Faith under fire: How 3 congregations coped with mass shootings

ABC News Chief Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas sat down with religious leaders whose congregations suffered three of the worst attacks on houses of worship in American history.


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30 thoughts on “Faith under fire: How 3 congregations coped with mass shootings

  1. So how many of the religious right are also supporting the corrupt NRA? I have no tears or sympathy left for those retards. I can't fucking hear it anymore, when religious people are moaning while most of their congregations are supporting the NRA and their bullshit propaganda. If you don't get behind sensible gun regulations/laws just stfu.

  2. “In the ordinary moral universe the good will do the best they can and the worst will do the worst they can. But, if you want to make good people do wicked things then you need religion.”
    Dr. Stephen Weinberg

  3. I can understand anger at religion, after all it is the most destructive force on the face of the earth, besides greed. Maybe the people are tired of all the false promises made by fake people about made up gods. Religion is a cancer to human growth. Peace

  4. I don't approve of violence against religious people or anyone else. However, how can these "religious leaders" really be surprised at the level of division in this country? They are responsible for the majority of it. In the last polls that I've seen, Christians still support donnie trump at 80% or more.

  5. This is so phony because then you see what the omar woman said about some people did something with no feeling, and this woman cries, trying to bring more sympathy, at the same time, she's hateful toward other issues, I get sick of the dramatics with these people

  6. People of America I will say it one more time… were you born stupid or did you just grow into it? Do you really think murder does not have a purpose in your flag (an eye for an eye or a good guy with the gun should kill a bad guy with a gun)? You voted for a president that some people would say is a prideful narcissistic ex-casino billionaire who bought his way into the presidency after bailing out of a legal problem with a University (for $25 million) which he defrauded bearing his own name. Look it up, in America felons can be president. America has more criminals in prison than any other country in the world. It's no wonder you have to go to prison to find a president that can keep lying to you about your money and its purpose. Now you have religion to go with it. God changed the direction of a hurricane so Pat Robertson could run for president. This religion along with the religion Billy Graham started up (Billy Graham, minister to the presidents) are the two largest religions in the world working in all but a handful of countries. Don't think God doesn't appreciate their contribution to the cross, he pays them well. Both Franklin Graham (Billy Graham's son) and Pat Robertson are worth millions living in nice homes while people are dying hopeless and homeless on their streets. People aren't that stupid, the kids of today have started to throw the Bible into the trash. Thank you, America for teaching our children about God and morality in human nature to our human rights. Your Constitution says people are created equal yet you criminalize homelessness. America you're the biggest hypocrites in the universe pretending to be what you are not. Your society is imploding yet you are still too stupid to admit to the problem. Your kids already know this, they came up with the song (I love the way you hate me) this is what your greed is bringing into the rest of the world along with your interpretation and Usery of the evangelists purpose living in their religion. Religion is not supposed to be a feel-good enterprise for profit (positive thinking) no matter what Norman Vincent Peale had dealings in America about (he is not a real prophet of the Bible). You may also remember back to the inauguration of your president, the whole world came out in protest and you still don't get it. The G2 Summit in Germany rolled out the red carpet saying "welcome to hell" when your president came aboard. To repeat myself I will say it again, are you stupid because you were born into it or did you just choose it for yourselves. People are killing themselves in America and the rest of the world because they don't want stupid ruling over their intelligence. You can't make people not know what lives in their footsteps their heart knows better.

  7. People of America you voted for a narcissistic billionaire, ex- Casino owner, a felon that defrauded his own university, a TV actor, and a man who links up with TV religions offering to do miracles In exchange for money. America you are a superpower to the world and this is the best you can do? Is it just me or does this make anybody else nervous? The thought that the world could come to an end because some actor had a bad hair day is a little too precious even for me. Now if Bugs Bunny was president, I think I would feel better that his speechwriters could at least read and write and can keep him safe from Yosemite Sam (NRA supporter). Bugs Bunny for president in 2020 a real man's man.

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