Amanda Knox returns to Italy ‘as a free woman’

Knox, who spent almost four years in an Italian prison, shared on social media she is returning to Italy to raise awareness for those wrongly convicted. Read Full Story:

Amanda Knox returns to Italy for 1st time since her acquittal

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40 thoughts on “Amanda Knox returns to Italy ‘as a free woman’

  1. Stay in Seattle. I understand she loves Italy but common sense and the anxiety I would think she would never want to go back! Maybe she’s doing this for media attention and money? That’s the only explanation…get a job. Move on.

  2. Only a psychopathic criminal would do something so cold, and cruel, what about Kercher's family? Never expresses empathy or sympathy for them, and the crime scene, grinning away when if she was innocent should have been shocked and horrified instead! Really sick!

  3. The irony.. she calls herself "a free woman" in which she's right, but she's not free in the eyes of the media and public. Her reputation, unfortunately, has been tainted and no one will ever truly trust her.

  4. Amanda Knox is full of s***, personal my ass, the last place you need to go is back over there, they going to find something to put on her and lock up her dumbass, she don't know how to leave well enough alone, ain't nobody even thought about her no more, now she back in the Limelight that because she want to be seen, she up to something she need to go home she's starting to look sneaky and guilty

  5. Modena Forum

    To think that this "lady" hosted at the expense of the Italians, she, her mother, her boyfriend and bodyguards, maybe even paid, was the absolute protagonist of such a significant event, it's gruesome.

    What example can it give, what coherence, since it was condemned for the crime of slander against the unaware Lumumba?

    Since he was supposed to compensate and didn't do it?

    Given that the judges of cassation (pag, 5) place it at the scene of the crime?

    Since he led a life as a degenerate student with drugs and alcohol and gloomy sex?

    And we want to talk about the gruesome "jokes" against other roommates in Washington, BEFORE moving to Perugia?

    And I fly over many other things ….

    Yes, his rhetoric on the stage in Modena, keeping the journalists relegated to a corner, fell like Armageddon on the whole of Italy, magistrates, law enforcement, journalists

    His standing as a champion of human rights is exhilarating, if it were not connected to such a tragic event.

    He didn't allow questions, he didn't want a comparison, he did a 60-minute performance worthy of a Torquemada.

    In addition, he wore the robe of the victim, whimpering with the squeak of a mouse to manipulate the tender with a fragile heart.

    A shame for the whole of Italy.

  6. I was lucky enough to read the case evidences as it was comming in those years ago. The only way she could of done this, is if she could fly.. And thats a fact, and how in fact she got off. She doesn't have it in her to be a murderer. I didn"t know MK but grew up near her and thought " this yank cow killed one of ours ???!!!!! "
    i lived with a lawyer and got on the case instantly.. Only to discover eventually that it was impossible for her to have done it.. To my own personal embarrasment even before she went on trail. However I still think she found MK dead, and messed up her case by denying it with the accusing story about the poor bar boss. But the right bloke is now in jail for her murder. Thank goodness , despite robbing her of vital years of her life.. RIP MK always

  7. She risks nothing in Italy. Law, people, media, no one gives a s..t about this psycho that still needs attention and money to fulfill her life.
    I would like to remind to the good people of America, that in Italy we don't buy or own fire arms. Better, we cannot buy them and so try to have some sort of idiotic and stupid revenge on a useless person like Mrs Knox.
    Come for a journey, just to understand how many fake news are created by American media just to create a never-ending curiosity. Have a good day.

  8. A lot of idiots believe she is guilty despite not leaving a single forensic trace in the murder room while a burglar named Rudy Guede who may have been a police informant left DNA on Meredith, in her body, on her clothes, his DNA her blood on her purse, bloody palmprint under her naked body, bloody sneaker prints, DNA on toilet paper in the Filomena's bathroom, admitted throwing away his clothes and sneakers, had cuts on his hand from stabbing with a knife that did not have a hilt, admitted watching her bleed out, went dancing to create an alibi and then took off for Germany. But years of tabloid lies and distortions and you have the idiots below, mostly from the UK, calling her a killer. Did you idiots know RUdy Guede was caught breaking into a Milan nursery school with stolen property from a Perugia law office that was broken into just 5 days before the murder – and he was released with the stolen property. Oh just keep hating on Amanda you fcking idiots.

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