The Death of a Playmate l 20/20 l PART 2


After Paul Snider convinced Stratten to pose nude, her photos were sent to Playboy’s Great Playmate Hunt contest. She went to Los Angeles for test shots. She didn’t win, but the magazine was wowed.

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47 thoughts on “The Death of a Playmate l 20/20 l PART 2

  1. I get so upset just knowing that she was so naive despite what she thought she knew ….
    She wasnt ready for the predators
    Yes she was of age but psychologically she wasnt more than a young girl …
    Perhaps book smart intelligent but not corrupted so her mind functioned on that premise … she saw the world scary but she was good so the world would be good to her never seeing the predators right there in front of her 💔💔 I have 2 daughters 21 22 and despite them being very much more mature and aware of the world we live in theres that grief they can be taken advantage of because the thoughts of your youth are always immature without wisdom of years add physical beauty to that and youre a huge 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯

  2. P. S., Yes She Was With A Pimp, Who Was The One Who Took Her Life Not Playboy or Hugh Hefner! She had just Graduated From High School and After Working Four Years At A Dairy Queen To Help Her Mom!! Just Give Her A Break She Was Young, And Naive !!! She Was Being Hustled By A Filthy Ass Pig 🐖 Who Controlled Her, Just Kind Of Like I Was Controlled!! Amen 🙏!

  3. Women can say other women r beautiful but then we get shamed saying we’re all gay because we think other women r beautiful! She was absolutely gorgeous! Just please god let her rip!!! Amen 🙏!

  4. The dark side of the ‘70s decadence and hedonism gave way to the coming Reagan era and the tragic AIDS epidemic. When I think of Max Baer, I think of porn and lies about dating Sharon Tate (who was dating a beautiful but abusive French actor at the time). Hefner and Peter were predatory types who objectified Dorothy, too.

  5. Bogdanovich is such a disgusting pervert. He's always went after underage girls. Stratten was MARRIED and 21 years younger than him. Then after her death what does he do? Grooms her 12 year old sister to be his next wife! Bogdanovich and Hefner are just as disgusting as Snider.

  6. They always talk about her being so innocent, gorgeous, etc. She was a fatherless child groomed to be a sex object and died at the hands of a violent abuser. She never had a chance to be "innocent" and her beauty was a curse, not a blessing in the predatory world she lived in.

  7. Hugh had a deep seated hatred of women for the betrayal of one woman. He went to Europe in WW2 as a virgin and came back a virgin. His fiancee however fooled around on him while he was there and admitted it when he came back. He said he forgave her, but he didn't. After that, it was all about revenge.

  8. I was invited to the Playboy Mansion to test as a playmate. I thought I would just go, have photos taken then leave with a bag of money and little bit of fame and therefore would no longer have to wait on tables in order to pursue my career dreams as artist. Their interest in me was probably enhanced by my having done portraits of S.F. Mayor George Moscone and California Lt. Governor Mervyn Dymally. Bill Cosby was at the door just waiting for the next new arrival, me. He had brought with him, as a guest of his, an airline stewardess and of course he had a wife. I wasn't interested in him for those reasons alone. There were women, playmates and prospective playmates, there that were more beautiful (prior to the common plastic surgery of today) then I thought people were. Dorothy Stratten was one of them; she had a quiet (like a quiet aura, if you will) beauty about her. One thing that struck me early on at the first party there that I attended was an extraordinarily beautiful girl was sitting in a corner, sort of in a slight state of shock and sorrow, and everyone was ignoring her. Intuitively, this told me something. Another incident, after many of my clothes were stolen from my room in the mansion (with "Deep Throat" actor Harry Reems' room on one side, Bill Cosby's on the other and across from a short hallway to Hef's room), it was suggested during breakfast that I go to Rodeo Drive and get some new beautiful clothes. When I said I could not afford to shop at Macy's, much less Rodeo Drive, a number of persons looked at me incredulously and exclaimed, "You don't need money!" On another occasion, also during breakfast with around 6 others I asked what time it was. The response by a couple of them was something like, time! what does time matter? In the dining room was a painting by Salvador Dali titled "A Woman Sodomized by Her Chastity." In front of Hef's room was what was referred to as a bronz butt, but was actually a sculpture of the top half of a penis where one could leave little notes to Hef in the slit at the top. In the hallway was a cabinet filled with figurines of couples copulating in all sorts of positions. Late at night I would hear running around in an upstairs attic, or floor. Being pitifully naive I asked a former playmate what the deal was because the process was taking a rather long time among other indications that all was not what I had assumed and came for; they get to take beautiful pictures of me to appear in their magazine and in return I leave and go on to become a rich and famous artist. She described a circumstance that would unfold in the cave-like hot tub with Hef, Sandra (his most frequent girlfriend then), another man and me that that was to include the women together sexually. She said if I go along with the foursome I would wake up the next morning to find a diamond watch on my bureau. Sure enough, soon after we had that conversation I was invited by a friend of Hef's (who I had hooked up with for safety) to go to the hot tub and events began to unfold just as she described. Needless to say, there was no diamond watch on my dresser the next morning. Many of the girls there seemed to comfortably fit right in, reveI even, in this environment. However, it was not at all suited to my personality. I was initially given a two-way plane ticket and flew home to unemployment and even greater poverty, and fewer clothes, than when I had arrived. I've always felt that I never walked out of the Playboy Mansion able to get on with my life completely independent of them. It probably was not one of my better career advancement ideas.

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