Rep. Hoyer Delivers Closing Remarks Before House Votes On Second Impeachment Of Trump | NBC News

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer delivered closing remarks before the House votes on the second impeachment of President Trump. He condemned the Capitol riot as an “assault on democracy” and praised Rep. Liz Cheney for voting to impeach.
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Rep. Hoyer Delivers Closing Remarks Before House Votes On Second Impeachment Of Trump | NBC News


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48 thoughts on “Rep. Hoyer Delivers Closing Remarks Before House Votes On Second Impeachment Of Trump | NBC News

  1. Congress immediately blamed Trump for riot without evidence or proof. Congress must be investigated. Why hasn't Congress investigated riots in Democrat lead States and put a stop to them? I smell a rat. Trump did and said nothing wrong Period. Blameshifting is a psychological game being played here it seems.

  2. Speaker Pelosi and the House made us proud by voting to impeach this unhinged, lawless president for a second time. I only wish the Senate would commit to holding a trial before January 20th so the pages of history could forever record that Trump was removed from the White House. At the very least, a trial and conviction must still occur so Trump is prevented from ever being able to run for or hold office again, and to send a clear message to future generations that his heinous actions were punished

  3. As a Canadian watching I was so completely wowed by his speech. He was so educated so informed so eloquent and he spoke so well resonating with so many people. Sad that your Democrats understand and have the same values but appears that the Republicans in your countries have no soul

  4. I just think it's really Sad that the lady who died supported one of the same conspiracies as the people who killed her. Has no one watched V for Vendetta recently? Ideas are bulletproof but we aren't. We can die for something worth fighting for or die for something we were told to believe in. This is just so sad that people's misguided beliefs have taken lives and affected thousands of others.

  5. If you believe in our constitution, then you may not impeach a president when there has been no high crime. Trump never incited anything. Trump spoke of a peaceful protest. PEACEFUL, that was his word. "Fighting" for the right is a standard rhetorical term. Now Kamala Harris did speak as to incite BLM to riot more, endorsing their riots.

  6. Pence could have done 2 things: 1) He could have obeyed US CODE 3 which says that he is to open ALL PURPORTED certificates! He did not open the Trump elector certificates. 2) He did not appoint a Ted Cruz type teller #3 who would have opened AZ GA MI & PA; then declared that the Biden electors were irregular & not authentic as based on defiance of state legislature voting rules & voter fraud. Then it would have been Democrats doing the (losing) objections.

  7. Dawg you got me inspired! For 4yrs now, politics have been invading my social media page, I need a vacation, but I see now trump and his supporters won't let me take one. I'm hoping President Biden and this congress make what you're saying heard loud and clear

  8. Stop the steal? Thats called projection! These people are traitors to this country and they are going to get hauled off for treason! I couldn't figure out why if trump had evidence of election fraud why they didn't do anything. But come to find out He had to let the election get stolen, and had to allow the HIGH CRIME of treason to fully play out. Now the crime is complete. Now they are going to get hauled off for treason! Buckle down America brace for impact! We are in for a giant ride. Over 100,000 sealed federal indictments across the country right now! Weinstein and Nexium are only 2 of those sealed indictments! Who's next'ium! ; )

  9. Please help me Am a 71 year old former Marine I have always voted republican based on Abortion alone. Can you recommend any over the counter medicine to help me transition to socialism and help me forget the 3-4 thousand unborn children we MURDER every day in the US thank you for your time ^

  10. Why isn't the FBI investigating or raiding Soros and the Democrat party (they created and paid for Antifa and BLM groups to terrorize our nation and dress up as Trump supporters!) Mitch and Pelosi (who wanted to frame Trump supporters and prevent the voter fraud information from coming out during the electoral vote count) and mayor Browser (whose cops practically begged and directed the crowd in)!! If our FBI fails to hold these people responsible, we must denounce and break away from the U.S. to form a perfect union. We can't allow corrupt institutions or corrupt people at the top to destroy our country.

  11. You congress have a blind eye when it comes to that attack. The ones who attacked did so not for an election or trump. They did so because of your actions against the American people. If you don't look at yourselves and your actions and help the homeless n starving in AMERICA. Instead of pork spending. I fear that group of rebellion will grow far larger than your closed minds can comprehend.

  12. I just got goosebumps from Rep Hoyer. I applauded the inspired words of the Senator. Please, All True Americans, watch your backs and remember to turn the other cheek because the Capitol Terrorists have no conscience; they have proved that and the fact that facts mean nothing to these people. So stay safe, my American friends your Aussie friends

  13. Neo-Marxist realities are already in full possession of the USA – the hitherto bastion of freedom and republican democracy. The tragedy is that many thoughtless and so-called useful idiots believed that it was all for their good. Right-wing conservatives, who make up the vast majority, are stuck in hibernation. One day, because of their own inaction, they will cry bitterly, but it will be too late. The specter of totalitarianism is approaching us. As we can see, neither Bolshevism nor Hitlerism taught us anything.

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