Drawings reveal glimpse into detention centers through children’s eyes

The president lashed out at lawmakers and undocumented immigrants, saying if they’re “unhappy … just tell them not to come. All problems solved!”


Author: Rafael


40 thoughts on “Drawings reveal glimpse into detention centers through children’s eyes

  1. Parents make children go through Hell, to get to the border – Nothing said. Parents 'surrender' themselves AND the kids, to Border Patrol – Complete Silence. Parents and children held in detention, whilst their claims are checked – Democrats go insane, call everyone abusers, racists, Nazis etc – Woman has abortion, when 9mths Pregnant – Democrats Celebrate 'Right to choose' !!

  2. I agree with Trump. They want a room at the Hilton and gourmet food, and expect us to welcome them with open arms. As for me, they are lucky I am not president. I would use deadly force if needed to keep them on their side of the border. GO HOME…. STAY THERE… YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!!!!!!

  3. Where the fuck was ABC News aka the propaganda arm of the DNC over a year ago when the POTUS announced we have a national crisis at our southern border, you stupid fucks cut to a stage with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer standing at a podium telling America that the POTUS was lying to America and that it was a manufactured crisis at our Southern Border, your fucking so called news teams even went as far as too denounce the POTUS for his actions. The FCC should come in and shut your fucking operation down your the one lying to the American people. There will be a lot more deaths at the border due to the fact that you and the Democrats have been telling these caravans that as long as they show up with children the US will allow them to enter, your broadcasting to central America saying that family units with be given asylum, asylum from what assholes, there is no war in Central America there is no famine, the governments are stable your selling a lie to these people who only want to come here for the freebies the handouts they want their share of the $1 Billion dollars California hands out to illegal aliens each year, you ignorant basturds your liars, your not a news organization your the propaganda arm of the DNC which is no longer a viable political party in the USA. I hope the FCC shuts your lying asses down 1 year ago you called POTUS a liar for his claims about the border crisis and now it's his fault the border is as it is today? Your the fucking liars, the FCC needs to shut your operation down! Fucking liars!

  4. People have to go through pain and degradation in order to make a change. Though this is hard to watch because it is hard, the more it gives an opportunity for people to see who Trump really is and to eventually get him out of office. We need to see more ugly of what he's doing and get it highlighted. A lot of people who once supported Trump are leaving his side. So well done Trump. We see you!

  5. Wow. Looks like what happens in this country when you do something illegal. Welcome to Merica. Do not pass go do not collect citizenship. Go to jail. Better yet go back home

  6. DHS in this country separate parents and kids all the time for stupid crimes like marijuana possession. But yet you do not see the Americans crying for them. The law is the law if you don't like it change it.

  7. So don't come… America is so so so bad… (sarcastically speaking) 😒😐🤔 better yet as a parent don't put your kids in that situation or even better then that a step further don't have kids if you can't support them…

  8. Then leave nobody told you to come here these people arent asylum seekers they want a piece of the Americans taxpayers hand If they were in such desperate need they would have stopped at the first country they went through

  9. Yeah kids see the bars. But that's not hazardous mountainous extremely hot terrain is it people. The pictures don't show they are starving. Kids would draw that stuff.
    Stop manipulating people with quilt trips. Face it. If 50 of your relatives show up at your house….you put them wherever. Makeshift this or that. You didn't know they were coming! But I'm sure common sense says they knew that you couldnt possibly have the room. Not to mention all their other needs. RIGHT!

  10. I’m sorry. But I wish trump would just die. He’s a heartless monster. He’s doing all this for attention and with no remorse It’s to much

  11. Illegals come here because of the weak immigration laws. Once they slip in, they know no one will do anything about it

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