Democratic candidates debate: Addressing immigration and equality l ABC News


Univision’s Jorge Ramos asks the candidates how they plan to re-write immigration laws. READ MORE:

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20 thoughts on “Democratic candidates debate: Addressing immigration and equality l ABC News

  1. 1:35 "surge to the border" well they are Joe and now we have a crisis worse than ever before. And you just open the cages back up again, the ones Obama implemented and now the difference is there are so many people they stations are at 1000% capacity. Joe, its on you, every single child, every single woman, every single man, trafficked by coyotes, forced to be mules by the cartels, used to get across the border and left to die in the desert, trafficked into sex work, for families desperate for the American dream and encouraged to "surge" the border and blanket statement to somehow magically make 11 million citizens which is something you as President have zero power to do, these people don't know this but you did , but it gives you political power, it allows you to use them and their desperation, to redraw the seat of power in parties favor through the census and their voting families hope.

    You love a class of people, stuck in limbo, a working class with no voice, that your party just exploits with no empathy for the people your party has encouraged to come here illegally for decades, now with the lies they will become citizens. Its a never ending cycle of encouragement, exploitation, another round of amnesty for voters, while the border is never closed, so the numbers will grow again over the decades and then fresh calls of amnesty in 2050. Its wrong. It was supposed to be fixed when Reagan did it and again when Bush did it.

    The suffering needs to stop but it won't because its disgusting career politicians like Joe who want a underclass living in America. So their corporate buddies, hiring for low wages so they can profit it and not hire Americans and pay a fair wage. Its gross.

    And racists who say things like "who will cut your grass, do your laundry, be your nannies?"

    Thats all they are to you? You people are racists.

    Let it sink in, you think its okay to have people with no voice to work for low wages in fear, with zero chance to better their station, and all the money the illegal employers are saving are profit but if these people were citizens they could get jobs that allows them to come out of the shadows and then the employers would have to follow the law and pay legal wages. Thats 11 millions of American jobs being worked BY CITIZENS OF FOREIGN NATIONS, while the Americans are on welfare. Its simple supply and demand. The Dems get what they want. The appearance of no jobs, so they keep people married to the government, which allows bigger government to guarantee their job. All while lining their pockets.

    Biden wanted a surge. He got it and us…the poor, the people outside the system, the victims of smuggling, the victims of trafficking, the pawns in their gerrymandering, their subjects for the narrative that suffer. 47 years he had to fix it, 8 as VP but now he has the solution. He just says what he needs to, he lies about HUMANS in cages and says what the voters want to hear to get elected, even if causes more people to come and be victims, but he got elected.

    Now its all as it should be, the supply is open (thats people), the 11+ million are living and working in the shadows, the Americans don't have jobs, the cronnies have their serfs and their profits, the cartels and coyotes have their mules, the pimps have their sex workers, the dreamers have their promises and the cans been kicked so this miserable, disgusting enterprise will continue and be primed for the next election cycle.

    Yep, Joe 47 years of business as revolting as usual.

  2. Obama and Biden Built the Cages! The moderator is making lying statements about President Trump to throw in his digs on the way he is asking the question. Any true LEADER will state his plan of action, rather then put the current president down in order to make themselves shine! The Professionals call that an inferiority complex..!

  3. Warren (and others) believe that climate change is one the greatest threats facing humanity, but at the same time she advocates INCREASING immigration into the US, which will increase carbon emissions! WTF?

  4. How many immigrants he is going to deport this time? Biden and Obama deported 3 million people during their administration . Obama, Schumer, H Clinton, Joe Biden Dianne Feinstein Ron Wyden, Robert Bird Barbara Boxer and 19 other democrats voted in favor of building the wall in the 2006 Secure Fence Act 613 miles of fence were build during the two years left of Bush administration and 8 years of Obama Biden Administration.

  5. Si va a juicio Trump nos darán la reforma migratoria?
    Se unirá el país de nuevo?
    Pondrán mano dura a las dictaduras?
    Obras No palabras Biden 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑

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