Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers speak out on alleged sexual abuse in court l ABC News

Nearly two dozen accusers shared what they allegedly experienced on the alleged sex trafficker’s private Caribbean island; many mentioned his associate Ghislaine Maxwell, who has denied wrongdoing. READ MORE:

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41 thoughts on “Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers speak out on alleged sexual abuse in court l ABC News

  1. Ch.Davis was NOT VICTIM.Jumped in wagon
    When Epstien died. She is
    One of several dozens
    ADULT women who
    Served Epstien sexually
    For money, several years.
    She was in love with him
    Up to her eyeballs , adored and dreamed of
    Him. Was delighted whenever he wanted her
    To stroll under him.After
    He " raped" her, continued
    To sex with him for money and even set up
    Her sister to be " raped"
    Unscrupulous hustler,
    0 moral caracter.

  2. Bunch of ex pros gone wild supported by greedy lawyers,
    Ambulance chasers. In the beginning media exaggerated
    And made it sensation and than stopped. Because is BS.
    By now, everyone knows that.

  3. Virginia Roberts should face charges as well all her complaints reveal she was a big part as well. Ya what happened to her when she was 17 is wrong but she did turn 18 had every chance in the world to tell on him. Now all they want is a part of that money while she was living it up running with epstein and Maxwell she is phoney as can be. All about the publicity now. What a joke

  4. That’s what the “Zionist intelligence mass media pentagon industrial complex” wants you to believe… that he is dead… it’s a lie and all MSM outlets are following that same narrative… “is he murdered….is be suicided” argue and exhaust yourselves over that.. think about it…

  5. That’s what the “Zionist intelligence mass media pentagon industrial complex” wants you to believe… that he is dead… it’s a lie and all MSM outlets are following that same narrative… “is he murdered….is be suicided” argue and exhaust yourselves over that.. think about it…

  6. Author Arthur Henry King and others have warned parents to “arm” their children with truths. He states:
    “Today, we are living in a world that, having gone down from religious principles, is looking for an escape. That is why we have drugs and gambling. . . They are a substitute. They are a means of being able to endure a life that is unendurable outside the gospel. My own experience is that life is unendurable outside the gospel. That is the kind of thing that we have to get home to our young people.”

    “. . . It is not possible to live at the level that the Lord requires except through religion. Leave a society to act on the moral level, and it will decline as society in the West during the last two hundred years has declined.”

  7. Exploitation in different forms

    At INTERPOL, we work to ensure police are trained and equipped to identify and investigate cases of human trafficking in all its forms, including:

    For forced labour or domestic servitude;

    For sexual exploitation;

    For forced criminal activities, such as begging, pickpocketing or online crime;

    For the removal of organs.

    Protecting children

    Minors are particularly vulnerable to trafficking, as they are more easily manipulated and often don’t realize they are the victims of crime. Some may feel they are being protected by their so-called employers, particularly if they are given meals and accommodations.
    INTERPOL recognizes the crucial role played by child protection units, social services and NGOs in our member countries. We regularly engage and involve them in our activities to ensure children are given the proper attention and care throughout investigations and operations.

    INTERPOL's response to human trafficking

    We strive to empower police in our member countries to investigate and handle cases of human trafficking. This is done via:

    Training: building long-term capacity by sharing the latest investigation and victim interview techniques with officers;

    INTERPOL’s policing capabilities and expertise: tools and systems for sharing intelligence globally;

    Global operations: concrete action in the field to disrupt and dismantle human trafficking networks;

    Partnerships: working across sectors to improve the ways in which trafficking can be identified, reported and investigated;

    Events and conferences: gathering experts from across the world;

    Specialist groups which focus on frontline police work and the exchange of operational information;

    Resources: covering general information, international legislation, and law enforcement guides and manuals.

    Human trafficking vs. people smuggling

    Closely connected to human trafficking is people smuggling, or smuggling of migrants.
    In this case, smuggling networks facilitate the illegal entry of an individual into a country of which he is neither a citizen nor a permanent resident. Although migrants can fall vulnerable to human trafficking, generally speaking, once the smuggler has been paid, the relationship between the migrant and the smuggler ends.

  8. And where were these young woman's parents when they were supposedly having sex with an older man that that was my daughter I would have busted their asses all they're doing is they want money money money that's all it ever is about that's why they're making a big spill about it

  9. Wow, he was a billionaire? Pimping for the rich must be profitable.
    I like to go back in time when I was in high school and rather than being a moral teen, let some of these men have their way with my ass.
    A few ruthless lawyers and I can cash in now. Better than having bought Apple stocks.

  10. When Jack was a sailor he crused up and down. Two ship mates had gone missing and it was time to sail, We were in Bremen Germany, Just a skip and a jump to Hamberg and st Powlys Der Reperbaun,
    The den keepers were Freindly and did not make a fuss, It was the teen aged prostitutes caused all the bother. Nothing has changed.

  11. For someone like HRH Prince Andrew who has been trained since childhood how to walk, talk, think, and present themselves in public, (IMO) his public statements of denial are so strained, awkward and incredibly measured, and yet so deeply embedded with indications of disgeniousness that it's astounding anyone believes him. In contrast, the Duke of York's accuser and indeed all of the accusers of Jeffery Epstein and Ms. Ghislaine Maxwell, while clearly emotionally wounded, and deeply humiliated, are nonetheless disarmingly open, candid and straightforward, showing no indications of mendacity or misrepresentation. I know that Great Britain's Royals have survived many scandals, and are a damned tough bunch, but as pride goes before a fall, so does hubris and arrogance. Wasn't Edward the 7th's son, the Duke of Clarence believed to have been such a creepy preverted sort of chap that he was at one time a possible suspect in the Jack The Ripper murder. With no paparazzi or social media in those days I imagine it is highly doubtful that anyone could have gone against the Royals without being crushed like a Palmetto Bug on a Florida sidewalk in the summertime.

  12. "The outrage here in NY."
    Yes, I feel the outrage.
    How these whores could compare themselves to real victims of sex trafficking.
    Girls locked in basements, kidnapped from their families compared
    to these whores smiling in photos and shopping at Tiffany's.

  13. What were those poor darlings doing in whore house situations? Why were not in schools? They must have been kidnapped. Take by force. And there was no one to call for help. The police did not want to know. They were shooting unarmed black people.

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