Lawmakers react to Trump comments about foreign governments offering political dirt

When asked by ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos whether his campaign would accept information from foreign entities about 2020 opponents, Trump said, “I’d want to hear it.”


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28 thoughts on “Lawmakers react to Trump comments about foreign governments offering political dirt

  1. We should implement the technology to eliminate imports even at the cost of jobs. That is why this trade war is so stupid. We can make it cheaper and better than what we buy and ship. Yang for president. Mr. Yang is the only one that understands the problem. Every penny that his program provides goes right back into the economy. When everyone gets the paycheck who will want to eliminate it. That's what I call security. Time to invest in the future.

  2. I DARE YOU! Get your racist ass up in front of a camera and say" The President is wrong! It's much more than that! IT'S A CRIME! HE ALREADY DONE IT! With RUSSIA. You the chairman you stop them from asking questions, you be interrupting as real cover up questions are being asked. you full of SHIT TO Lyndsey GRAHAM! I DARE YOU TELL HIM TO HIS FACE!#,BITCH!

  3. Look at the B's teeth come out @1:25 and the other one smiling & lapping it up. Yeah, "dirty laundry" politics. Just the way presstitutes "like it." Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhh. (Get it, get it, get it all baby….)

  4. Republican politicians WANT other governments to have the ability to interfere in OUR elections. They voted down simple legislation that would have required by law, any campaign/candidate to contact law enforcement if approached with information against an opponent by a foreign government. How much more plain does it have to be for you STUPID PEOPLE who continue to dismiss and make excuses for that pathetic an limp excuse of a president.

  5. FYI, re: this interview of George Stephanopoulos, I do not think, President Trump was "inviting" foreign interference in our elections. George S. asked: if Trump was called, and was told, they have info. on an opponent, would he listen to it. You Dems are constantly putting every word, that, our President, says under a "microscope": "reading stuff into it"… Let's face it: the Dems are just the "sore losers, of the 2016 Presidential election"! Give President Trump a break!!!!!! Not illegal, to listen to information.

  6. The greatest issue with this president and one of his most dominant qualities is his Brutal Honesty. Everyone else would be so politically correct and strategic in their responses. Everything they would say would sound rehearsed, because frankly it is. When is the last time a politician said yes or no on camera without giving some 45 second drawn out response to a simple question. Take a guy who never had a boss, never had to filter his tongue, never had to really work for someone and make him President????? What did you think he would say? He might invite them over for a latte while they talk about it after calling over a few girls like the secret service did under the Obama Administration. Every President, EVERY PRESIDENT, accepts dirt . But Every President doesn't talk about it. Trump is just too unfiltered . They dont know what to do with him

    This is pure comedy, pure entertainment. Truth is in humor. I laugh so hard when he tells the truth

  7. Democrats like Adam Schiff are definitely hypocrites. He slams Trump for conjecturing about what to do if a foreigner comes with dirt on an opponent and did exactly what Trump said in April 2017 when 2 Russians offered dirt on Trump. See @t

  8. The propaganda pieces will only expose more of the lies by the media, so keep it up, because you will continue to lose power over the people day by day until you start putting out full contexts of interviews and start telling the full truth. ✝️👁
    The dems plan on stealing the next election but we will be here to shove that narrative down their throat and expose it for the world to see.

  9. All Washington Republican politicians will turn a blind eye on any illegal activities committed by the White House. It appears that the Republican Party will ride this horse all the way off the cliff.

  10. I am remembering Obama talking to the Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev on that open mic in 2012, and Obama is telling Medvedev to send Putin a message, and the message is: Tell Vladimir to relax. I will have much more flexibility after the election. And he was talking about disarming American nuclear missiles. Obama was the colluder, not Trump

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