Fact Checking Trump’s Phone Call With Georgia’s Secretary Of State | NBC News NOW

President Trump made several baseless claims about the 2020 election during his hourlong call with Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. NBC News’ Ben Collins debunks the president’s claims.
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Fact Checking Trump’s Phone Call With Georgia’s Secretary Of State | NBC News NOW


Author: phillyfinestnews


34 thoughts on “Fact Checking Trump’s Phone Call With Georgia’s Secretary Of State | NBC News NOW

  1. A fact check that denies the entire context of the conversation isn't really a fact check, now is it? I cannot believe you would leave this video up AFTER Trump released the entire conversation, where anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together can hear what he was asking for. But then again, anyone who believes getting news through a multimillion dollar corporation, won't want the truth – they just want short segments confirming their bias.

  2. The concept of the Republicans trying to separate themself from Trump,
    those that attack the Capital are the Trumpers, were the
    Republicans. No, not this time it's not going to work, THE GOP/RNC/The
    Republican Party the blame is on you, The Increase of Hate Groups within
    the Law Enforcement, the Increase of white nationalist within America
    is all on you.

    Right now as we speak, Blaze TV/AMERICAS
    VOICE/OAN/THE FIRST/ FOX NEWS are letting their Trump supporters know
    what they did was okay and hiding their Terrorist Propaganda within free
    speech Patriotism and Christianity.

    Nobody is doing anything about it. If you are not with them you will be labeled as an enemy.
    With this in mind, Trump will not go to jail and Walk away from all of this free as a bird.

    None of us are safe.

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  4. The GOP has attempted to steal this election in every way possible. The GOP has: 1) tried disenfranchising voters, 2) tried to slow the post office, 3) blocked bills that would better insure a fair election, 4) blocked bills that would prevent foreign interference, 5) got help from Russia again, 6) attempted to get help from the Ukraine, 7) attempted to stop the counting of the votes, 8) created conspiracy lies to claim fraud, 9) disrupted the counting, 10) attempted to override the will of the people, 11) holding bogus and fake hearings to hide the fact that they had no proof of fraud in court, 12) limited the number of election collection ballot boxes to inconvenience voters, 13) trying to cause riots, 14) threatening election officials who refused to help them steal the election, 15) changing election dates, 16) encouraging Republican voters to vote more than once, 17) misinforming the voters, 18) attempting to buy votes, 19) attempting to persuade electors to be unfaithful to the voters, 20) attempting to send their own electors to override the faithful electors, 21) illegal voter purges, and now 22) some in the GOP are actually calling for a military coup to override the American people.
    Anyone can expect this tyrannical, unconstitutional and criminal behavior from Trump and his anti-American, democracy hating supporters. But who knew so many in the GOP would turn out to be as traitorous and anti-American as traitor Trump and his traitorous supporters. But they are, so in order to rebuild the foundations that this nation was founded on, true Americans need to vote out those GOP commies in the next election. It is absolutely ridiculous that the GOP claims fraud when it is the GOP that has attempted every possible election fraud criminals can think of.

  5. Trump supporters think prophet…
    Trump thinks profit…
    He's bleeding his supporters dry and they're letting him. If they ever wake up, God help Trump cause they'll turn on him like he did the Republicans and there will be no where he can hide.

  6. Your fake news has to learn to move on and stop being bully. Aren't you tire and bore repeating yourself time after time? GA SS Brad is a cry baby and a CCP slave. He and the GA governor must be shaken in their shoes to take this desperation on the leaking of the tape. They know President Trump knows their involvement in this fraud election and they just saw a lifetime of jail times flashing in front of their eyes that is why they leaked the tape to the fake media and know the fake media will twist the tape to fit their own narrative to fool the public to shift their attention to President Trump instead of them so they can continue to appear as the good guys and get away with their crimes. We all know by now that if Brad is not afraid and so sure that the GA election is without fraud why not comply with President Trump and allow the forensic audit done on the machines and ballots in the first place? According to Brad, President Trump has called him many times to work together and prove whether there is or not any fraud involved but Brad stated that he refused them all so what does this tells about him, a liar, an American traitor, a despicable person, low life, no conscious, no integrity, and a very very weak person with no spine at all. What do desperate people do when they know they will get caught, take desperate measures and this is what Brad just did. He knows that this might be his last chance to hide his crimes but we shall see? In conclusion, nothing gain by leaking this tape except showing to the world that Brad is an embarrassment to the Republican party, has no spine, a cry baby, an American traitor, and a CCP slave. AMEN!

  7. Of course you don't play the entire call so people who don't educate themselves believe your warped reports. Stop lying and giving your opinion. Report news as facts. We don't care about your opinion. Please go back to the basics of what news was supposed to be.

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