Country singer, family mourning after 3-year-old son drowns at home

The country music world delivered words of comfort and condolences to Granger Smith, who also has a 5-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter.


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  1. PLEASE CHARGE THESE PARENTS!! Just because you make it seem okay but like you weren’t parenting and let your kid fall in and completely drown and die and somehow no one cares to questions that, it’s just all about how we need to feel sad for you. I get it but like other parents would get charged for this but you aren’t.

    We can’t have double standards so like where is the line from condolences to crimes

  2. I have absolutely no sympathy for neglectful parents. They failed to prepare their own son for clear and present danger. Chose to name him river yet neglected to teach him how to swim. I'm sure his son had known about make up ,on camera presence, how to take a selfie ,and how to use a smartphone to get likes.

  3. I came unglued in response to some comments made regarding this tragedy. Many of the commenters are an insensitive lot for making derogatory remarks about the family of this sweet little 4 year old baby boy. They were blaming them for his tragic death. To those hateful ones who can't find a hint of compassion for the ones who lost this darling child I challenge you to do something. Check out the video….
    The whole story of Conor Clapton (Story behind the tears in heaven)
    If you can be honest I'd be interested to know why Earc and Lory Clapton got so many comments of kindness, compassion and consideration regarding the horrible death of their 4 year old baby while a country singer and his wife were, by a great number of you, blamed for the tragedy that took their baby from them. If the singer had been a drugged out, divorced rock singer whose child fell to his death from the window of the 54th story of an apartment building while a mother, nanny and handyman were present and within reach of him, as with Connor, do you suppose the reaction of this flock of vultures may have been one of a bit more understanding. What happened to both babies was horrible. And in both cases accidents. But only the 'cool in crowd' get compassion and benefit of the doubt from the small, twisted minded jackles who said this child here died because his parents were negligent and uncaring. You have prejudged the country folks as being incompetent. But the hip rockers were just an unfortunate couple who lost their dear child. You're all a bunch of hippocrates. None of you who so hatefuly condemned this couple should ever be allowed to breed. Then maybe the mutation that has taken place to form the likes of you will simply work it's way out of the human species.

  4. My two year old son was brought to me after he had fallen in the pool. The babysitter was in the pool and did not hear him fall in. However i had not gone anyplace yet and years of cpr courses came to me without even thinking. Today he is 28. Thank god for the red cross courses.

  5. This is such a horrific tragedy. Poor beautiful boy. 😭😭I have watched their you tube channel before and although she does seem like a hands on mom, the children, including little River would play freely on their huge property with a lot of surrounding land. I thought there was a pond nearby ( did not see a swimming pool)… have NO idea what happened but it could possibly have had to do with that pond? It’s true that 2 and 3 year olds can learn to float w head above water for a long time and swim to edge when taught with repetition by a good swim instructor within weeks and of course watch your little ones like hawks around any body of water goes without saying. I THINK dad wasn’t there and had the older son on tour with him. So unbelievably sad.

  6. GUYS! It’s summer time. Enroll your kids in the YMCA swim lessons every Y with a pool offers them I believe. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASe
    Safety Around Water is the most important thing! I am a swim instructor for the YMCA and HIGHLY recommend the program. Such tragedies like this are 100% preventable…..

  7. I met this family due to the tragedy and I started watching their YouTube videos , I noticed the irresponsibility of the parents when I saw them in the living room playing with the 2 older kids and River the little boy was outside playing by himself! I could not believe my eyes ! I thought he was taking a nap due to he just turn 3 on May 16 !!! I fell so sad this happen ! I am pretty sure he was left alone one more time and when to the ponds to swim or he probably felt in the water . Their pool had a fence . Poor little angel he was so cute with his red hair and dark eyes ! My heart aches !!!

  8. How tragic 😢 the last thing these parents need to hear is how they could have prevented it. Believe me when I tell you that their minds are constantly consumed with the same thoughts we share. Pouring on the extra guilt isn’t necessary. Please pray for them instead 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  9. Poor boy I can’t believe they didn’t have nanny or somebody to watched him at that time! Don’t let your children alone especially around swimming pool! I understand kids running really fast you can’t even blink your eyes they dashed out before you know!

  10. They didn't provide the details. Did River climb over the pool fence and drown? Or, were his parents not watching him while swimming? You don't take your eyes off a child when they're in water. This could have been prevented.

  11. I'm a medical student and they teach us that if you can't find your kid the first places you should look are sources of water bathtubs, pools, jacuzzis, etc. Because brain death is extremely time-dependent, every second matters for when the doctors will be resuscitating the child.

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