Sackler Family Grilled By Congress On Purdue Pharma’s Role In Opioid Crisis | NBC Nightly News

The current CEO and members of the wealthy family that founded Purdue Pharma, David Sackler and Kathe Sackler, apologized for OxyContin’s role in the opioid crisis, but said neither they nor the board did anything illegal or unethical. Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper said he didn’t know of “any family in America that’s more evil than yours.”
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Sackler Family Grilled By Congress On Purdue Pharma’s Role In Opioid Crisis | NBC Nightly News


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41 thoughts on “Sackler Family Grilled By Congress On Purdue Pharma’s Role In Opioid Crisis | NBC Nightly News

  1. Ten-Million pain patients have been cut off. It's an illicit use of smuggled opiates overdose issue, not medicinal opiates.Like ANY substance we take into our bodies it must journey through our genetic frame work and is metabolized according to its ability or inability or hyper-ability or resistance. Opiates are very safe and effective for most. It's a good story that there is a 'monster under the bed', but it is not entirely true. Opiates are and will always be essential medicines. We will find out fast if there is a big quake on the coast before production gets back up to speed. But until then we still get Sickle Cell Anemia, knee replacements, spinal stenosis, cancer, Lupus, failed surgery, car accidents, etc, etc, etc.

  2. I love that they were responsible for thousands of deaths but get to remain a billionaire family with no criminal liability. Hahahahahahaahahahahahahahah I mean it’s so hilarious isn’t it America?

  3. If u can sue drug maker for opiod crisis, can u also not sue gun makers for gun violence, car manufactures for car accidents, condom makers for broken condom that got u stds. Where is the line anymore

  4. I'm literally so angry at the SCAPE GOATING that's going on against Purdue pharma because they did NOTHING wrong! They shouldn't be the ones apologizing for *your family member being addicted to Oxycontin. All those blaming them should be the ones doing the apologizing! All Purdue did was make a great product for those in * REAL physical pain and that's it period! The End! All the doctors being blamed upsets me too because it's not their fault either!! Can you guess which party is to blame? probably not because when a person over doses and dies because they *CHOSE to ABUSE their prescription , it's then somehow unthinkable to tell the grieving mother she has no one to blame but her own family member!!! which is TRUE!!! but we live in America where we can always point the blame at someone else and there's going to be a greedy lawyer there to take your case!! This is the same as suing Hershey's because they make a product that's so good that it made a person fat then they died of obesity! Seriously people!!!! Oh and GOOD LUCK if you are in legit real, excruciating pain. Because you've now scared the doctors so bad they won't write prescriptions for pain any longer and for chronic pain , you're just outta luck buddy because there's no longer a doctor that will treat you for chronic pain, they aren't going to lose their license for you even if you can get a doctor to believe you! I wish I could fight on behalf of Purdue Pharma !! I would place the blame where it properly goes!!!

  5. Opioid addiction propaganda problem appears to be related to decreased cut for politicians from cartels due to prescription drugs limiting street purchases by users,
    and that is happening on top of progressive legalization of marijuana.

    8x as many people die from alcohol annually, substantial number of victims do not even drink.

    3x as many people die from tobacco annually, substantial number of victims do not even smoke.

    Do you see anything in the media about alcohol or tobacco epidemics?

    50% of murders are committed by people who are drunk.

    What is US government doing about it?

    They prohibit sale of alcoholic drinks and tobacco in vending machines on school properties.

    Your elected officials start feeling the pain, they are almost starving. Something needs to be done about those prescriptions.

  6. We need to find a way to pass a law to where if Congress has a certain amount of time to pass a bill if not their repercussions such as they are not paid just as we are

  7. Why should the SACKLER family be any different from any politician? This is America where we don't give 2 s-its as long as a profit is made. Do any of you really think American politicians didn't know about this all along?

  8. But remember people !Mitch McConnell got his pockets filled with millions of dollars from these people, to peddle their poison in the coalfields of the Appalachians, long before any of you ever heard of it. And yet the fine citizens of the wonderful state of Kentucky keep re-electing McConnell ,I don't understand why.

  9. BS, they made the drugs, but lets not forget all those doctors that prescribed them like candy knowing full well they were creating opiod junkies, any 1st year med student knows how dangerous opiods are. I get it, this is a grab at the deepest pockets, but, that is far from justice!

  10. the Ceo Speech "i am disappointed in the outcome and we'll be sure to do an internal investigation to find what went wrong and fix it. In the meantime can I interest you some of our other save and non addictive drugs?"

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