Moderna’s Covid Vaccine Is Highly Effective, FDA Says | NBC Nightly News

A second vaccine may be days away after an FDA review confirmed Moderna’s vaccine is just as effective as Pfizer’s with 94 percent efficacy.
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Moderna’s Covid Vaccine Is Highly Effective, FDA Says | NBC Nightly News


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45 thoughts on “Moderna’s Covid Vaccine Is Highly Effective, FDA Says | NBC Nightly News

  1. On the official website, as part of the authorization for the Moderna vaccine, the FDA has answered some important questions about the use of the vaccine itself, including:
    Question: "Are the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine interchangeable"?
    FDA response: “No. There are no data on the interchangeability of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine with other COVID-19 vaccines, including the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Individuals who have received one dose of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine should receive a second dose of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine to complete the vaccination series.
    Individuals who have received one dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine should receive a second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to complete the vaccination series. "

    This clarification is especially important for those European nations which, like Italy, have decided to supplement the stocks of the Pfizer vaccine with others of the Moderna vaccine.

    In fact, according to the prescriptions of the FDA, it is essential that health professionals adopt organizational measures such as to provide that, during the vaccination cycle, the individual vaccinated are always given the same type of vaccine, without integrating it with a different one, even if the stocks of the first they are exhausted

  2. Media laughed and mocked the idea of a vaccine before the year's end.All networks were saying it was impossible..and it takes years to make it safe…now it's safe but not then?Now it's pushed and pushed and we are not suppose to question it.Please help me understand why you changed your narrative…I will wait..

  3. All those vaccines are highly effective in killing people or damaging their health. These vaccines are effectively unsafe thats what the title should be. What about the vaccines development which is normally takes at least 5 years. What about the serious side effects on those nurses which almost killed them. What about all the people that died from these vaccines not reported in the media.

    If its safe why has the government given pharmaceutical companies immunity from being sued for death or damage to health?
    Therefore both the government and Pharmaceutical companies know its not safe thats why they have enacted Coronavirus Act 2020 giving themselves immunity for negligence and damage.

    Time to repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020 immediately just as fast as they fraudulently rushed it through without proper Parliamentary Scrutiny.
    Stand up people and chase your MPs to put forward a Bill to repeal this dreadful act Violating people's civil rights

  4. My theory about the vaccine is what if the scientists or paid scientists wanna make all this as a setup, they could’ve just manipulate or control the world to believe that there is a disease called COVID-19, but in reality it’s just a flu or normal sickness. Why is it so odd when Covid-19 was announced, just saying. I think the vaccine is a device or a harmful thing for the humanity, and I think the organisation or a group of scientists get paid to do this plan.

  5. Emergency, Emergency! I had heard just the other day the sales pitch that the vaccine would turn things back to normal. What they mean of course is “The New Normal.” You have heard it been said, buyer beware. Have you considered the question, what is the whole objective behind the "SUPPOSED" covid pandemic? Note that I said supposed. Safety should not be the primary concern with the vaccine but rather, objective. This whole master deception plan has come to fruition in order to condition people for the concluding deception of all time. You know, "The Great Reset." Lets just say that the very tool they needed to lead people to the slaughter has fallen right into their laps. You had better watch this in order to be prepared : >>>

  6. Jocelyn Edwards wasn’t sure she got Moderna Inc.’s experimental Covid-19 vaccine or a placebo when she received her first of two doses in August. Hours after the second shot, she said she was sure it was the genuine article.

    “I woke up around midnight freezing,” said the 68-year-old retired nurse. “For the next 24 hours I had intense chills, serious neck pain, headache, all my joints were aching.” She had a fever that peaked at 102.4 and poured out so much sweat that she lost 3 pounds, she said. The following day she woke up and felt fine.

  7. The Genius of BioNtec:

    1. Develop the Vaccine

    2. Sell the rights of distribution rights to 2 of the biggest companies in the biggest Economies.

    3. Zero Marketing Costs, minimal manufacturing costs.

    4. Don't spend your money or sell shares reinvest into pipeline

    5. Don't accept Government payments that could cause you to loose patent rights.

    6. Make sure your Vaccine outlasts all other Vaccines

    7. Get indications for Children while everyone is still conducting Phase III on adults.

    8. Get Pfizer & Fuson to snatch every contract possible before other Vaccines even move to Phase 3

    9. Future prospects make the Vaccine fridge Stable

    10. Replace every existing Vaccine with a 95% effective Vaccin

  8. Its crazy that they say highly effective but none if the makers of vaccine have taken it not even there ceo hmmm🤔"Pfizer's CEO hasn't gotten his Covid vaccine yet, saying he doesn't want to cut in line"

  9. why didnt they just put more effort and just wait till its at 98% or 99% before cuz its still spreading it only 'lessens' the symptoms thats why im not gonna go anywhere near that thing and ima just pray to God call it a day.

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