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  1. Government has calm discussion about how Government can't stop the algorithms from destroying it. We lay responsibility at the feet of Mark Zuckerberg to develop an algorithm to defeat everyone else. He was too rich to attend. The bland lack of concern with the sovereignty of the citizenship of a democracy is… not surprising.

  2. It is time to unmask Muellers real narrative, Mueller  is actually one of the creators of the Masterplan to take Trump down , he launched the masterplan alread back in 2004. Muellers Fbi in 2004  had information that Trump would run for the presidency in 2008. Trump was already marked as a possible treath because of his outspoken statements about certain Government issues and the fact that he was able to finance his own campaign . Trumps outspoken opinion about the released NIST 9/11 report in 2004 was the direct cause to prevent Trump political ambitions. The first step was the invitation by NBC to ask Trump to represent the Apprentice in 2004. They wanted to give Trump a certain bad womanizer image so that their later false accusations got more acceptance by the American  Public.  The following step was  to infiltrate entities into Trumps proximity., like they did with Cohen In 2005, Cohen bought several condo's in Trumps tower for him and his family , notice also Manafort bought an appartement in Trumps tower in 2006 .
    Trump met Cohen during a ownership boardmeeting whereby Cohen solved some legal issues for Trump sucessfully,  after Cohen solved
    ome minor hat  he ask Cohen to become his personal lawyer. Now that Cohen was settled in place, NBC organised a special of the Apprentice in Hugh Heffners mansion, you only may guess once who appears there also , exactly miss Daniels . Now Cohen and miss Daniels  were able to make this extortion deal which actually never to took place . Trump was unaware of such deal and spoke all the time the truth to the public. Their estimated timeline to execute the Masterplan was interrupted by Trumps newborn son. So the run in 2008 got delayed . The Masterplan or the so called life insurance plan was much broader and wider in setup then only the Russian interference part, the Russian interference and collusion part was only mented to make it acceptable for the public to install an Special Councel. The power of an Special Councel is almost unlimited which can executed certain things what a normal Attorney General can't do.  Now look how Mueller was setup to become the SC. The exaggerated recusal by Sessions was deliberate done without having a valid reason to do so. Sessions was right from the beinning a partioner of the Masterplan, thats why Sessions also deliberately ignoring his obligation to inform the President , at the contrary he waited till Trump was abroad to handed the so called Russian interference dossier over to Rosenstein which appointed right away Mueller as the SC , in this way they prevented Trump to interfere in that proces and second they created also some sort of vacuum between the SC and Trump , because Sessions as the acting Attorney General had normally the obligation to inform the President on  a weekly base about an ongoing SC investigation, now Rosenstein had no obligation at all , a well planned smart trap . A other big reason was that they had to be sure that only Mueller become the SC and nobody else, because any other appointed SC would have find out that the Russian collusion and the Russian interference was a complete fabricatedv hoax which in reality never occured. Thereby Mueller as to be one of the creators of this Masterplan , knew also all the other infiltrated entities into Trumps surroundings, like Cohen , miss Daniels, Sessions , Tillerson, Page , Papadopoulos , Manafort, miss Hicks , Amorosa, Bannon and others which gave a false kind of narrative that they would find everything. Thereby they gave the impression that a other investigation is not any longer needed . Because an other investigation would unveil the whole Russian story as to be a complete hoax. The final strike against Trump is still to come but not earlier then right before the next elections of 2020 . Be aware that the American people are all educated with a injected persistant virus into their brain, which created a sort of "holy believe" and " blind trust"  towards the Intell Agencies. Whatever the Intell Agencies come up with,  is simply true ,point., Because they are the hero's and protectors of the American people. These Agencies built over several decades an certain self repairing structure within the Government system with  their power of secrecy they became a devastating force which posses an hidden agenda.  These Intell Agencies do not serve the American people interests , but a criminal and corrupt organisation which has  all key positions within the Government system. BE AWARE there is not one political entity outside the Intell community which can check their reports on their true narrative.. Ask yourself the question, why America has such exaggerated anount of Intell Agencies and employees , There is not one other country in the World which has so many, not even close. They are in fact the real rulers in America , they operate outside the law and  his onstitution which explains also a other matter which frequently occures in America, that are the ongoing fraudscemes which occure on a regurlar base within the Government system. Be aware to operate such an criminal organisation costs a lot of money to keep them in power.) refresh your memory a bit I will mention some fraudscemes. Remember the lost of 7 TRILLION dollars by the Pentagon one day before the 9/11 attack , coinscedience of course not. Remember the so called cash payement of billions of dollars to Iran Which had to be payed in small untraceable foreign banknotes which had had to flow in by plane , which is nothing more then a fabricated hoax story to drop this money into their own treasury. Remember the IRS fraudescemes which were committed against a group with an certain political background, the story do not tell how long this scrutiny was already going on , did everybody got their money back , i don't think so. Notice also the suddenly raise of Government budgets  exceeding limits  and leads to large budget deficits of certain departments , whereby any underlaying evidence is nowhere to find. Then there are certain Government deals, like there was the Uranium ONE  deal ,  all ment to keep the Deep States organisation in power..All the Deep State operators are planted on all the key positions troughout the entire Government system which are all career professionals and are members of the SES and SAE branche. Notice that Obama in his last year more then 7000 new members appointed , which is at least remarkable. When do the American people start to realise that this criminal organisation hacking, cheaten, deceiving,  betrayel,  lying, robbing, bribing,compromising, smears, terrorising and even have murdered their own American citizens, which is the same organisation as who the American people were told from a early age that the secret services are there to protect them from evil. Now when there will not be a total renovation of the Government structure in the way this is setup now, then the American people will be lost forever. The American People must open up their eyes and start to think logical and which makes sense and do not let you any longer treath as being an fool. The INTELL AGENCIES must not longer censoring their own work , whereby they the only party is to decide what is a secrecy and what not. Their secrecy, the blind trust, the holy believe and their continues úlying which is already a acceptance together gave them the power to devolped into this devastating machinerie for the American people. All these employees are needed to keep the whole internet under their control. All these devices such as the smart phone , the smart tv, the smart energymeter or watermeter, your smart h  ttg  just ook into your own proximity. The final endresult will be that nobody can even use a toilet anymore, without the knowledge of this fully controlled environment, every step you make will be registrated. FINALLY this fully tested program tested on our Generation of people,  it will become the base for a New World Order to serve the New World Organisation.

