Country music star Granger Smith’s 3-year-old son dies from drowning

Granger Smith, 39, shared on Instagram that his son, River, passed away “following a tragic accident.” READ MORE:



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31 thoughts on “Country music star Granger Smith’s 3-year-old son dies from drowning

  1. Obviously it's sad but It don't matter if your kid knows how to float or swim you still have to supervise them they can hit their head and loose consciousness, a loss is painful obviously but it could have been prevented with proper supervision.

  2. I just saw the news this morning about this tragedy. I don't know this guy or his music but it did really touched my heart his story about losing his son. As father you can almost put yourself on his shoes and just that much it's enough to say it's the worst that can happen to a human being. I wish the best to his family.

  3. I was with my best friend when we were kids when she died. I am now 76 years old and there are times I still cry and grieve for her, wondering what our lives would have been like had that not happened. There is just a little I’d like to say here. First of I want to say that I have never lost a child, and I am well aware that the loss of a child is MUCH GREATER than ANY OTHER LOSS on this earth!!! Don’t EVER listen to ANYONE who says, “You should be over this by now.” Everyone grieves in different ways and for different lengths of time. God will take you through it, but you will never 100% get over it. You will always love him; you will always miss him; you will always think about him. A song that has gotten me through a lot during times in my life is “Oceans”. Prayers and blessings to you and your family!!!! 💕

  4. Ever since Keeping it Dutch told us to check your youtube.I've been watching video after video.You both are a very special couple & inspiring .I've had a very difficult 76 years in many ways.God never leaves us.He's pulls us through each and everytime.Hope we will meet soon when we go home. God bless you and your family. 💔
    Revelation 22:20

  5. The grand-daughter of my husband’s Aunt drown in a pool when she was a little over 5. It was quick for them too. They heard the door shut and immediately went out to look for her. She had climbed into the above ground pool, but since it wasn’t swimming season they had pulled the ladder out. She drowned within minutes. It’s been almost 15 years and we still think about it every day.

  6. you werent ever forget your little boy. I do know this…God heals all..with time your pain goes away. Then you are left with only happy memories. I can promise this. God never gives up more than we can bare. We also lean never under estimate a child. they can do things with you standing there watching. God wanted you to Know River and touch yours and other peoples lives and then it was time for him to bring River home. He had no suffering and no pain. He went back to our father who he hadnt been away from long. Hes happy with other relatives. He sure doesnt want his mommy and daddy heart broken. Be happy for him and the his time with you. Trust God..As time passes, it will be better and your sorrow turns to beautiful memories of your child. He along with God, is watching down on you. Live for our father and one day you will be together again with River. One thing is for sure..That is knowing someday you will all be together again. Always keep that in mind and be happy. God be with you. The same will be with your other kids..they are young and be even more easy for them turn sorrow into great happy memories in no time.. just wait and see. Amen.

  7. The Smiths has 3 Children the Oldest is a Girl London This Second was a Boy Lincoln And the Youngest was River Kelly Smith for those that didn't know like that lady that said they'd 3 boy's They've a You Tube Channel Called The Smiths And the Mother Amber has one Called Arise on Sunday's She does and i Love it I've gotten back to GOD by watching her.

  8. ALL loss is heartbreaking and overwhelming. Even if it is expected, it’s never enough time. But their is no pain like an accident. The amount of guilt, regret, anger, grief etc. it is unbearable. I just found these guys on YouTube and subscribed before I even knew they lost a child!! Then I was looking into this “ country singer “ who’s family I have been watching on a screen and found out that he sings some of the hit songs I listen to daily on the way to work when I turn on the radio. Small world. It goes to show you never know someone behind a song, letter, text, or screen and you never know what someone is going through. ❤️ be kind.

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