Facts Over Fear: How To Stay Safe If You Traveled Over The Holidays | NBC News NOW

Dr. Fauci has warned the U.S. may see a “surge upon a surge” in January as a result of Americans traveling during the Christmas and New Year holidays, when the country had not yet recovered from increased cases as a result of the virus’ spread during Thanksgiving. NBC News senior medical correspondent Dr. John Torres reports on what people who traveled during the holidays can do to safely and responsibly return home.
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Facts Over Fear: How To Stay Safe If You Traveled Over The Holidays | NBC News NOW


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35 thoughts on “Facts Over Fear: How To Stay Safe If You Traveled Over The Holidays | NBC News NOW

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  2. it should be simple but you're making it really tough why don't you just tell the airport's they've got to stop basically shut them down they shouldn't be flying anywhere but it's all about the money come on there y'all not that concerned

  3. For you that are paid to read the narrative, think twice. This was never about a virus. You are taking part in helping the crisis, that was planned & created, to overturn liberty & freedom, Into a shape wanted by Globalist Money lenders. You are selling out, by repeating lies, you morons stop.

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  5. So your saying travel in closed quarters, with hundreds of others, is safe ?
    It’s that attitude that drives your high covid numbers.
    Is Fauci wrong and the virus isn’t highly transmissible ?
    You can’t have it both ways

  6. How to stay safe? Stop listening tp NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Fauci and the rest of the corrupt politicians. This virus is as fake as Joe Biden is. There must be a way to disband the democratic party for trying to destroy America. FAKE NEWS!

  7. Those pharmaceutical companies should and must held accountable if anything to the person using the vaccine. If not, people won't have confidence to this vaccine. Currently Pfizer got immunity if people die from using their vaccine. This is so disgusting.

  8. I am a Biden voter, and spent my Merry Christmas with my wife and kids. But I wish my kids could enjoy the holidays with their cousins and grandfather/grandmother like I used too. But they lost their grandpa to a simple SARS (simple cold) Covid-19, and grandma did not want to risk her life for that simple high school education moron mentality. Enlist and make you're own life!

  9. Are You Awake Yet? Elite Globalists control our Government and practically every part of society and now want Complete Control of the Population. The "Great Reset" is about complete control of the world. Yes, there is a depopulation agenda as well. The COVID-19 Vaccines are a huge part of this evil agenda.

  10. If the government and these health officials don't have a plan then these people will not listen
    to anything they say. They been backed up on giving out emergency food stamps, back-up getting funds so people can pay there rent, back-up on the stimulus money.

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