  3. What about all the fake news and even pictures that fake news sells to us as being real. I am talking about them sharing video and pictures of an attack and most of the time they are trying to sell us a certain knowledge of what they want us to believe happen. I have seen this crap over and over. Nothing done about the brainwashing and providing false hoods to the American people.

  4. Seems like all good creations that was meant to do good.
    Turns evil when gets into the wrong hands✋🤚.
    But yet knowledge is steady increasing and will increase more and morer and will get more worst before it gets any better. Yet🤔 the world crys for more and morer. 🙄

  5. Schiff was associated with the blood of Illuminati (that's why his eyes are so weird, most likely multiple personalities) Adam Schiff and brother Daniel Schiff
    >>Father Ed Maurice Schiff Mother Sherrill Ann Glovsky>>>>Grandfather Frank Ephraim Schiff Grandmother Martha>>>>>>>>>
    Great-Grandfather Jacob Schiff Great-Grandmother Bessie Mary were with the Rothschilds

  6. Seriously, the thumbnal picture reminds me of the movie
    They Live . Plus the settings, the hearing session and its people which started without prayer reminds me of the movie God's Not Dead 2. (leaving me an impression of no wonder people nowadays are facing such major threats from impious people, the council of authority itself is impious)

  7. They're just scared of being found out if they do something illegal AI has been in the works for the last century and a half it's just now the Trump Administration doesn't want to be found out when they do stuff that no one else finds out about they still want to be doing things in the dark that's why they're arguing about artificial intelligence how about arguing about jobs money you know stuff like that

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