Biden Spoke To McConnell To ‘Thank Him For The Congratulations’ | NBC News NOW

As he departed for Georgia, President-elect Joe Biden told reporters he called Sen. Mitch McConnell to “thank him for the congratulations” after he spoke on the Senate floor.
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Biden Spoke To McConnell To ‘Thank Him For The Congratulations’ | NBC News NOW


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31 thoughts on “Biden Spoke To McConnell To ‘Thank Him For The Congratulations’ | NBC News NOW

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  5. PEOPLE POWER !!! …is the Only Way for American People to Overturn it's Nation's Election Result System & it's History, when all legal suits fails 'cause US have many corrupt Law Makers and Blind Judicial System who are now Leftist influenced. It's for the People to Decide ..A Bloodless People's Revolt must start now for them to overthrow their corrupt Officials, Cancel the Business Licenses of the Bias Leftist Media and Push the Leader whom they wanted to Lead ..The voice of the People is the Voice of God. See how our country the Philippines did it ! …How we overturn elections, overthrow and jail corrupt Officials and Shuts down Media Giants like Abs Cbn running for 50 yrs. who keeps spreading lies and Bias News ..and how we implement Martial Law when needed to secure the safety and walfare of the people like in Marawi and Mindanao before ..We may be a small country like a Little David of Asia but we know how to Bring Down Giants with our People's Force every time we fight with Unity for Something because we love our nation so much and we don't let Bias Medias and Corrupt Officials manipulate our lives anymore..We are all enligthened now who's Real and Not…Pres. Trump of US must be as Tough and Fierceless Leader like our Very own President Duterte is, who Fear no one and would really imposed his Political Will on War on Drugs, Corrupt Officials and Terrorist Attacts …What must be Done Must be Done for the Sake of the People! ..this is Actually a Battle Between Good and Evil, using the Technology of I.T. system to cheat Trump and the People of America for stealing their Votes ..These Foreign Intruders wanted desperately to Control America 'cause they envy your country so much as a Super Power Nation, in a subtle way slowly but surely by putting up their own allies in the position to easily penetrate US for their selfish agendas, that will put the lives and welfare of the American People at Risk, with their Communism Dominion who doesn't recognize God, and that's too Dangerous to be led with their Distorted Ideologies and Detructive Influence that will only make America soon a Modern Day Sodom and Gomora and shall experience God's Wrath Soon..and that is thier ultimate Goal to Ruin America & it's People…Infact, they are surely enjoying seing your country being disoriented and divided now on the election fraud crisis that you are facing.. Don't let them Sabotage Your Nation's Honor and and Integrity, here lies the Present and Future of the United States of America.So Act now to Save America from being Doomed ! ..Just Keep the Faith ñ Keep Fighting for the Truth & Freedom…Don't let Evil reign in US ..Don't Give up and Give America to Satan and it's Corrupt Allies ..All People must go out and make a Nationwide Noise & Revolt for a PEOPLE POWER to Oust Crooked Law Makers and push Trump to declare Martial Law to Save America from Destruction of Foreign Interference….There's no other way ! ..Let the People Decide ..Calling all the People of America to show your Power & Force as the Real Boss ! ..Again, The Voice of the People is the Voice of God! ..The Future of America and the Protection of Small Nations like us ( Philippines & Israel ) against the Bullying of these Foreign Intruders lies on the hands of the Rightful Leader ( Pres. Trump ) and it's People..Defend America's a NOW OR NEVER THING ..So before it's too late …ACT NOW PEOPLE OF AMERICA ! ..EXCERCISE YOUR POWERFUL FORCE THROUGH A– PEOPLE POWER — AS THE REAL BIG BOSS OF YOUR LAND ! …GOD BLESS AMERICA. !!! …


  6. TRUMP WILL BE PRESIDENT .GOD PUTS HIM …. GOD WILL DESTROY THE BABYLION OF THE WHOLE WORLD WITH HIS HAND ,,,, IT WILL BE GOD'S SETTING ON EARTH ,,,, not satan ,,,,,, satan was created by GOD THE ETERNAL ,,,,,, satan destroys people's souls because he hates us humans to get to HEAVEN, NEAR JESUS CHRIST ….. not long ago the babylon of satan is destroyed by GOD from the earth .. .BIDEN WILL NOT BE PRESIDENT …

  7. Trump could say that he is not leaving, he is not conceding. However, according theTwentieth Amendement to the Constitution, the candidate with the most electoral votes becomes president at 12:00 noon on january 20.The current president's term is therefore over on that day, just before noon. And all of the allegiance of the government, of the military, of the civil service, switches to Joe Biden, the winner of the November 3 election, and Donald Trump will become a private citizen, regardless of anything Donald Trump does.

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