‘The Clinton Affair’ – FBI First Questions Monica Lewinsky | Premieres on November 18 on A&E

A&E’s The Clinton Affair begins Sunday, November 18 at 9pm ET/PT. In this clip from the documentary, Monica Lewinsky and Former Associate Independent Counsel Bruce Udolf discuss the FBI’s first meeting with her on January 16, 1998.
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35 thoughts on “‘The Clinton Affair’ – FBI First Questions Monica Lewinsky | Premieres on November 18 on A&E

  1. This lady fell in love with a married man, a man she KNEW was married, and actively flirted with him and did all she could to get his attention. And now she acts like an innocent victim. Heck, you listen to her speak and you get the sense she STILL has a crush on Bill Clinton, even after all these years.

  2. Sorry but look at the facts here, it takes two to tango. She knew he was married. She did this full knew it was wrong.
    Was the President wrong yes 100%. He even lied under oath. Wrong, wrong, wrong. But you just dismiss what Monica did and claim she's a victim. She is an accessory to the president infidelity and she is partly to blame. lets to forget that.

  3. All I can say is it takes two . How ever I love her good for u at least u sed sorry. Hey nothing wrong with what happen . Look at what Hillary Clinton has become sorry I don't care for her I can see why Bill was after u . Yes I can say that also your a beautiful lady yes some women has been there and know what u went threw . Even men has been there and know how it is . If men had women like Hillary I think they would be looking just like Bill. Iam proud of u for standing up and sharing your side . Just makes me think what was going on with Hillary and Bill ? He was not faithful at anytime don't look like .

  4. Ive always liked Monica, her sense of humor is amazing. K feel so sad for what happen to her. Ppl need to stop blaming the mistress and blame the husband.

  5. she has paid a terrible price… but she knew he was a married man… how many girls of her age would have behaved with no scrupules whatsoever…

  6. Monica Lewinsky wouldn't get on board Slick Willy's "Love Train" the way Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Hugh Shelton did. At page 399 of his 2010 autobiography entitled Without Hesitation Shelton reported the following comments by Bill Clinton at a White House meeting with General Shelton during January 2001. "I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you. The men and women of the armed forces have done a tremendous job during my tenure as President…and…Hugh, I know the last few years have put a tremendous strain on you based on my…activity. I know the principles for which you stand, and I know the values, and character, that our men and women in uniform expect-and possess-and in truthfulness, I have not lived up to those values; and yet, you have stuck by me. You have never wavered and you have never judged; you have been the consummate professional about the whole thing. I just wanted to thank you for your service, your great leadership, and…Hugh, you are an excellent role model for those great, troops; and again, I want to personally thank you for your support during this difficult period. You have my greatest respect."

  7. Of course most of you are so judgmental and think you're all high and mighty and so much better than this woman… and yet, sooo many people cheat (definitely some people in this comment section have cheated). Cheating is pervasive. It doesn't make it any less wrong, but keep in mind that HE is the cheater, and she is just the "other woman" that he used for his own ego-gratification.

  8. Another victim of the Clinton machine. If she had committed suicide she would have been added to the list of people who were close to the Clintons that died. The pressure put on her to lie is a shameful thing they did. How long do we have to be subjected to these two dreadful despicable persons. How many others were pressured to the point they DID commit suicide?

  9. When Bill started to make his moves, she could've said "No!" but she didn't. They are BOTH at fault. BUT it wasn't fair how Monica was treated back then. Hillary trashed Monica back then. Hillary & the fake news media blamed Monica, not the lying, cheating husband.

  10. She is the most beautiful women. I have always had a crush on her! She's no dumb women, either. She's high intelligent and like all humans, made a mistake. She's awesome

  11. The funny thing this isn't the President first time doing this to a woman while he was married. Imagine the most powerful man in the world, our "beloved president used his charm and influence to seduce a 22 year old woman. The most imbalanced scope of power and leverage in a relationship in the history of time happened in the oval office.

  12. She did know what she was doing. However, the fact that people are still putting almost all of the blame on her is sad. Almost all of the comments are about her and not Bill. The Clinton administration dragged her name through the dirt. They accused her of being a stalker, they smeared her and THATS where I believe she is a victim.

  13. Knowingly sleeps with a married man and willingly speaks to the FBI. Now sheds a couple tears and I'm supposed to feel bad? Nope.

  14. Bwahahahahahahahahaahahaa!!!!really!!!! FBI has some nerve asking anyone anything!!!….but what got me here was lil Monica should never let social Media bring her to tears over what she did,there have been and still are plenty of women just like her and even worse.

  15. It's so ridiculous that (on the Today Show) she called it an "abuse of power" by Bill Clinton when she admits that she was in love with him & wanted to do everything they did.

  16. Why is she still on this 100,000 years later. Are you going to be 80 years old and STILL talking about how YOU felt??? GET OVER IT. HILARY DID.

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