Electric scooters and the potential danger to riders and pedestrians l ABC NEWS

Consumer Reports estimates there have been more than 1500 reported scooter accidents since 2017.

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24 thoughts on “Electric scooters and the potential danger to riders and pedestrians l ABC NEWS

  1. So people stepping off the pavement into the road without looking is the fault of the scooter, these people should consider themselves lucky it was only a scooter and not a car or truck that hit them.

    Also escooters are so dangerous that they have killed how many people zero, they may well have fallen victim to other people's driving, but why blame the victims, why not ban cars or trucks as they are the ones killing people.

    How many pedestrians have been killed in that city by cars or trucks or busses, no call to ban them.

    It makes no sense.

  2. They shouldn't have been going fast. When you get on that scooter you decide what you do and how you ride. Same as cars and bikes etc, stop blaming the scooters blame the careless riders.

  3. Just like gun's, the scooter's aren't the problem. However the people who are riding them should have some safety rule's in order to be able to ride them. In gun control they ALWAY'S say that the gun didn't shoot the people on it's own. it was the person holding the gun that shot the school's, church's, the movie theaters etc up!!! The scooter's by themselve's aren't creating the problem's. However the people operating the scooter's should be more aware of their surrounding's while on a scooter. I myself use a mobility scooter. I have been using one since 2008. You would be surprised at what some of the people on foot do around scooter's!!! I can be backing up (it feels like a mobility maneuver challenge) and people will stand right behind me as if they're WAITING for me to run into them!!
    I can be at the cash register my front wheel next to a wall and people standing so close to the back of me that it feels like that they're in my lap!!! Hmmm, good thing that I look around myself before trying to move any! If I didn't look I would have ran them over because of how close they were to me. In a situation like the one that I just mentioned you can't move unless the people behind you move's! I don't know why that if people understand that you can't hit a pothole with a bicycle that they don't understand that you can't hit the very same pothole with MUCH SMALLER WHEELS AND LESS CLEARANCE of that device being less clearance from the ground to that device that the clearance from a bicycle to the ground!!! Heck when you ride a bike and have an accident you get up and dust yourself off and call it just that….. AN ACCIDENT!!! Maybe bicycles should also be banned!!! Not really though. People need to learn rule's of how to properly ride these device's properly. Their should be directions put into the box with the owner's manual of HOW TO PROPERLY RIDE the devices!!!

  4. ahh have been hitt 45 times by them in Auckland city 1010. in new zealand. they put me in a rage so hav to go too mason Clinic.'' N.B. ahh want all their $$$$$$$$ Post- Prophet/ seer- sean O'Dwyer- 140 hobson street. Auckland city. 1010. new zealand.''

  5. I understand there are reckless scooter riders but the solution isn't to ban them, it's to implement a law which promotes safety or else get a ticket. Keep in mind how many people die while driving a car this year alone compare to scooters?

  6. The problem here is everyone who rides a scooter is either stupid, Don't care about there safety (for example) I was riding my boosted board and these kids were following me, the kids were aged 7 to 8 on a 17mph scooter, and one of the kids were going to fast and crashed, I rush back to see if he hit his head, and he was alright with a couple of scraps, but who the hell puts there child on a 17mph scooter and let's them ride farr away from them, WITHOUT PRETECTION!!! it's not the scooter companies, humans love to deflect blame when it comes to something like this, most poeple are

    1. Not wearing a helmet
    2.riding on the sidewalk (sometimes not at fault because of the lack of bike lanes)
    3. Being stupid on the sidewalk
    4, parking the scooters and blocking the sidewalks and not parking them correctly
    5. Destroying scooters (witch in my experience creates a Hazzard for someone wanting to use it because when it's broken, the performance of the scooter decreases, causing malfunctions)
    6. the city not creating a safe lane and making smooth roads for poeple on bikes,esk8, and retail scooters to ride safe on

    Even the scooter companies are at fault at times
    1. no ride modes (instead of node witch you can customize how fast you wanna go so you can get better at riding, the scooter companies only have a fast mode, witch is not at all good for a beginner)
    2. no suspension (witch creates a rough ride
    3. (The biggest one) (using scooters that are not design for rideshare like Segway and xiaomi

    I love riding scooters but people just need to have a different perspective of them and hold it people accountable, and the news needs to not blame the scooter companies for poeple foolishness (I'm not saying this to be an asshole) but it's not the scooter companies fault that that girl wasn't paying attention and not wearing a helmet and ending up in the ER

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