House Judiciary Committee hearing on slavery reparations

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50 thoughts on “House Judiciary Committee hearing on slavery reparations

  1. The Descendants of the members of the political party that was formed known as the Republicans, should be the ones getting repatriations, for their ancestors sacrifice in freeing the American citizens that the Democratic party had in bondage.

  2. QUESTION why is this even coming up for review or a vote by the democrats ??? There are also white , arab, asian etc which were also subjected to this ages ago, and no one gives a damn for them Except for the black slaves if this is to really pass then a

    ALL OTHERS SLAVE DESENDENTS MUST BE INCLUDED yet NO one in the CONGRESS has asked for a FULL STUDY, for them as well… therefore it is TIME to DROP THIS INSANE reparations issue NOW

  3. This is why we have Covid 19 today the Most High is not done. Strange how trillions of dollars pop up for Covid, but we can’t afford it when it comes to reparations. You had time to make it right. Times up now.

  4. It's crazy how they are discussing reparations but the African American community and so many other minority groups were given reparations to be able to keep there head above the waters without having to drown and to be able to provide for there family in other words stop making up issues just to justify that you need more help in your daily life and work for your family and your kids!

  5. Can be done with checks their opposed to us having money which would provide us with power.
    They have not presented one counter argument against HR 40 that is logical nor reasonable. Pass this bill

  6. Playing with the most high now look at America falling now the money worth is nothing way to go, playing with the creator you had a chance to fix it but your greed is why America is a joke in everybody eyes sad bad leadership

  7. Reparations will be paid to people who didnt go through slavery by people who didnt enslave anyone. African Americans, are you going to pay reparations to the Native Americans? You are on their land and your ancestors helped the Europeans to take it from the Native Americans! Why wont you talk about your ancestors role in enslaving Native Americans?

  8. the average white family has over 240,000 in wealth??? and the average black family has 8 dollars of wealth??? say what??? in boston? <<<I am confusion>>>

  9. It is unfortunate that the 6% of white americans who owned slaves during the 1700s, should warrant reperations on the taxpayer of today. In Greece, we have been slaves to the Ottoman empires for 600-900 years and slaves of the roman empire for ever longer. This constant victimization infantilizes black people, and negatively affects their psyche/culture.

  10. Look at how the person who had the power to run this meeting never once asked Dr. Julianne Malveaux, the woman who actually knew what she was talking about not one single question. The person sitting next to her actually had to pass her the microphone because no one was calling on her.

    No one asked to gentleman at the end any questions either they just kept going back to the youngest person on the whole panel.

    They kept calling on the 19 or 20 year old young man, that's a farce.

    Of course they knew why they did it because he was the only one that agree with their agenda. Oh no actually the football player guy I agree with their agenda to buy saying it's on blocks to take responsibility for themselves, and that was a farce.

    No one with the power to run this meeting wanted to hear anything about the actual economic question that she was aware of.

  11. Finally! I am at 2 hours and :52minutes in and finally the reverend passes it Julianne because they are not letting her speak and she expresses her frustration that she is not getting called on. Finally!
    Yes, she just woke everybody up.
    She is not over the top. She needs to run it and be the setter of the time.
    WTF! Why are people yeilding to Louisiana? AUGH!

    AUGH! He just goes back to Mr Owens! Geez wtf?

    I see why Mr Coates is asking for people to have meetings across the U.S. because this is a good example of a frustrating wait.

    Mr. Owens just said kids need opportunity then he should be for HR 40.

    Yay! Back to Dr. Malveaux!

    Yes, Sheila Jackson Lee, Yes, she powerfully brought it home! It is about the present. Yay! She is only talking to people that have knowledge to add, the very last minutes of this are the best!!!!! Finally!!!

    Mr Coates:
    It was theft, pay it back.
    Through the auspices of the state it was not passive it was active appropriating from one group and giving it to another.
    They could not have written it better if it was a Shakespearean Farce:

  12. I am now at 2:28 and its wrenching getting through this. Mr Hughes is annoyingly repeatedly calling on the youngest person who is boringly repetitive, his logic is flawed, he is speculating, perhaps they were people who….You can't know why they didnt take the statues down until you ask them. He is not adding anything when it is clear that Julianne has something to add. Oh god, please don't let me sit through the rest of this while these people continue to go back and forth between the child and the "pull your bootstraps up and take responsibility" football player. Augh. Oh god, he just did it again, called on Mr Owens, augh!

