Central Park Five debate reignited by ‘When They See Us,’ Ava Duvernay’s Netflix series l Nightline

Linda Fairstein strongly disputed her portrayal in “When They See Us,” a dramatic retelling of five teens convicted in 1990 of raping and beating a woman. Their convictions were later vacated. READ MORE FROM NIGHTLINE: https://abcnews.go.com/Nightline

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45 thoughts on “Central Park Five debate reignited by ‘When They See Us,’ Ava Duvernay’s Netflix series l Nightline

  1. She denied them if there rights to a lawyer and forced them to lie tf and not only that but Donald trump had an to say that they deserved the death penalty is crazy when he actually raped a girl so my blood is boiling after watching this

  2. This was a gang rape idiots! There were multiple size handprints on the victim. The discovery of a 6th rapist doesn't exonerate the first five rapist. Vacated doesn't mean exonerated. The central park six are all guilty.

  3. Thats bullshit they trying to cover up cause the movie says the truth ya know how the system and the police works against blacks and Latinos they didnt think that this was gonna come back and bite them in there ass

  4. I was 30years old when this happened the series is a fabrication.the lead detective who was a black man,was never interviewed. N what about the teacher whose head was split opened. Remember they went out wilding …other ppl got beat up.remember Reyes had rapped his own mother,n killed his wife in front of there own kids.

  5. "MAYBE" they did it. It's
    "POSSIBLE" the five boys were at the crime scene assaulting that woman…..we don't know for sure, but let's throw 'em all in prison, ya know…"just in case" they did it.

  6. anyone who bothers to actually research this case invariably finds the CP5 guilty, same as the two black juries. They may not have raped raped the victim, it's possible they couldn't function on a beaten up, screaming bloodied woman with 30 people watching, but they definitely jumped her, beat her up, tore her clothes off and held her down for others to rape. It's what witnesses said, it's what material evidence pointed to (grass and mud in their pants, for instance, matched grass and mud found on victim, how do they explain that?), it's what they confessed having done, there was no coercion there, it was routine police interrogation and obviously they don't go easy on thugs, liars and suspected rapists, they're not supposed to. Reyes's confession changes nothing, it was always a gang rape, not to mention Reyes is a psychopath and a liar. As a matter of fact, one of the CP5 called a female friend from jail and complained he was wrongfully imprisoned because he hadn't raped anyone, he just beat her up and held her down, and this female friend appeared as a witness during the trial thinking this would help his case. But the law says, even if you didn't rape rape, if you jumped the victim, beat her up and held her down for others to rape, you're just as culpable. They're guilty as sin but for some reason black folks seem to have trouble accepting reality when it comes to rapists of their race.

  7. Eric Reynolds is really blowing me. There’s no medical evidence whatsoever that Reyes attacked her with others. Show us the records. Y’all need to stop lying. If that was the case, their DNA would have been found. We’re not that stupid.

  8. Don’t ever say you did something if you didn’t do it . End of story it’s not about black or white it’s about parents not protecting there kid. Sorry but it’s the truth. I fell bad for theses men but there are a lot of men and women in jail right now for shit they didn’t do but because there is no money to b3 made in there case know one cares.

  9. Eric Reynolds needs to STFU. He was not a detective on the case, he was not in on the interrogations. He has given other interviews where he has completely contradicted himself. He is looking for 15 minutes of fame, that's all.

  10. Google Murder on A Sunday Morning, Englewood 4, Dixmoor 5, Jeffrey Mark Deskovic, Ford Heights Four, The Career Girls Murders, George Whitmore, Jr, Harlem Six, Trenton Six, Brown v. Mississippi

    and Norfolk 4 same story bias, criminal, unethical, lazy, corrupt and incompetent police, prosecutor, judge.

  11. The world can see the police and legal system were wrong. why is the victim, police and legal team still insisting they committed crime. To the victim show me where the DNA evidence it was more than one person???. Most rapes are committed by 1 person. These kids were not in the area, knew nothing about the crime and Korey just came to support his friend.

  12. People believe these shitheads? They have had years to get together and get their lies straight ….and obviously learned how to manipulate the system and create sympathy to line up brainless liberals to back them which is so damn easy in this screwed up world. Damn right they are guilty and there were others without a doubt! Disgusting. The devil is alive and well. Liberals are the same people that think OJ is innocent!

  13. Those boys had manners and respect and nobody child is perfect no matter where they live. Linda knew better and all that hareassed them and coerced them and beat the lies in them. Maybe Reyes didn't do it alone but I don't think those boys were a part of it. The park was too full of people doing all kimds of thing. Stick with the evidence. Reyes. He already has life in prison and he came forward for a reason. It's a tragedy actually because those boys were basically murdered for something that could not be proven against them but was put on them just because they are black! Such an awful thing.

  14. Ummmmmm lady when they were at trial and they brought you in, you didn’t know what did it to you and now you think there is more? Lady bye do you remember who it was? You didn’t know the one who confessed did it to you…go take a few seats in the back….ALL THE WAY IN THE BACK….I can still see you…ALL THE WAY IN THE BACK.

  15. When the jogger is part of the lie,the natural instincts kick in hence why she still trying to convince everybody it was them because of her guilt.she went along with police story she knew exactly what happened,her statment would have probably freed those young kids as it would have contradicted there confessions

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