Child Hunger Increases And More Massachusetts Families Relying On Food Banks | NBC Nightly News

Massachusetts has seen an increase in child hunger, while families struggle with stalled pandemic aid and the holidays approaching. The head of the Greater Boston Food Bank tells NBC News’ Cynthia McFadden that they have never seen need “so pervasive.”
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Child Hunger Increases And More Massachusetts Families Relying On Food Banks | NBC Nightly News


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48 thoughts on “Child Hunger Increases And More Massachusetts Families Relying On Food Banks | NBC Nightly News

  1. I’m very surprised that on the’Kennedy plantation’ that there’s hungry desperate families!
    I wonder if you would find hungry desperate families on Martha’s Vineyard; or in the Berkshire area?

  2. This year has been great for me been collecting unemployment and since we made more on unemployment and my boss couldn't find anyone to replace us he was forced to pay us in cash 😔 kinda feel bad knowing some people are suffering when this has been the best year of my life

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  4. What a surprise aren't you Democrats all for the great reset? How come all of you all voted for a racist Rich privileged old white male? Clearly locking down the country has nothing to do with the virus. I don't believe a word any of you people say.

  5. McConnell doesn't want the emergency fund of 1200dlrs or more for us regular people…he rather let us starve and give it to small business…hello, because of his choices over 100,000 small businesses are gone for good…the last so called stimulus gave large corporation not small businesses 60million does and guess what?? Trump/Kushner organization got 10million dlrs cause of McConnell and they already and still have jobs??? Why???

  6. “Food Insecurity”…using nicer word does not make this feel nicer. Children are starving in a 1st world country. You got to be kidding me…have some decency and use the tax money for those kids at least. I don’t think any taxpayers would be disagreeing on feeding hungry children with their tax money. We already fed too many greedy adults. And to those who can’t afford kids, stop popping babies out!


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  8. Now the Americans can empatize with many 3rd world country childrens who had gone hungry many days and the refugee's not if their doing though, so in future they will donate towards these people when you r stable on your feet

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