    Oh god! You are not adding anything, call on someone who has something to add.
    Mr Hughes is not trying to find the truth, he's working on an agenda.

    How is he keeping a straight look on his face?

    In 50 years when this young man looks back he's going to question why he had to be put in this position when there were so many older and wiser people who might have had nore information.

    What the government gives back to black people is not going to negativity identify black people. This is back pay for criminal acts perpetrated against them.

    Of course they can be responsible for themselves that does not mean they should not be paid for what was stolen from them.

    Its not a question of who they are, it is a question of the identity and character of a country that systematically oppresses and continues that behavior.

    Black people will be who they are regardless of whether the government pays or not, hard eorking people doing the best that they can. It is the identity of the government of America that has the opportunity to change from one that does not live up to its oaths to a country that people can be proud to live in because it does walk its talk and back up.its oath for life, liberty and freedom for all its citizens.

    Ask America to pull itself up by the bootstraps and take responsibility and be accountable for their laziness and unpaid usage of people who had no choice in the matter.

    Black people wil be just as great as they ever were whether they recieve money, support or not.

    This will simply help them to correct part, all will never be corrected, to make their oppressed lives, still oppressed today, a little easier.

  13. Augh! This is not a discussion of democrat or republican. I want to hear about economics from Julianne! They call on a 19( youth) year old looks 19 and sounds like. Then everybody's calling on the pull your bootstraps football guy. Cmon, lets talk economics and the question at hand.

  14. I just listened to Corey Booker and I want to speak to people that day that slaverywas in the past. The repercussions of the past are what we are seeing in the huge stratification in American communities today.

    So if you are to fix what is happening today you must address the past to show the root of why we are where we are today.

    The past is the trampoline, the jumping off point that we do not sit in, but must look at and say If we don't want that, what is it we do want? Then take action to make what we envision, along with what Mr. Booker said, " What does our country look like when we are living in freedom, justice and equality for all?

    I propose we start with all those new fancy private prisons wall street built, chalk it up to repayment for their bailout, remodel the prisons into free universities supplied with the most modern technology, stop letting stock owners reap dividends and be paid from prison labor.

    Give the people studying in those universities, some being past prisoners, the skills necessary to rebuild their own state of the art new black wall street with all supplies needed to sell goods where all people from all over the country and world and all races can come to spend their money
    That is just a start to all the burning of their towns, lynching and killing of any black people who showed that they were capable of success. Just think what they could have built for America so far if they and their dreams were not violently crushed to earth.

    Let the African American community build this beautiful center any way they feel that will reflect the love, beauty and respect they have for themselves and their people, complete with entertainment, areas where they can honor their ancestors so that all people who come and see this great center of commerce built out of love can join in honoring the contribution, though forced, their people made to our country so all people of all races will finally be able to show that black people are welcome to succeed and flourish in this country and we celebrate your accomplishments with you.

    This will be a testament to what people are capable of when they have the freedom to create without physical or economic interference.

    And let it be a testament that people live together in caring support and never enslave human beings again.

    Let our governments, military and police forces renew their vows with a clear understanding that all people from all races are to be protected and served so that we may all flourish and thrive, without destruction, jealousy or malice, to the best of our abilities together.

    I cannot wait until our government finally takes action that sincerely shows the understanding and recompense that this country owes to African Americans.

    America can never begin to repay for the horrors perpetrated against the black people and communities but at least America does something big to fix this mess weve made.

    I want to feel proud of my country but I cannot finally breathe free until I know that America took real actions to stop the separation and oppression of black people.

    Fix our souls, stop the cancer of racism, balance the scales of justice. Repair our nation!!!! Give black people the respect they deserve. Help all of us Americans be proud of our country.

    Look at where we are today with the huge economic stratification and horrific prison systems, we have a long way to go lets get it started.

    Now, I just heard the reverend, beautifuly done. Break down the walls of injustice. What I want is to know that there is not injustuce in daily life in America. That black people have homes and affluent communities and schools and freedoms and time to enjoy with their families. Black people deserve to enjoy the affluence that white people have. Their labor and lives were stolen. Give it back, as much as possible in any way possible so we can all enjoy life equally together.

