Mayor of Phoenix slams police officers’ ‘inappropriate and clearly unprofessional’ actions

A young family was held at gunpoint in response to a shoplifting incident; investigators are reviewing whether police officers used “excessive force.”


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34 thoughts on “Mayor of Phoenix slams police officers’ ‘inappropriate and clearly unprofessional’ actions

  1. I support cops but not those dumbasses I hope they get fired and when that family wins that lawsuit that girl's going to be able to buy every Barbie doll out there

  2. a thin woman is holding a baby, is pregnant, is with other children, and he s afraid ie cop, that she might pull out a weapon…yeah, sure….its the old, i thought they had a weapon, and i think they might have resisted arrest. the doll worth, maybe three bucks…yeah, great work pheonix cop scum.

  3. If that video wasn't out, that Mayor would not be apologizing. I believe that police take orders from them and I read that their training includes use of force. I don't know if this police department trains use of force tactics. They should train them how to de-escalate the situation.

  4. These cops are too scared. Weed the police station of these tyrants. If cops are scared, they need to get into a different line.Those cops who are quick to anger, must go home and beat their wives too. I have heard some women married police officers, have complained that they get beaten.

  5. i thought there is a minimum in money value for a store theft to have police called.. i think $1 is not a minimum , its usually $10, 100 or more that is arrestable.

  6. Any of the police are out for blood. It's a sad State of Affairs in our country. But what can we do these our children that need protecting not terrorizing.
    I hope she gets 10 million dollars. These cities have to go broke I guess. Until they take away the qualified immunity were these Sick Puppies. They shouldn't be police officers it's that simple the city just is not screening the applicants well enough it's a bunch of scaredy-cats.

  7. Phoenix cops hate me why cuz I never had not even one felony charge just one misdemeanor my entire life. So watching this video, I believe the suspect not the cops.

  8. On saturday oct 18, 6 police cars and 9 officers were observed by me, for two hours at the parking lot and abandoned club house of the Villa De Paz golf course, with now broken floor to ceiling windows, so the curious can simply walk into the building. Two young men, one with no shirt and the other with a skateboard and golf club and apparently 3 range balls giving meaning to why he had the club.

    I saw them both OUTSIDE THE BUILDING, and 50 feet away was one patrol car, in the parking lot. one assumes was observing them. It was well known by the phoenix police department that the inside had be "trashed" (not much left inside) with broken glass and everything that could be broken had been weeks before.
    And then two more patrol cars arrived and two other officers approached these two, outside the building which has a patio veranda with shade. But they ordered both out to the asphalt and the 90 degree sun, about 15 feet apart and the three officers were in line over 15 feet and about 15 feet from them. they had them facing them and ordered to put their hands on their head and keep them that way. Each was wearing just almost knee length shorts and both were ordered to kneel on the not asphalt, which they did, no problem.
    Why then were they kept in that position, for well over 10 minutes and the officers just standing there looking at them, and at least one had his gun drawn, in the ready position to shoot them, when there was….. to this lawyer, past deputy county attorney and city prosecutor, no reason what so ever to be pointing a gun at them, the first STEP BY OFFICERS, TO CREATE FEAR AND UNNECESSARY RISK SITUATION THAT OFTEN LEADS TO TRAGIC RESULTS. Their ramped up retraining apparently isn't solving the macho ego dictator mentality "do what I say, exactly, just for the purpose of getting others to do immediately what they dictate. As the President as said also, if you don't believe that is the PRIMARY PROBLEM ALL POLICE DEPARTMENTS TO DETERMINE TO WHAT EXTENT IT EXIST AND ELIMINATE THAT MACHO ATTITUDE IMMEDIATELY.

    What if one of them got a cramp in their leg and instinctively and with no choice but to stand up. The officer wouldn't have had a clue as to why he was standing up. but he did
    and it was a very rational human thing to do. If he had shot him, in my view, that officer clearly would have been guilty of assault with a deadly weapon, he had no reason to draw in the first place.
    And there after, I saw the one was put in a patrol car with the door shut for well in excess of 45 minutes. I could not see what they did with the other. as I then watch 9 police officers simple gather together and talking to each other for over an hour! In the hot sun themselves, tho there was plenty of shade available right next to them! Finally, the one I saw was taken out of the car and moved to where I could no longer see him. A civilian car came by and then I saw the other, unhandcuffed walk over and retrieve his skateboard. I assume both were then released.
    I watched the whole thing , until they left hoping, this collection of officers, who all seemed in the group "macho" ego frame of mind and if they had been " retrained" it wasn't working to PREVENT BEING A POSITION TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR A TRAGEDY, THEY HAD SET THEMSELVES UP TO CREATE….. IF THESE TWO DID ANYTHING OTHER THAN ….exactly what they were told to do. 15 feet away, those officers had NO REASON TO PULL THEIR GUN AT ALL. And they were telling the one to move six feet toward them, and then to back up six feet, which he did. they could have simply told them go over the that shade 10 feet apart and sit down with your backs against the wall. And with six patrol cars there, is there any doubt they would have done so? And before the other cars got there, they both were outside the building looking around, and they could have helped but notice the police car 50 feet to the south of them and they could have just walked to the north side of building and disappeared from the officer's view. .

  9. admit it this fills me with a disgust that will never let me trust a cop again, yet this while, not American wants to highlight, those who put this here to be seen are a promise heros too but they remind us some will stand against filth always my regards

  10. Look this is deffo some bad cops but one thing really irked me near the end.

    She tarred all police with the same brush, I've had cops assault me, I've had cops comfort me, I've had them handcuff me with cut wrists and I've also has them council me when I've been distressed and having an episode (Im schizophrenic with some other ailments) all in all though cops are people, people are all different and that's the point I want to make here.
    A black man robs me, doesn't make all black men robbers.
    A white man opens a door forme, doesnt make all white men well mannered.

    Im not trying to spark an argument, just that we should always be aware that beneath the colour of our skin, or the designs of our uniforms there are good and bad in all places.
    One we stop the divide and treat people as people, not me as a white man, you as a black woman, Chinese, Asian, it goes on.
    We all bleed.
    We all feel.
    We all cry.
    We just have a hard time to doing it together.

  11. these people are just looking for a check hell I bet they already got a new car picked out & rims ordered & haven't even gotten the check yet.
    This Mayor either needs to grow a pair or step down because she is pathetic

  12. When cops are scared they have the right to murder. It's sad, the family got lucky, but for sure enough is enough, these cops need to stop acting like gangsters and get trained on how to diffuse a situation not escalate it. These cops are sad for acting the way they did.

  13. It's getting to the point where when the innocent need help, who are they going to feel safe calling? When the police act this way over something small. I remember one time when my daughter was young we walked out of a store not realizing she had something small in her hand that we forgot to pay for. We realized when we got to the car and i went back in to explain and pay for it. The manager was near by and he laughed and said thank you for coming back in and that it was no big deal. I told him that i just wanted to make sure my child grow up to do the right thing. Now this family could have easily not realized their little girl hand the barbie in her hand. Being pregnant and having other kids to watch out for you can some times miss the small things. But no one should be talked to or treated like that by the police. People are losing faith and trust in all law enforcement, they are criminals with badges.

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