

  5. The event he was talking about happened in 2016. It was just after they lost a BILLION dollars! As a president don't you think he should have wanted to know more before giving any more tax payer money? See YT video Ukraine: The Democrats' Russia and watch 33 min to 43.

  6. It does happen all the time. Look at Joe Biden admitting it live on camera that he withheld $1 billion in aid unless Ukraine fired their top prosecutor who just so happened to be investigating the company that Joe Biden's son was on the board making millions of dollars. Joe brought that on himself, and his son for bragging about it for all to see. Are you still laughing Joe? When the hammer falls, and US Federal Prosecutor John Durham starts bringing charges is going to be a great eye opener for taxpayers to see how our tax money was used for corruption beyond the scope of any other investigation. Spring to early summer is going to be great. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/strong-paper-trail-has-john-durham-investigating-the-months-before-mueller-appointment

  7. So where's the admission that makes this an offense?
    Where did he say he wanted a prosecutor fired or they weren't getting 1.6 Billion. Sorry wrong QPQ…

    Notice BIDEN was NOT mentioned in your SUPPOSED admission??

    You people are FUCKING HILARIOUS !!

  8. There was a "Quid Pro Quo" with "sleepy Joe Biden" to fire the investigator of his son Hunter Biden of Burrisma corruption!
    Not President Donald J. Trump!!!

  9. Trump as president has the right to order investigation into corruption in Ukraine. They “LOST” $7 Billion we gave them which was never found. There’s evidence of Ukraine meddling in our last election.
    There was no quid pro quo. There was demand for a commitment to fight corruption.
    So they don’t LOSE more money we are going to give them.


  10. Did you investigate person/country X for this quid pro qup aid?….Well we do this all the time investigating ABCD…XYZ in possible corruption (implying not a quid pro quo for person/country X specifically)…..omg he just admitted they investigate X quid pro quo.

  11. “So Mick (Mulvaney) said what you all all are saying?”


    “Well, I don’t know anything about that.”

    Shut the fuck up, you scumbag piece of shit, Graham. You know exactly what’s happening, and you’d rather side with your own party and protect them, than uphold the law.

  12. Nice edit/hatchet job again ABC. Are you still mad about the President calling out the phony war footage you trodded out on the American public? I see through this as easily as others could see the cell phones recording at the Kentucky gun range. You might want to rethink the side you have chosen. Your deceptions are not likely to go unpunished when your treacherous participation in the great conspiracy is revealed.

  13. Stupid Brainless Lindsey Graham can't even comprehend what Freezing Ukrainian aid until you Investigate the Democrats even means. Yet he was definitely thinking "Stupid Mulvaney" and that's always a correct thought. Mulvaney never actually said Quid Pro Quo…really? So here's the door opening to all Blackmailers (Go Righteous Gemstones). It's not blackmail if you don't use the word blackmail. This wasn't bribery because I never actually said bribe. If these two are of the smartest people in North and South Carolina then WTF Carolinas? We all have a person in our extended families that we would never ask advice of because they wouldn't understand the question. Lindsey Graham is that person, stop electing him. Mulvaney is of no consequence, he either has to quit or suffer great embarrassment while holding Trump's Tiny Hand.

  14. Yup!  Those inconvenient, bothersome, stupid, BS facts just keep coming… TREATY WITH UKRAINE. MESSAGE from THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. To the Senate of the United States:

    With a view to receiving the advice and consent of the Senate to ratification, I transmit herewith the Treaty between the United States of America and Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters.  The Treaty is one of a series of modern mutual legal assistance treaties being negotiated by the United States in order to counter criminal activities more effectively. The Treaty should be an effective tool to assist in the prosecution of a wide variety of crimes. The Treaty is self-executing.  It provides for a broad range of cooperation in criminal matters.

    I have the honor to submit to you the Treaty Between the United States of America and Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters.  The Treaty covers mutual legal assistance in criminal matters. 

    Article 1 sets forth a non-exclusive list of the major types of assistance to be provided under the Treaty, including taking the testimony or statements of persons; providing documents, records and other items of evidence…

    Article 2 provides for the establishment of Central Authorities and defines Central Authorities for purposes of the treaty. For the United States, the Central Authority shall be the Attorney General…

    The White House, November 10, 1999.

    William J. Clinton. 😂😂😂


  15. If Mulvaney had stated there was a quid pro quo, don't you think the liberal news media would have taken the time to quote him, rather than rely on yet another tiresome Bull-Schiff "parody?"  To bad the left rely upon urban dictionaries and progressive paraphrasing.  Not a single person can articulate the legal definition of quid pro quo as the Supreme Court defines it in the Hobbs Act.

    "In order to show a violation of 18 USC 1951 the Supreme Court held "the Government need… show a public official (ie. extorter) has obtained a payment…"  😂


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