  15. I've always felt like reparations cannot fully be paid unless the payments come in these forms: Quadrillions of dollars, Land and 1 Billion of the world's most dangerous nuclear Missiles.

  16. 51:58 I love Danny Glover! I met him at he Martin Luther King Jr banquet two years ago at the University of Alabama, and he’s so awesome! I want to go to these congressional meetings one day.💣😊🤙🏾❤️💯

  17. this Cohen is a joke he is only saying wet Black Americans want to hear. he will NEVER help blacks get ahead in life but only keep then dependent on goverment . as long as the African Americans get goverment funding they will vote for Democrats because withot these funds they can Never get out from under the Democrats thumb and will control every dollar they get. EXAMPLE…if any money is earned the Democrats will threaten to take the goverment funding away. why ?

    dont continue to let yourself be controled for the Democrats to allow you to make money along with assistance untill you lift yourself up


    In 1980, under mounting pressure from the Japanese American Citizens League and redress organizations,[26] President Jimmy Carter opened an investigation to determine whether the decision to put Japanese Americans into concentration camps had been justified by the government. He appointed the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians (CWRIC) to investigate the camps. The Commission's report, titled Personal Justice Denied, found little evidence of Japanese disloyalty at the time and concluded that the incarceration had been the product of racism. It recommended that the government pay reparations to the internees. In 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed into law the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 which apologized for the internment on behalf of the U.S. government and authorized a payment of $20,000 (equivalent to $43,000 in 2019) to each camp survivor. The legislation admitted that government actions were based on "race prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership."[27] The U.S. government eventually disbursed more than $1.6 billion (equivalent to $3,460,000,000 in 2019) in reparations to 82,219 Japanese Americans who had been interned and their heirs

  19. These people mean well but they most definitely are not lawyers they keep asking for things for African-Americans where the f*** is African America and how the hell did they become Africanthey don't speak no African they don't know no African they've never even been to Africa Africa does not even exist the name is a corporeal construct when was the last time you ever heard of an Arab or a Nigerian say I was from Africa a little secret here on Turtle island it was much like it is now there was every tone of the one color and they were all the 12 tribes and still are a few of them are the nietzschean the Mek xi kahn or Mexican the Olmec what's the Mexican originated from and many others.and then the people allowing themselves to be called black where is blackwe know what your ab is we know where England is we know what a Nigerian is we know what a Mexican is but what is a black it's all on YouTube and Google 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  20. Plain and simple basically every time you raise yourself above everyone else you have all that much further to fall if you've never been outside homeless nor camping that could be an issue for you when you get kicked out of your mansion when you get a great deal of money and you start spending without care and respect for your community you will carry eventually one way or the other patience and understanding is what we need the most but how far will it take us. let's see? food for thought

  21. It is my opinion that all the white politicians are spinding reparations money as we speak I can only imagine how they would feel if all non-whites were in governmental positions and if Europeans are so intelligent why are they worried about people stealing their jobs when they could be creating jobs if they're so good at what they dothey want those jobs because there are white owners and they will not fire them no matter what which is pretty cool get a clue non-whitesbut in the same token I feel for non-whites if someone came and stole everything that you have and then told you to do better in life how bogus would that be hmmm

  22. Both side arguments are right in its own way. Bottom line is, the strategy was careless and reckless. There are ways to take out a bad guy without igniting a war or risking the lives of our people, our allies and innocent people. Because of our cyber defense, we were able to decelerate it before it turn to a war and Iran accidentally shooting down a commercial plane killing innocent people. Was Trump wrong for wanting to kill a guy we all wanted dead? No was trump wrong for not informing the congress and our allies, yes. Did Trump lie about the urgency of the attack? It seems so. Could the attack lead to a war? Of course it could have! Did we get very lucky? Yes!

  23. While Germany was required to pay reparations to millions of Jews, America was giving money to Germany for aid. How hypocritical America. Why didn't African Descendants Of Slaves get this type of humanitarian aid after the civil war?
    U.S. Occupation Assistance to Germany after millions were killed by Nazis. After WWII, the holocaust war, the United States provided Germany a total of $29.3 billion in assistance from 1946-1952 with 60% in economic grants and nearly 30% in economic loans, and the remainder in military aid. In addition, U.S. assistance to Germany and Japan largely consisted of food-related aid because of severe war-induced shortages and the need to provide minimum subsistence levels of nutrition.


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