Officials Say One Person Has Been Shot Inside The Capitol By Law Enforcement | NBC News

NBC’s Pete Williams reports that law enforcement officials say one person has been shot by a member of law enforcement inside the U.S. Capitol as protesters are inside the building.
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Officials Say One Person Has Been Shot Inside The Capitol By Law Enforcement | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


36 thoughts on “Officials Say One Person Has Been Shot Inside The Capitol By Law Enforcement | NBC News

  1. Russian riots and thousands are arrested…

    US riots and and a couple of hundred are id'd after broadcasting selfie videos.

    Treason and killing 6 people is less of a crime in the US than being black eating subway sandwiches.

    Inciting murderous riots is acceptable in the US. Democrats and the families of those murdered need to move on?

  2. Pinky power and colonial cronyism are the world's biggest threats, both domestically and internationally..

    Capitol police suffered brain injuries, smashed spinal cords, cracked ribs, eye injuries, stabbings and 6 related deaths.

    The world already associates the US with racism, school shootings, invasions, riots, stupidity and lying.

    Treasonous Traitor Trump deserves a multiple life jail sentence for each of the six murders. RIP Brian Sicknick.

  3. Churchill's "We shall fight them on the beaches" speech was made at the UK Parliament House of Commons on 4 June 1940..

    6 June 1944 four years later, Churchill was nowhere to be seen on the beaches of Normandy.

    Traitor Trump's "We're gonna walk down Pennsylvania Avenue and we're going to the Capitol" speech was made at the white house.

    6 January 2021 Traitor Trump and his family hid in the white house bunker watching the riots and the 6 murders he incited on TV..

  4. Strange, when a man or a woman dies in a black lives matter rally, either in confrontation with the police or in result of looting, the american tv channels immediately find out the person's name… and almost immediately we start hearing ´´say his name or say her name“.
    now it's just a woman…
    an outcast… someone of minor importance… is if she made a cardinal sin…
    A sin supported by republicans and democrats in Hong Kong, Venezuela etc etc.
    In the end, it's just politics… she wasn't armed and they don't even speak of an inquiry or responsibility… maybe it's her own fault, RIGHT?

  5. All honest good hard-working Americans deserve an honest election, if they don't get it ????? then there will be a Civil war, and rightly so. The people of the USA need to take back their constitutional rights which is what made America great…..

  6. This is a political game. From tomorrow, the Democrats will take a line against Trump and talk about democracy. Western media call the rioters in Iran, China and Syria as protesters, but in America, riots are called against the country !!! Evil dual politics

  7. I just want to go on record and say, the Police officers involved in this shooting is TOTALLY innocent regardless of circumstances….just like every time a Black person who shot by police.

  8. All these pig-head liberals displaying their fatuity here, where were u all in the last 4yrs that Blm and Antifa almost take over this nation. Blame this on yourselves and the entire depraved liberal medias.

  9. Evil has free reign. Women keep getting abortions even thru this pandemic, churches restricted while alcohol stores n gambling establishnents are wide open, politicians keep making deals that benefit themselves and you have a man who calls himself a Preacher giving a Blasphemous opening Prayer in Congress to false Gods. This is the end result. And it'll only get worse under the rule of Democrats who support the shedding of innocent blood. This Nation has fallen into the hands of murders, liars, thieves and enemies of The Cross. Judgement awaits This Generation of The Fig Tree!

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