New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a briefing on the coronavirus pandemic.

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Live: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


28 thoughts on “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

  1. The man sent grandma and grandpa to their deaths, then gets a 5 million
    dollar payday for writing about how great he is. Disgusting, just
    disgusting. boycott the book, and it's publisher. Show them how cancel
    culture works.

  2. liers!!!!!!! You are the synagogue of Satan revelations 2:9 You are liers and I would call you thst to your face and your master queen Elizabeth and her new world order. Liers!!!!!!

  3. Where around the dead people governor? Why is it every hospital I go to is empty? Those seem like reasonable questions you have ni answer too, correct? How much actually is trying to paying you? LOTS I BET. STOO KILLING THE CITIZENS OF NY …YOUR SCAM HAS BEEN EXPOSED. YOU MAY AS WELL GIVE IT UP BRO!!!! YOUR GOING DOWN YOU LOSER

  4. This guy is a clown. Totally incompetent and he’s proved it. All he knows how to do is point the finger at others. He never takes responsibility of an issue he credited. Typical career politician from the Cuomo dynasty. Who sent thousands of elderly to their deaths in nursing homes? You guessed it Cuomo! Under who’s leadership has NYC deteriorated into the ibis? Record crime this year. Tens of thousands of business bankrupt to never reopen and the associated jobs gone along with them. This clown cares more about criminals and illegals than lawful tax paying citizens. Do as I say not as I do politician. NY is dead and will never recover in our lifetime. So many billionaires continue to exit NY for Florida, Texas, Tennessee and other tax free non draconian states. Keep following Cali’s lead Cuomo you are almost there.

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  6. Unfortunately, American Airlines recently had a passenger die in one of their planes,due to covid-19, they failed to tell those passengers of their findings. So much for contact tracing, American Airlines!

  7. Please go to alternative news and social media channels and research how the numbers and tests are not accurate Mainstream media has been bought a long time ago.- The WHO has recently changed their definition of Herd Immunity and they changed the definition and numbers to what qualifies as a Pandemic just before "lockdown". is also revealing truths. thehighwire with Del Bigtree also. Follow the money and who and what is making money off of this.

  8. Andrew Cuomo has the rare distinction of not only being one of the most famous faces in politics, but having one of the most recognized voices as well. Anyhow, I believe what he is saying

  9. Andrew Cuomo is nothing but a communist telling people what to do locking down NY declared martial law with a Legislation vote this is nonsense from Jan all we hear about Covid 19 but not the Flu is all politics agenda we the people need to speak out and let them cut this nonsense

  10. We have been victimized by you and especially when you killed all those people in the elderly homes by sending the sick people there. I wouldn't listen to you if the world was ending!!! Hopefully, your almost on your way out. Plus, China was responsible for the virus and hid it from the people and killed a doctor in China who tried to cone out with the truth. I can't believe you guys are falling for this, especially when they faked shot a doctor on tv and everyone noticed that the tube was already pressed down as he injected his arm. I wouldn't trust this vaccine as well, especially when a young woman fainted after taking it, wonder what happened to her. But all these videos have been silenced by fb, Twitter, Google, YouTube. Wake up people they are using us for their plans for this country and us. WAKE UP!!!

  11. #OpenYourBusiness The MSM is using COVID to frighten Americans into compliance…this is pure BS and we all need to fight back!!! Small business is the backbone of America and it is their aim to destroy our country. The MSM platforms have all been bought and paid for. Mayors and governors who defund police, let criminals out of jail, lock down businesses…These are all Democrats and they are in bed with the Deep State who in turn is quite coordinated with the China Communist Party. The reason they are acting out of character and imposing such illogical measures is in a coordinated effort to destroy small businesses. They are trying to get people to a point where they feel like they have no choice but to surrender and let the government take over. DONT LET THEM!!! All business owners need to coordinate and open their businesses. We are at war and YES there will be casualties…Everyone needs to STAND UP and SAVE our nation! RESIST at all cost! FIGHT!!!

  12. I voted for the Biden/ Harris ticket, but as things have transpired and I watch the Democrats be silent I am very concerned. Why are there no Democrats getting together and acting legally on Trump and his constituents? They are on tape committing treason and no one is doing anything about it. I have pretty much lost faith in our whole system. All of them have let us down time after time. If this were just some reality television show and there were not hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people dying we could wait it out another 27 days. I live in Florida we’re governor DeSantis, Rick Scott and Marco Rubio should be ashamed to show their face over just COVID-19 alone not to mention the other stuff.

  13. I think hospital workers in ERs and EMT get it first, all other retail workers on the busses and crowded public trans next who use it to go to work, other medical workers and the rest of people on public trans to work (poor communities) then children and teachers so they GO BACK TO SCHOOL, then crowded insitutions that saw crowded high death rates like mentally ill caring group housing, prisons etc., then the rest

  14. Honestly the world needs a simoultaneous 3 week quarantine to a.) stop the spread b.) Let the existing cases play out in place or at the hospital

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