D-Day squadron: Historic airplanes’ journey from US to Normandy

The restored World War II-era C-47s flew over Washington and will join aircraft from around the world in France for the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

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  1. nothing worse than American commentary on a conflict they turned their back on from 39 to.41….nothing has changed in that bubble callrd America. but obviously financial gain gives them the right to stick their big noses in to any pre meditated conflict…because the contracts are worth trillions of dollars.

  2. Seven American fighter pilots and seven radiomen volunteered to go ashore on the first landing craft on Omaha Beach to fight their way up to the camouflaged German bunkers, determine the coordinates and radio them back to the oncoming pilots. Vance H. Taylor was one of the seven pilots who volunteered and served. My Dad returned to Normandy in the 1970's and was honored that a number of French people in a cafe gave him a cheer and hugs. I'm proud of my Dad and all the young men, allies, who fought in WWII. Thank you.

  3. People who know their history know that Germany was defeated thanks to Russia! The US got into war when they saw that Germany was really weak and about to fall down! THE REAL HEROS ARE THE RUSSIANS, NOT THE AMERICANS.

  4. What a wonderful remembrance.

    If only today's Americans could find some of that cooperative spirit and courage that helped our ancestors pull together to sacrifice and win that terrible war and the peace that followed.

  5. Return to Normandy, once more paratroopers, old and new ride these venerable old work horses. One of the aircraft at time mark 0:36 tail number 348608 with the yellow cockpit Id letters "CD" is "Betsy's Biscuit Bomber", a C-47B built in 1943. It was flown from the Estrella Warbirds Museum collection here at the old WWII Estrella Army Air Corp base outside of Paso Robles, California, via the Greenland route. This aircraft's last U.S. missions were flying the Berlin Airlift, it was sold to Israel and was later purchased back from the Israeli Air Force and refurbished, there is a sign in Hebrew painted on the lavatory-door that roughly reads, "The only replacement for a Dakota, is another Dakota". The plane was a military transport it's whole life and never converted for civilian us. It still has all of it's original equipment to include the over-sized desert type sand shield air-scoops atop the engines nacelles and the gear it used for towing combat gliders at Arnhem. It has participated in many jumps and I hope they have a smooth and safe flight there and back. God bless all the Veterans this day.

  6. So, the question is after 70 years of the Allies victory over Germany…. Are we better for having won? The U.S. has remained at war almost nonstop or used military police action on Libya, Syria, Iraq, Panama, Jordan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea and have bases all around the world, surrounding Russia and Iran. Destabilizing South American Governments and installed puppets. The US is trillions of dollars in debt. People are more concerned about the Super Bowl, Hollywood movies, and those useless kardashian whores than government corruption. Most people don't have savings.  Unsecured debt is rampant. Health care is mandatory insurance, nothing more. ScienceDaily reports an estimated 27 million people are on anti-depressants, a 400% increase since the mid 90’s. We actively helped, created and aided Al Qaeda. Now we have ISIS, a group that seems to be extremely lucky capturing airdrops of arms and ammunition dropped for our “ friends." They are extremely adept at social media and recruiting British teenagers. It’s has been proven that the US imports drugs. How many millions of people have died or suffered as a result of military action or economic sanctions? The U.S. education system is a farce and creates debt for jobs that don't exist and cannot be discharged.        
    Thank God Hitler wasn't successful at defeating international banksterism or we couldn't enjoy the benefits of a fiat currency, high crime, the current muslim migrant crisis plaguing Europe;  communism's reign of terror throughout Eastern Europe, China and elsewhere post-war; the international banking cartels' system of debt driving usury,  forced multiculturalism, a completely degenerate entertainment industry, a diminishing white population, off the wall racial tension, black lives matter, antifa, 3rd wave feminism undermining the traditional family, a complete loss of manufacturing which was outsourced to China. Shell corporations and offshore incorporation to avoid paying taxes. Having to basically write a blank check to the Federal Reserve, a private jewish-owned banking consortium, so financiers could get bonuses and bail out foreign banks. How about unconditionally supporting a small country without a constitution, against the interests of American citizens, financing an openly racist, rogue and apartheid state that destroys homes and builds walls around people. All the while said country's lobbyists continue to support and encourage immigration throughout the U.S, Canada and Europe, while they push African immigrants into tent cities and use racial epitaphs calling for them to be deported.  I find it astounding that Hitler was all those terrible things claimed he was, yet all our politicians (that includes alleged heroes like churchill, roosevelt and eisenhower) and bankers, in comparison, have done just as worse or even exceeded what Hitler was blamed for in these last 70 years. After all, we are for “democracy" and a "free market" economy. That makes all of our actions right and acceptable to history and the eyes of the lord? Ever notice there is no shortage of Hitlers? Assad, Idi Amin, Saddam, Osama, Putin, Qaddafi, even Bush and Trump, depending on the perspective.. That’s just the short list. Who would we be as a people without a Hitler to destroy? Who could we save? Our Politicians and other group collectives like leftist antifa need a Hitler (a false personification of evil) like we need food and water.     Hard to imagine what our world would have looked like had that supposed "monster" won.  We can thank our lucky stars we saved ourselves from that monstrous scourge to ensure a small amount of people can maximize profits and plunge entire nations into a debt that can never be paid.
    It's a safe bet to say that every problem currently plaguing our world is not in spite of the Allied victory, but the direct down-the-road RESULT of it!   Who won? The Jewish Bankers. The most insidiously evil people on the planet and they are still playing the game. What did we learn? The bankers, zionist jews and their paid for politicians will wage war and destruction on any nation that challenges their fiat currency shell game and make them an anathema to the world, just as they've done to Germany. Who's next? I venture to say it is going to be the US. Once this country has been thoroughly subverted and used up what will become of us? I find it truly astounding though, that all you rootin' tootin' patriot 'muricans can't put the pieces of this puzzle together and see all of this, with all the braying you love to do about "critical thinking" and addressing the problems of the world, you nonetheless possess the highest levels of cognitive dissonance because you still naively believe in the biggest lie of the 20th Century, that being the nobility of the Allied victory of WW2.
    If we can call a victory over Germany in light of what has transpired after the last 70 years, what did we gain? Has our world really become a better place? (Looks around) Doesn't look like it to me.  And anyone who thinks that it did is simply put, deluding themselves.   thegreateststorynevertold.tv.

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